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Christian Tybring-Gjedde endorsed Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a Norwegian lawmaker from the Progress Party, a right-libertarian right-wing political party, has gained universal fame on Wednesday when he nominated President Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in brokering a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates last month.


Tybring-Gjedde compared the agreement, a.k.a. the Abraham Accord, to the 1978 Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt and the Oslo Accords of the 1990s between Israel and the PLO.

In 1978, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin received the award, and in 1994, Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin were awarded.

“That is a very, very important region in the world,” the Norwegian politician told Fox News, “and all efforts that lead to peace in that region should be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize and also for Donald J. Trump.”

In 2018, Tybring-Gjedde nominated President Trump for the Peace Prize after his summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The Norwegian Trump enthusiast said the meeting was an “honorable” achievement.

Tybring-Gjedde has been an outspoken critic of Norway’s immigration policy, demanding that immigrants adjust to Norwegian society and that immigration to Norway be “dramatically reduced,” that asylum seekers only receive temporary residence permits, which they should lose when they go on vacation in their home countries.

He has also been critical of Islamic influence and Muslim’s lack of “freedom values.” He compared the hijab to Ku Klux Klan and Nazi outfits, calling it an “Islamic uniform.” As member of the Norwegian parliament, in 2006 he nominated filmmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali for the Nobel Peace Prize for his criticism of Islam.

The most recent American president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama in 2009, before he achieved anything other than become the first African American to win the office.

Tybring-Gjedde wrote the Nobel Committee that the Trump administration had played a key role in the establishment of relations between Israel and the UAE. “As it is expected other Middle Eastern countries will follow in the footsteps of the UAE, this agreement could be a game-changer that will turn the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity,” he told the committee.

Tybring-Gjedde also praised Trump’s “key role in facilitating contact between conflicting parties” as well as “creating new dynamics in other protracted conflicts, such as the Kashmir border dispute between India and Pakistan, and the conflict between North and South Korea, as well as dealing with the nuclear capabilities of North Korea.”

He pointed out that “Trump has broken a 39-year-old streak of American Presidents either starting a war or bringing the United States into an international armed conflict. The last president to avoid doing so was Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter.”

We at the Jewish Press Online think Trump has done better than Jimmy Carter, especially regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran, which Jimmy practically started.

Incidentally, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, but reports suggested he did this with the urgings of the White House. Still, in viewing the political map of the sad and miserable year of 2020, who else stands out as a major politician that pushes change in the world? Boris Johnson?


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