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The Gaza Strip will not be demilitarized unless Israel takes initiative by entering Gaza and taking full control. Historically, Gaza is a part of Israel.

“If you’ve begun a mitzvah, finish!” A government afraid to complete a justified military campaign must step down from leadership. The consensus of opinion of Jews in Israel is that the war against Islamic fundamentalism must be completed, on all fronts.

Our children sacrificed their lives for a lasting peace and security in Israel, not for a temporary, meaningless cease-fire.

Our might comes from our conviction and faith in the justification of our cause. Our faith comes from the Torah, from the God of Israel. Indeed, the God of Israel is the One God of all mankind, the Creator of the universe. May we cling to Him and live by His way, the Torah.

We are waiting (and praying) for a righteous and courageous leader, one who draws his strength from the Torah, the blueprint of creation.


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Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh is the Dean of Yeshivah Od Yosef Chai in Yitzhar. For more of Rabbi Ginsburgh's teachings, please visit


  1. Elect the Jewish Home Party as the next leadership! They’re the only party that knows how to defend Israel from all internal and external threats. I hope Naftali Bennett will become the next PM. Kick out the left wing self-hating Jew “peace-nazi” lovers.

  2. Where is Shas and Agunah Yisroel and dati leumi? Can we join together and put a candidate that everyone agrees on? Unity is great to say but where is the action? Next, we need everyone to vote. Voting is NOT a goyish concept. We do NOT have a king so we have to vote. May Hashem have mercy on us here and around the world. The in gathering is happening. If your a Jew, your homeland is Israel. See hate of the goyim, you are NOT safe anywhere but here. Yes, we have rockets but remember every bullet, mortar and missile has a divine address. Nothing is random.

  3. with which military unit did Yitzchak Ginsburgh do his military service? It seems like faculty and students of Od Yosef Chai systematically urge others to fight and die while its own students shirk their national duty

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