Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
President Barack Obama in an interview with Jeff Goldberg in the Oval Office, Feb. 27, 2014. The language he used to describe Israel's needs for a 2-state solution was the tired, old leftist dogma circa 1993.

President Obama assumes that regional and global circumstances are now conducive for a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  According to Obama, such a peace accord would require Israel (once again) to undertake tangible, critical, territorial concessions, in return for (once again) intangible Palestinian commitments. “If not now, when!?” he asked Prime Minister Netanyahu, in a March 2, 2014 interview

However, the editorial headline of the March 3, 2014 Washington Post, a solid supporter of President Obama, stated: “President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy.”  According to the Washington Post, “For five years, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality.  It was [supposedly] a world in which ‘the tide of war is receding….’  Secretary John Kerry displayed this mindset, [saying that] Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a 19th century act in the 21st century…. Unfortunately, Russian President, Putin, has not received the memo on the 21st century behavior.  Neither has China’s president Xi Jinping, who is engaged in gunboat diplomacy against Japan and weaker nations of Southeast Asia…. Assad is waging a very 20th century war against his own people….”


Thus, President Obama considers the non-Palestinian-related Arab Tsunami a transition towards peace and democracy, in spite of the proliferating conflicts throughout the globe.  Therefore, he pressures Israel to retreat and concede, in defiance of the receding tide of peace and democracy in the boiling globe and the tectonic Middle East.  Contrary to the early assessments of the “Arab Springers,” the real Middle East is increasingly stormy, ruthless, oppressive, Islamist, anti-American, intolerant, fragmented, unstable, unreliably treacherous and violently unpredictable.  Moreover, Obama bullies Israel to conclude a peace agreement in a region which has never experienced comprehensive intra-Muslim/Arab peace; a region that has always displayed intra-Muslim agreements signed on ice, rather than carved in stone; a region which features prominently in the clash of civilizations between Western democracies and rogue Islamic regimes.

Although the rising tide of global and regional disorder, restlessness, uncertainty, terrorism and savagery warrant a higher security thresholds and more caution – especially for a besieged nation in a conflict ridden neighborhood – Obama leans on Israel to assume dramatic risks and lower its guards.  Israel is urged to undertake a lethal retreat from the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria, which over-tower Jerusalem and the 9-15 mile sliver along the Mediterranean, the majority of “pre-1967 Israel,” including Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ben Gurion Airport and 80% of Israel’s population and civilian infrastructures.

President Obama expects Israel to trade high-ground topography for high-tech military systems and security arrangements, devised by American generals, who led the failed efforts to snatch Iraq and Afghanistan out of the jaws of Islamic terrorism and Iranian radicalism. Israel is expected to entrust its own national security to the goodwill of its Arab neighbors and international guarantees, at a time when both are exposed as non-viable.  At a time when a posture of deterrence is increasingly critical for one’s survival – especially in the Middle East – Israel is pushed to erode its own posture of deterrence, and to transform itself from a producer – to a consumer – of national security, from a strategic asset to a strategic burden.

Israel is expected to subordinate its own threat-assessment to assessments made by the US foreign policy establishment, whose track record in the Middle East has been systematically flawed, worthy of the March 3, 2014 Washington Post criticism: opposing the establishment of the Jewish State; overestimating Arab muscle and underestimating Jewish muscle; courting the anti-US, radical President Nasser of Egypt; betraying the Shah of Iran and facilitating the rise of Khomeini; punishing Israel for destroying Iraq’s nuclear reactor and collaborating with Saddam Hussein (until the day of the August, 1990 invasion of Kuwait); embracing Yasser Arafat as a man of peace; providing a tailwind for the Gaza takeover by Hamas; heralding Hafiz and Bashar Assad as potentially peaceful, constructive and reformist leaders (until the eruption of the civil war in Syria); deserting pro-US Mubarak and courting anti-US, trans-national Muslim Brotherhood terrorists; potentially, transforming Iran from a controllable tactical threat to a non-controllable strategic, nuclear, apocalyptic threat; etc.


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Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger is consultant to Israel’s Cabinet members and Israeli legislators, and lecturer in the U.S., Canada and Israel on Israel’s unique contributions to American interests, the foundations of U.S.-Israel relations, the Iranian threat, and Jewish-Arab issues.


  1. He is the most hostile-sitting to ISRAEL US Pres in history. PROOF: Both his words and actions. In 5+ unbearably long years he has done his best to DEMONIZE, SCAPEGOAT & ISOLATE the JEWISH Homeland. He has ZERO successes in Foreign Policy (and domestically), and he is, in fact, an amateur whose NARCISSISM allows him to only surround with Yes-men and Yes-women. ISRAEL must not believe him as he pressures her to go back to AUSCHVITZ Borders.

  2. he's not just hostile to Israel. he's hostile to the united states of america. especially the america part. this all was obvious from the outset of his candidacy. his obsession with race and his inability to grasp american society created a divisive and collapsing social contract and a devestated economy. of course he would use the words of a hebraic sage. there are no thoughts of his own in that empty skull.

  3. Mr Obama dosen't seem to realize that this land was given to Abraham, Isaac and then to the descendents of Jacob. Why donsen't he suggest that the Palestininens give there stolen land back to the Jews? Answer: He dosen't have a clue!

  4. Just an entitlement to an opinion, but it seems to me that the USA does not have empowerment to put Israel or Palestine on the spot as to their decisions on settlement or if Israel remains a State. If USA is going to be an Adversary for Israel, they should also be for Palestine.

  5. It has always amazed me that American Jews, in the majority, are liberals. The Liberal politic in the USA is the last to understand anything about the religious community. Especially the Judio-Christian. None of them have read the Tora or the Bible. Certainly none of them have understood of believe.

  6. Yeah, well finally it's being said. I hope Israel uses it's Kopf and does what it needs to do for itself and world peace. Someone has to be strong and not capitulate to wrong assumptions.

  7. If that is the case then why did over 72% of the Jewish electorate vote for this anti semite not nce but twice, and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democratic Party and to his campaign. The longer Jews live n American, the dumber and more vicious they have become.

  8. Cody Flecker : They do NOT prioritize ISRAEL or JEWISH continuity. They are self-loathers and more concerned with access to power, their so-called 'liberalness', and being Democrats.
    FACT: Visiting ISRAEL is not even on their 'Top 10 List.'
    They are the descendents of Delano (FDR's) 'Court JEWs', like rabbi stephen wise, when 6 million JEWs, including 1.5 million children were savagely murdered and burned to death, and the world. excepting a few, sat idly by.

  9. Well, it’s all there in the article; Obama is an amateur brush him aside and rely on own intelligence and armed strength. The flaws of the well-intended American presidents tell its own pale and weak history.

  10. Judy (and Alan too), if you want to be part of a conversation you must first learn a lot and show some respect for those of us who do not agree with you. I am a daughter of two holocaust survivors. My father was a partisan and his name is in history books in the library of congress for his participation in taking over german "Commissaries" You cant teach me where everybody was or what they did. The Jewish left moved to Israel, fought for its existance and made Israel a viable country, while the orthodox jews around the world were against the creation of the state on religious grounds. And now they want it ALL, and the honors too. The "Rebbe" NEVER VISITED ISRAEL, for that same reason. You talk BIG, but you do not live in Judea, do you? Only orthodox jews from new york want to move there. And have young israeli lives sacrificed for them?

  11. Do you have children? Did they serve in ANY army? I guess not. Talk is cheep….You spew venom and hatred. Your comments (including Cody's) are born from IGNORANCE, irrational hatred and may be even racisim. Because PRESIDENT ELECT (TWICE) BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA won fair and square? Against a decent candidate, that being the victim of cancer, makes the fatal mistake of electing Sara Palin as VP? You will not see the inside of the white house until you stop electing ignorant morons. JUDY, how do you know how we are? How did you decide that we do not visit Israel? My husband of 34 years is Israeli and Republican. He would be ashamed to even think that he shares any values with you. I could write forever. But YOUR words generate too much anger in me. So I will finish with the following thought: JUDY SHAPIRO, CODY FLECKER, ALAN KARDON: There are legitimate arguments to be made on some of your positions. However all three of you would never be able to present any serious position because you do not even make it to the argument round: YOU ONLY LIE AND/OR INSULT AND/OR MISSINFORM, and you give a bad name to decent, intelligent and honest jews to whom I disagree profoundly, but I would never dream of insulting and badmouthing, as YOU SO FREELY DO.


  13. Ana Blumberg You are indeed BITTER and EXTREMELY RUDE. Your comments on those who make ALIYAH are TOTALLY FALSE. Whether or not your father is in history books is irrelevant because TODAY YOU have more allegiance to the first muslim-born (according to his own narration) bi-racial US Pres and liberals and Democrats then to the safety and security of ISRAEL and the continuity of the JEWISH people.
    Like this sitting US Pres SON-OF-ISLAM obama, you are an unabashed NARCISSIST,

  14. Judy Shapiro Judy I thank you for taking the time to answer. I prepared a long and thoughtful reply. But I deleted because I saw that it is useless. Your reply to my comments told me all I need to know about you. Mind you, I never tried to change anybody's mind, just your manners and the dehumanizing and totally unnecessary insults, which are at the root of preventing people to communicate, despite disagreements. But am puzzled: do you hate jewish bi-racial people as much as other bi-racial people? This is not meant as an insult: you are the one to mention it…in fact you use it as a prefix (is it in-lieu of Mr.?)

  15. Ana Blumberg This has ZERO to do with BI-RACIAL and you know it. obama is muslim-born and is PRO muslim, ANTI ISRAEL and ANTI ISRAEL=ANTI JEWISH. All you have to do is look at his record. Stop playing the RACE CARD like obama always does. You demean yourself and the memory of the HOLOCAUST. obama does not respect the office of the Pres of the US. We have NO allies in Europe and the rest of the world disrespects us. He has rendered the US impotent.
    With your background, you are more to be pitied then censored.

  16. Judy Shapiro I will give it one last try: WORDS HAVE MEANING. USE THEM WISELY. If it was not racial why did you use it?. Does "the Jewess Judy Shapiro" sound anti semitic.? Yes it does. So do not be disingenuous. If you do not mean it do not say it. But if you choose to say it be prepare to be called a racist. And incidentally, you just did it again: your mention of my BACKGROUND? WHAT do you know of my background to make such a claim? And so you see…you say things that mean NOTHING. You have written Nothing of substance. Insults and empty slogans.

  17. Ana Blumberg YOU are more to be pitied then censored and who are YOU to judge anyone.
    Sources inform me that there are MANY intermarriages in your family??
    One last thing: GROW UP and if you criticize, expect to be criticized.
    BTW, he is STILL the first muslim-born US Pres (his own words….).

  18. Judy Shapiro
    Judy, you should have call it quits after your last post. Every time you write, you expose more of who you are, and it is not a pretty picture. You think that you "got me" because you called on "sources" for gossip, and the best that you came up with is intermarriages in my family? This is so pathetic. I know you are trying to insult me or humiliate me. But you will have to do a lot better than that.
    Out of basic respect for another human being (YOU) I will not actually write the answer to the question. Because it is not my intention to embarrass you, or insult you (even when you do not extend that courtesy to your fellow humans with whom you disagree ). I could in fact write an essay about you just with the information you willingly and publicly provided. Not need to call on "sources".
    I set out to show you and others in this blog that you do not make points, you spit insults. NOT even ONE fact. Not one. In fact you probably used your same "sources" to get your information on the President Elect Barak Hussein Obama. My point was that there are serious arguments to be had, that can only happen if you can communicate without the use of derogatory and dehumanizing insults. I am sorry that I failed in my Endeavor. But I do not give up. I will keep on reading blogs and call them on their insults and lies.
    I will call it quits and you should too, before you ruin your own reputation.

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