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When the boat stopped at the port, the pilot suddenly awoke and noticing the strange town and began to cry in anguish. “How can I return to Barcelona in a little dinghy? The first wave will turn it over. How did you make the boat sail in the high seas? Woe is me that I ever saw you.”

Taking pity on the pilot, the Ramban wrote the Holy Name on a piece of paper and told the pilot to place it in a corner of the boat and when he arrived at the city of Barcelona to make sure to destroy the note. The pilot thanked the Ramban and started the voyage back. On the way he became drowsy and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the boat reached the port of Barcelona but because the paper was still in the boat, the little dinghy jumped the dock and began riding through the city streets. Thousands of people rushed out of their homes to witness the wonder of wonders, a boat riding on dry land. The noise of the tumult awoke the pilot who immediately grabbed the paper and burned it. The boat remained standing in the center of the city and to this day it is enshrined on a pedestal as one of the great wonders of the age.