Photo Credit: Dror Garti/Flash90

Thousands of Chasidim attend the wedding of the great-grandson of the Sanzer Rebbe in Netanya, January 02, 2012.

The Sanz Chasidic dynasty was founded by Rabbi Chaim Halberstam (1793–1876) who served as the Rabbi of Nowy Sącz (Sanz, or Tsanz inYiddish). Reb Chayim was known as a man in whose pocket a penny never got warm – because as soon as he’d get it, he’d start looking for someone to give it to.


Sanz is huge in Netanya, and to this day they’re crazy active in collecting for Tzedaka and giving it away.

Still, they look a tad unusual on horseback. And a tad uncomfortable…

Photo: Dror Garti/Flash90
Dror Garti/Flash90