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Yishai broadcasts from the Jewish holy city of Hebron. He is joined by long-time Hebron resident, activist, and politician Baruch Marzel. Marzel describes the ideology of the new party, Otzma L’Yisrael (Power to Israel) in which he is #3 (#4 is Aryeh King, #2 is Michael Ben-Ari, and #1 is Aryeh Eldad).  Polls indicate that Marzel may enter the Knesset after the elections in late January.  Marzel explains his political philosophy to Yishai and how Otzma L’Yisrael contrasts to other parties within the Israeli system.  He feels that a strong, unwavering, Knesset with some principled anchor members is essential to having a strong Jewish nation.They move on to discuss the regular stream of Israeli soldiers passing through Marzel’s house not for security reasons but for a good hot meal and a rest.


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Moshe Herman has been actively involved in Israel activism since founding the first pro-Israel student organization at Boise State University in 2007. He has been a member of several panels and discussion groups with topics ranging from interfaith dialogue in the Middle East to Israel’s importance as a Jewish state. Herman joined The Yishai Fleisher Show at the beginning of 2012 and currently resides in Jerusalem after making Aliyah in July 2013.