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Malkah joins Yishai to talk about how to explore breaking bad agreements with ourselves personally and as a nation. They move on to talk about Jonathan Pollard’s recently released op-ed, and end with how to graduate to the next level in the upcoming New Year.


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Moshe Herman has been actively involved in Israel activism since founding the first pro-Israel student organization at Boise State University in 2007. He has been a member of several panels and discussion groups with topics ranging from interfaith dialogue in the Middle East to Israel’s importance as a Jewish state. Herman joined The Yishai Fleisher Show at the beginning of 2012 and currently resides in Jerusalem after making Aliyah in July 2013.


  1. How come Johnathan Pollard is still incarceration, not for crimes to humanity but saving humanity? – How come the US Government in the 30's wanted to award the Medal of Merit to Mo Berg, America's highest honor for a civilian in wartime or spying on and within enemy countries? Why is this contradiction even passable? – Mo Berg, a brillant linguist did many incredible feats of spying against the enemy so what was so different in the case of Johnathan Pollard? Well, he overrode the US government to forwarn Israel of impending problems and that was his sole downfall. The length of time he has been languishing in jail is far too extreme for this deed and the comparison between Mo Berg and Johathan Pollard is only Hollywood – .

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