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Nothing like watching reruns of the classics on a lazy Sunday.

Somehow, they always seem so timely.




  1. Tel-Aviv is not a capital of Israel. Jerusalem is. Tel-Aviv is a capital of Gays and lefties liberals, who live in bubble and don’t know how other people of Israel live. This city for stupid losers, who want to party day and night and most people, who live there have nothing to do with Jews or Israel. Now it’s also a capital of illegal black migrants.

  2. Custodio Augusto Marques Fernandes Youignorat mental idiot? Nothing was taken buy fors, especially many of Israel cities. The land of israel were bought and fought in wars, Arabs instigate against Israel. if they didn’tw ant to be “forced” they should sit in their own countries and not attack Israel. israel didn’t take anything buy force and didn’t start any wars against Arabs. It was all Islamist doing and they lost. It’s their fault, not Israel. They should think twice, before go in war with Israel. They should know better.

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