US: Chinese Navy Ignored Distress Calls of Hijacked Israeli Ship

The 22-member crew of the Central Park was uninjured, according to CENTCOM.

US Navy Arrests Houthi Pirates Attacking Israeli Vessel, Missiles Fired at American Ship Within...

The pirates were arrested and are being questioned by the US military under counter-piracy authorities.

Houthis Board Israeli-Owned Oil Tanker Off Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

US Naval forces are "engaged in the situation," the Ambrey security firm reported.

Yemeni Houthis Ramping Up Attacks Against Israel, Piracy in Red Sea

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen launched several attacks on Saturday towards Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel. All were intercepted.

Israeli Fighter Jet Intercepts Houthi Cruise Missile

Rocket fire aimed at Israel has also continued from across Israel's northern and southern border from the early morning hours and throughout the day.

Yemen’s Iranian-Backed Houthis Hijack Israeli-Owned ‘Galaxy Leader’ Cargo Ship in Red Sea

The Houthis have been launching long-range ballistic missiles and combat drones at the Jewish State to express their solidarity with Hamas in its war against Israel.

Arrow Defense System Thwarts Missile Attack on Eilat

"The target did not cross into Israeli territory, and was intercepted according to protocol," the IDF said.

Northern, Central Israel Struck by Simultaneous Rocket Barrages from Lebanon, Gaza

Multiple coordinated rocket barrages from across Israel's northern and southern borders clarified that a second front indeed appears to have been opened in the north.

IDF Deploys Missile Boats in Red Sea following Houthi Attacks

The Sa’ar 5 boats are armed with Barak-1 and/or Barak-8 missiles, made by IAI and Rafael, and two four-cell Boeing Harpoon missile launchers.

Yemen, an Iranian Vassal State, Declares War on Israel

Yemen has no diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, and never has. Yemen is a designated "enemy state" under Israeli law.

IDF Foils Houthi Aerial Attacks on Eilat, First Use of Arrow System

“IAF detection systems tracked the trajectory of the missile, which was successfully intercepted by the “Arrow” Aerial Defense System at the optimal moment."

Saudi Arabia Becomes Reluctant US Partner in Protecting Israel from Iran

“The United States does not seek conflict with Iran; we do not want this war to widen. But if Iran or its proxies attack US personnel anywhere, make no mistake, we will defend our people, we will defend our security, swiftly and decisively.”

18 Days Later, Rage Erupts over CUNY’s Choice of Hate-Spitting Arab for Commencement Speech

Mohammed’s commencement ceremony speech was live-streamed on the CUNY Law School’s YouTube account and deleted a few hours later.

IDF Preparing for ‘Deteriorating Naval Situation’ in Red Sea

Hezbollah has also acquired several unmanned underwater vessels, courtesy of Iran, in addition to its Iranian military drones and precision-guided missiles.

French Navy Forces Seize Advanced Iranian Weapons Heading for Yemen

Iran has been supplying its proxy in Yemen, the Houthi rebel group, with lethal aid for months even with a ceasefire intended to stop the bloodshed in the years-long Yemeni civil war.

Report: Iranian Uranium Intended for Houthis Falls into Al Qaeda Hands

What will Al Qaeda do with its Iranian gift of uranium, the fuel most widely used by nuclear power plants for nuclear fission?

Israel Expresses Support for Saudi Arabia After Houthi Attack on Gas Facilities

The Saudis attacked Houthi-controlled areas in response to the attacks.

US Transfers ‘Significant Number’ of Patriot Missiles in Mideast to Saudi Arabia

A U.S. State Department spokesman reportedly stated that the Biden administration has been helping the country “strengthen air defenses in response to a rising number of aerial attacks from Yemen.”

UAE Hits Yemen Launch Site in Response to Houthi Missile Attack

Debris fell in several locations in Abu Dhabi, causing no casualties, after UAE air defense systems downed two ballistic missiles, according to the United Arab Emirates Defense Ministry.

UAE Downs 2 Houthi Missiles over Abu Dhabi, Saudis Also Attacked

Air traffic has been temporarily suspended in Abu Dhabi and its surrounding area.

Hamas Angers UAE, Saudi Arabia Over Support for Houthi Iranian Proxy Militia

For now, the UAE continues to support social enterprises in Gaza -- but this could change.

UAE Seeks to Increase Its Israeli Defense Technology After 3 Killed in Drone Attack

A deadly attack on Abu Dhabi by Iranian-linked Houthi rebels in Yemen left three people dead and six others injured.

Houthi Drones Attack 3 Tankers in Abu Dhabi Port, Explosions Ensue, 3 Dead

On January 1, a UAE cargo ship, the Rwabee, was hijacked by Houthi forces.

Houthis Seize UAE Vessel Carrying Military Supplies

The Houthi information minister claimed that the UAE has been pursuing a new strategy against the Yemeni people ever since Israel's prime minister visited there.

Iranian Houthi Proxy Militia Try Abducted Yemenite Model/Actress on Charges of Indecency

Human Rights Watch has been informed that the Houthis forced al-Hammadi to sign a document while she was blindfolded during an interrogation session.

Report: US Navy Seizes Ship with Cache of Weapons Headed for Yemen

The guided-missile cruiser “USS Monterey” found assault weapons, machine guns and sniper rifles on the stateless ship in the Arabian Sea.

Saudis See the Light, Hold Peace Talks with Iran

The first round of talks took place on April 9, with Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi serving as the facilitator.

Houthis Expel Yemen’s Last Few Remaining Jewish Families

According to the Saudi press, the last Jewish refugees from Yemen are seeking a country that will take them in, as they don’t wish to move to Israel.


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