Israel Uses C-Dome to Eliminate ‘Aerial Target’ Heading for Eilat

The C-Dome is a ship-mounted version of Israel's acclaimed Iron Dome aerial defense system.

Israel on High Alert as Iranian Threats Escalate, Proxy Attacks Intensify

"Iran will bear the consequences for choosing to escalate the situation any further."

Sad Anniversary: Six Months After Oct. 7 Israel Still Fights for Survival

Israelis are no longer willing to live with a constant existential threat on its borders.

Washington Could Remove Houthis from Global Terror List, US Envoy Says

“We favor a diplomatic solution. We know that there is no military solution,” the State Department’s Yemen envoy said.

IDF Intercepts Incoming ‘Aerial Target’ Heading to Eilat from the Red Sea

A similar incident took place on Sunday evening, except that in that incident, the "aerial target" reached Israel and landed in an open area north of Eilat.

Houthi Cruise Missile Lands in Israel, North of Eilat

"Experience has shown that when Iranian proxies or Iran themselves try to do harm to us, they will feel the pressure of the IDF."

Half of Port of Eilat Workers Face Layoffs Amid Houthi Attacks on Red Sea...

The Houthis have attacked and harassed ships in the Red Sea as they traverse the Bab el-Mandeb Straits, a narrow maritime chokepoint between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.

Iranian Proxy Leaders Gather in Beirut to Expand War Plans

It is interesting to note that Lebanon's Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, was apparently not represented at the meeting.

Crew Members Killed in First Deadly Houthi Attack on Civilian Ship in Red Sea

Washington sanctioned two ship owners and two vessels tied to "an Iran-based, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force-backed Houthi financial facilitator."

Houthis Cut 3 Internet Cables under the Red Sea, Set Container on Fire

The Red Sea attacks by the Houthis have disrupted global shipping, compelling companies to redirect their routes to longer and costlier journeys around southern Africa.

Arrow Intercepts Ballistic Missile Fired at Eilat by Houthis in Yemen

Less than 24 hours prior, US military forces destroyed seven missiles and a missile launcher in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen.

Biden Seeking Goldilocks Retaliation for Iranian Proxy Attack that Killed 3 Americans

“The president will do what he has to do to protect our troops and our facilities and to look after our national security interests in the region.”

Its Economy Damaged by Houthi Attacks, China Leans on Iran to Stop them

This may be a good time to bid on really cheap Iranian crude.

US-Led Forces Hit Houthi Targets in Yemen for Eighth Time in Two Weeks

Iran has been “very directly involved” in the Houthi attacks on commercial shipping interests since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

National Library Receives World’s Largest Collection of Yemenite Jewish Manuscripts

The collection consists of some 45,000 manuscripts and legible fragments.

US Returns Houthis to Global Terrorism List

The decision to designate the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) reverses the 2021 revocation of that status by the Biden Administration.

US Strikes Houthis Again After Red Sea Attacks Continue

The US strike followed a Houthi missile attack that struck a Greek-owned ship sailing under the flag of Malta in the Red Sea earlier in the day.

Qatar Announces ‘Pause’ to Liquified Natural Gas Shipping via Red Sea

QatarEnergy, the world's second largest exporter of liquified natural gas, has thus far stopped at least four tankers from transiting the Red Sea due to the ongoing attacks.

Houthi Missile from Yemen Hits US-Owned M/V Gibraltar Eagle Cargo Ship

US forces shot down an anti-ship cruise missile fired from the Hodeida area of Yemen at the USS Laboon Navy destroyer in the Red Sea on Sunday.

Air Strikes Target Houthi Military Sites in Yemen’s Red Sea Port City of Hodeida

The attacks are likely aimed at a fresh delivery of ballistic and naval missiles recently transferred to the area by Houthi terrorists with help from Iran and Hezbollah.

US Attacks Iranian-Backed Houthi Radar Site in Yemen

The unilateral attack followed an anti-ship ballistic missile attack fired by the Iranian proxy just hours after the US and UK launched a joint attack on the terror group.

US Sanctions Four Houthi-Tied Vessels, their Owners

"The United States will continue to counter illicit Iranian financial support to the Houthis," the State Department said.
An F-16C Fighting Falcon firing an AGM-88 high-speed antiradiation missile at a target. The HARM is an air-to-surface missile designed to seek and destroy enemy radar-equipped air defense systems. The F-16 is the only aircraft in the Air Force capable of using the HARM.

US and UK Strike Military Targets in Yemen in Response to Houthi Attacks in...

"The United States and our partners will not tolerate attacks on our personnel or allow hostile actors to imperil freedom of navigation in one of the world’s most critical commercial routes."

Update: Iran Hijacks Oil Tanker in Gulf of Oman 24 Hours After Security Council...

Earlier this week, US and UK military vessels shot down 21 ballistic missiles and explosive drones fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen at ships transiting the Red Sea.

UN Security Council Demands End to Houthi Attacks in Red Sea

"The threat to navigational rights and freedoms in the Red Sea is a global challenge that necessitates a global response."

US, UK Forces Intercept 21 Missiles, Drones Fired by Houthis from Yemen

The incident constituted the 26th Houthi attack on commercial shipping lanes in the Red Sea since Nov. 19. There were no injuries or damage reported.

Will the US Task Force Undo Years of Neglecting the Houthi Threat?

It remains unclear whether the increased tensions in the region will develop into conflict, or whether Washington will make due with minimal defensive measures.

13 Nations Warn Houthis to Stop Attempts to Paralyze Red Sea Shipping

"The Houthis will bear the responsibility of the consequences should they continue to threaten lives, the global economy, and free flow of commerce in the region’s critical waterways."

Erdan: Houthi Attacks in Red Sea Presage ‘Dark Future’

"The ayatollah regime is the one thing that ties together all the elements of destruction in the Middle East."


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