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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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100,000 Demand: Cut Water and Electricity Supply to the PA

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PLO / PA / Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas.

PLO / PA / Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi / Flash 90

JERUSALEM – Close to 100,000 signatories have joined a petition demanding that the Government of Israel cut off the water and electricity supply provided by Israel to the Palestinian Authority.

Under the title ‘It’s time to stop the Palestinian Circus!’ the petition states: “There will be no water, no electricity, and no transfer of goods and treatment of the wounded – until the return of our boys! The Government of Israel will not negotiate any price, the power is in our hands and that’s the time to return the pride to the State of Israel!”

The petition garnered tremendous support in only three days.

Tazpit News Agency spoke to one of the organizers, who expressed regret at the aspect of collective punishment, but explained its significance. “This action is required for two reasons: first, the tactical need to bring the three abducted boys back. The other point is that Israel’s pride and stature are at stake here; we must not bend to the terrorists’ demands. Seeing the boys coming back will create a surge of national pride, which I believe has been lost. My heart is with the families, I hope this works.” He conceded that he did not expect such massive and swift support. He plans to submit the petition to Minister of Economy Bennet and MK Ayelet Shaked, with the intent of them bringing the issue to the government.

One signatory from Passaic, New Jersey wrote: “Why is Israel providing free water and electricity to these Arabs anyways? At the very least the Arabs should be paying at least as much as us, if not more. Israel needs to stop putting the welfare of those who want Israel destroyed over the welfare of their own Jewish citizens.” Israel currently supplies all electricity needs to the Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Palestinian customers receive the electricity through the Palestinian Authority and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company. The PA’s has 730 Million NIS debt to the Israel Electrical Company (IEC). Each month, IEC sends a warning letter about the debt, and it is in talks with the Palestinian Authority and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, but no agreement has been reached on payment.

To sign the petition: http://www.atzuma.co.il/bringbackourboys

Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency

About the Author: Aryeh Savir is director of the International division of Tazpit News Agency.

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  1. Eric Antonio says:

    Drive them away!

  2. Joe Weiss says:

    This resolves nothing and will only make things worse.

  3. I am bothered by the lack of real deterring action. Israel should start turning the Arab villages in that area into parking lots!
    Of course we need to pray that the kids are rescued safely and unharmed but the army and the gov should be MUCH more forceful!!
    Now is battle time. Call up the reserves and lets change the equation for ever!!

  4. Then people will try and make you look no better than the Nazi regime of the second world war,is it really what we want,for sure the Palestinians will gain sympathy from the western world and beyond advice don’t even go there.

  5. Paul W. Howe says:

    Yes do. They dont pay so let them pay now..

  6. Elyse Dorm says:

    Israel should use this unfortunate incident as opportunity for some real action…. Jerusalem and Israel in general need to be rid of muslims these animals do not know the meaning of peace.

  7. Janek El says:

    let them pay!

  8. Thomas Lundh says:

    Annex Gaza, Judea and Samaria. At least you wouldn’t have to deal with the two-faced PA anymore.

  9. If a dog barks you don’t bark back , but if he comes to bite you no one on his sane mind would bark at the dog, you just hit it as hard as you can so it won’t attack again.
    Don’t need to be eintstein to get that

  10. If a dog barks you don’t bark back , but if he comes to bite you no one on his sane mind would bark at the dog, you just hit it as hard as you can so it won’t attack again.
    Don’t need to be eintstein to get that

  11. Usani Utum says:

    I support this idear, i have told you before, and am still saying again cut all aid to palestinians infidelst, they dont worth it

  12. Joe Weiss wants nothing resolved. Joe Weiss makes things worse.

  13. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Hey, I think its a great idea..id sign..

  14. Joe Weiss says:

    Moses attacking me personally shows how low one could go when they have nothing to say at all.

  15. Joe Weiss says:

    Moses attacking me personally shows how low one could go when they have nothing to say at all.

  16. if the israeli do not paid their bill they get cut off … yes , they do not paid their bills …

  17. if the israeli do not paid their bill they get cut off … yes , they do not paid their bills …

  18. Eddie Ancona says:

    Its time to take action, I don’t know what that action is, but something must be done to send a clear message to those savages , those people don’t even condemn the action, they have a campaign saluting the abduction, with kids sticking their 3 fingers up in joy, this is people that want peace? Why should we support people that are all in majority looking for our destruction, let their Arab brother countries supply them with all those things, there are plenty.

  19. Linda Lutkus says:

    Why not? If Russia can cut off oil to Ukraine for prepayment surely Israel can cut for no payment.

  20. everyone in the entire Northern Hemisphere has serious Anger issues and all need to do Anger Management courses – the lot of you are off your heads

  21. No more mr nice guy. Cut them off.

  22. For years all blame and bash Israel ,at list now go clean them out and you will be blame one time .

  23. Karen Bryant says:

    It seems like a good start.

  24. Karen Bryant says:

    It seems like a good start.

  25. Karen Bryant says:

    It seems like a good start.

  26. they have no business in Israel

  27. Shirley Santanello says:

    These Palestinians deserve for Israel to cut their water & electricity for the terror they constantly cause Israel. They should be given an ultimatum return the kidnaped jewish teens or face the consequences.

  28. Sarah Jahed says:

    This is just sad! Can’t belive Israel always points out on what happened in WWII and behaves the same way…

  29. Paul Miranda says:

    Israel should cut off the water and electricity to Palestine.

  30. Not good. We are not evil people like them. Lets not fall down to their level. Remember Christ teachings. God said; I will repay, revengage it’sine

  31. Patrick Obi says:

    For a global peace, islam must be eradicated!!!!!!

  32. How do ya like dem Apples! Ha! Your water just got cut off! Guess y’all won’t be Asses now! Don’t bit the hand that feeds ya!

  33. Eddie Ancona says:

    I don’t see why we have to support people who seek our destruction, its kinda contradicting , we don’t owe those people anything, they are the group of people who declared war on us, from the beginning , let their brother countries support them, there are plenty.

  34. Maybe there terrorist Flotilla brothers will give them fresh water! Or Maybe they can prey to the G-d of Israel that they’d get water .

  35. Why do they supply it to begin With?

  36. We are not evil people! We heal “them” when they come to Israeli medical centers. We went through the Holocaust and were not treated like humans, let’s NOT stoop to that level and cut off their water supply. It will only bring on MORE hatred. We have to find a way to continue taking the high road as we are not barbarians! Let’s not ever forget this!!!

  37. Abbas wife is being treated in an Israeli hospital. Kidnap her!!

  38. PEACE works: war does not. Sit down and negotiate and renegotiate and renegotiate a compromise…….Smoking a Peace Pipe is much better than throwing a bomb, or, receiving a bomb. LOOK FOR PEACE…

  39. Is sad but they don’t want peace, why we have to keep feeding them, if they act like the dog that bite the hand who feed them, just cut everything and let’s see if they understand.

  40. Eddie Ancona says:

    These people prove time and time again they don’t want peace, they made their decision , now let them pay the consequence of what they started by touching our people.

  41. Eddie Ancona says:

    These people prove time and time again they don’t want peace, they made their decision , now let them pay the consequence of what they started by touching our people.

  42. terrorism defined,,thats

  43. Well if people are like me. I own my utilities and haven’t gotten paid for usage either. I’ll have them cutoff too. They do the same thing over here in America. Run up the telephone bill with long distance charges and lie saying they didn’t make the bill. Close the business and reopen in another name and new telephone number and stiff the owners of the building because they get stuck with the utilities that they made. Gas, water it’s all the same. And a Timraz there is a Timraz here. Always on the most wanted terrorist list. Right here in Tuscaloosa, Al. Owes for child support, past due utilities and slander and defamation. Thanks to Chicago, Bill Clinton and the Obama administration. Why you can’t find your most wanted. Over here keeping up that same doo doo. He was to supposedly lost his head ten years ago. So why is he here with this other missing terror cell?

  44. I would also sign!

  45. You cannot imitate evil monsters. You have to show you are better than they are. One day the ignorant will admit who the evil trash really are the new Hitlers.

  46. Why are we treating them in Israeli hospitals ? We can’t even walk freely in our own land with fear of being kidnapped and used as a bargaining tool, They do not deserve our good hearts and hospitality on any level, they must not have these luxuries at all, I believe in an eye for an eye.

  47. (ง´▽`)ง Yess.. I really agree with Israel cut off the water&electricity supply to PA.. They really bad!! Kill all Terrorism!!

  48. The truth is the truth and you may not want to face this harsh reality, but history , especial evil has a habit of repeating itself.

  49. Couldn’t agree more, they hate us so much , why must we help or more so , why do they want ANYTHING from the JEWS ?

  50. I stand with Israel.

  51. Polly Dorst says:

    That would be a good idea Bring our young men back and the elec and water will turned back on.. PERIOD

  52. I am Jewish and have a lot of Jewish friends I expect to see your name sign down here and please share this

  53. ELyse I agree with you 100% they need to get rid of the Moslems so many people are blinded muslims are deviancy their teachings and sharia law is the devils work America wake up you have garbage what do you do with it? Throw it out! ,,!

  54. This is only obvious if you do not sign and share. You are not for Israel

  55. Let them all be exposed for the humanity they lack. We all see them. Global awareness is in effect to now determine basic cultural ideologies that are no longer relevant or tolerable. Islam Islam Must Be Exterminated From Earth.

  56. Let them all be exposed for the humanity they lack. We all see them. Global awareness is in effect to now determine basic cultural ideologies that are no longer relevant or tolerable. Islam Islam Must Be Exterminated From Earth.

  57. Ed Vigdor says:

    Melkar Muallem Its been going on for years. Are you so blind… what about all the rockets launched into civilian population centers? Hamas has been a terror organization for decades. Did you forget about the Olympics in 72?

    Don't ing call me a Nazi! It was the Nazis that killed innocent people just like Hamas.

    Sensitive conflict my ass! Hamas and others want Israel and Jews wiped off the face of the earth. If Israel wanted to, they could easily do it to the Gaza strip and bomb it into the sea. But they don't because they, unlike Hamas and many in the Arab world actually value life.

    Meanwhile Hamas is so focused on violence they haven't been able to even provide for the basic needs of their people, like water. They have to rely on the sworn enemy for that. Maybe if they spent money on building a desalination plant instead of weapons, they could provide water. But no, they would rather buy guns.

    Turn off the water and power and all supply lines until those kids are returned. And if they are hurt or killed, ing bomb the strip into the stone age!

  58. Gene Strong says:

    Cut utilities and re arrest all.prisoners who have been released/traded in the past.

  59. civilised people dont cut water and power of their neighbours

  60. This is the pot calling the kettle black…..

  61. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    The families want their children back Melkar!! Why can't they just return them ? What do you think should happen? What do your parents feel if you were kidnapped and no one knew if you were dead or alive ? Cutting off supplies might get a message across to return them.. They had no right to abduct them. Is that a little on the bigotry side, would you think.. Or heartless bitch side? You tell me..

  62. Uzair ozzy khan , how dare you say I’m evil ! I’m only saying what’s the truth, then WHY ????? Are you on this page, the last I looked it said ” Jewish Press” we also dont teach our children such hatred , by lying in children’s shows what the Jews do to them, we don’t have to lie and blackmail our kids into hating another race , religion or culture. I’m sure you’d be more comfortable on your own pages instead of us making you sick here

  63. What you’re not getting is both cultures actually MIX quite normally without the baddies , and you know that too. Actually Israel is an amazing place and I’ve seen on a number of occasions people of all cultures getting along 100% so to pass those radical comments aren’t just. It would be the same as me saying my friends who are in Saudi / Dubai/ Egypt / Bahrain are right. We all need to get along for the future of our world.
    The other thing Uzair is do you know the Jews make up only 0.02% of the worlds population , and the Arabs are 1.57 Billion so for them to have such a small piece of land in the world to call home isn’t asking too much I think

  64. Gene Strong says:

    WW3 has begun. It is.Islam against the civilized.western world. . Obama.is on the Muslim side .

  65. Gene Strong says:

    WW3 has begun. It is.Islam against the civilized.western world. . Obama.is on the Muslim side .

  66. Eddie Ancona says:

    Civilized people don’t send missiles and shoot at their neighbors everyday, oh and kidnap children either, they want to play? Let them lose, they don’t know how good they had it.

  67. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Yes, cut their water and electric. They are parasites looking to kill their host (Israel)! Need to stop playing games with these terrorists. Take back the entire land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River as Hashem gave us!

  68. Eddie Ancona says:

    LOL the funds are going to Mahmoud Abbas , and Arafat stole billions upon billion of dollars , please your not fooling anyone .

  69. Eddie Ancona says:

    And also , they fund them with weapons that they use against israel , there’s reason behind everything, israel has every right to protect itself from people that seeks its destruction.

  70. Eddie Ancona says:

    And also , they fund them with weapons that they use against israel , there’s reason behind everything, israel has every right to protect itself from people that seeks its destruction.

  71. Melkar Muallem says:

    Its not a threat, I cant give a less damn about how you lead your life, but never wish the ethnic cleansing of my people or any race, because that is just sad on your part..

  72. I love Israel & the Jewish people.
    I believe that peace loving people that arent Jewish will be hurt also by this. We can’t just lump every person in with the troublemakers.
    I pray that wisdom be used.

  73. Ed Vigdor says:

    Melkar Muallem Just the latest in a loooooong history of terror by Hamas! Deny it if you must to justify your opinion.

    Hamas continues to want to fight, they suffer the consequences. Tough !! And you are right, Hamas uses rockets and terror, Israel uses jet fighters and tanks. Again em! How every said war is fair? And just knowing that the Gaza Strip still exists with Israel having such a massive advantage shows the restraint they have shown for decades. If I were the PM of Israel, any attack by Hamas on my people would be met with an attack 100 times greater.

    I am not sympathetic to a nation of people who teach hate and only know about waging war. They have had ample opportunity to forge a peace and each time walk away. They have produced NOTHING of value for their own people.

    Funny how it is only the Gaza Strip, the West Bank lives in relative peace. Don't hear about kids being kidnapped from there or rockets being launched from there or Israel bombing there or cutting off water.

    Hamas is the problem and sadly our ing moron President Bush thought that elections make democracies and now they are the Gov't.

    I would have sympathy for the citizens of the Gaza Strip if they didn't support those lunatics.

  74. Sarah Jahed says:

    Do you really think water is luxury?!?!?!?! Try to live without it!

  75. For the enemy not even Water!!

  76. Very good idea. They celebrate the kidnappings well let them celebrate in darkness.

  77. Uzair Ozzy Khan I’m so sorry that people aren’t connecting that all people, can be good or evil. Everyone forms their beliefs on what they have seen in their lives. We should form our beliefs on what is good. I pray that the innocent not be hurt. I pray for those who stand for peace be safe.

  78. Sarah Jahed says:

    So, what do they want in THEIR territory???

  79. Ira Abramson says:

    If any of my suppliers were not paid by me, they would shut me off, so what is the difference? Oh, I forgot Abbas would have to stop stealing aid money given by the US and UK.

  80. don’t listen to the freaks our there Israel needs to get drastic in their dealing with butchers of women and children including their own.

  81. Ira Abramson says:

    Uzair, if you do not pay, would your vendors keep giving you credit? This is not about Israel and the Palestinians, it is about paying one’s bills.

  82. Elaine. None of them
    Are peaceful. You unfortunately have a problem called, “misplaced empathy”.

  83. Eddie Ancona says:

    Excuse me? My family is from Syria ,my family and community were kicked out in the early 1900’s , we had it good, yes we were all 3rd grade citizens then, and then one day the Arabs went bat wick crazy, and started harassing us, stole our business, homes, etc, we were forced to go back to israel , but we went in peace and bought land, it’s even recorded by the British mandate of Mustifi Hussani , how he said we came and bought land for even higher then what the market was asking for, yet he sent many revolts against us, until the BRITISH THE PEOPLE IN CONTROL OF THE AREA Exiled him to Syria , that’s when the British came to the conclusion of making it a 50/50 state, Jews accepted and Arabs rejected, and with that they declared war on us along with 7 other Arab countries and lost, tough luck, next time don’t seek out destruction and we would all be living in peace , it was their path that took them where they are today!

  84. Eddie Ancona says:

    Hilarious when idiots post nonsense and when I put them in their place, they delete their posts, what’s new?

  85. Moshe Zucker says:

    Let Em drink from the Dead Sea

  86. Moshe Zucker says:

    How many Jews have died in the name of j ? You are all guilty

  87. Melkar Muallem Israel has not killed a thousand children under the age of 13 in the last 10 years. We did however just provide free emergency surgery in Israel for Abbas's wife. A million children have been murdered in Syria in that time, but that is at the hands of Assad -not Israel! Get an education, stop spreading lies and then come back and talk.

  88. Moshe Zucker I am for peace. I do believe that the land of Israel was given in covenant by God to the Jewish people.
    I also believe all people have the potential to be peace loving.
    I’m not discrediting that many people have been hurt.
    If I have offended anyone please forgive me.

  89. Eeris El says:

    This is what hamas wants, for Israel to be demonized.
    i understand our anger and that we want to do this but we are better then them. We are not Animals we don't hurt children not giving children water will kill children. Having said that ……..
    It is only for God to judge terrorists, but it is our job to arrange the meeting

  90. Haim Kohen says:

    I agréable and share

  91. Eddie Ancona I deleted my post because it finally let me edit the other.

  92. Such Hatred and racism on both sides. Although I am pro Israel, I see the same demons on both sides.

  93. Eddie Ancona says:

    I wasn’t talking about you, it was Someone else. I never saw your post.

  94. Janice Wolfe says:

    Please be rational. Not everybody in that region had anything to do with the taking of these children BUT everybody needs water to live and many need electricity for medical devices to live.

  95. Just in case I stated it. I would love it if all could live in peace & safety!

  96. Israel governor have more class then Arabs Palestine

  97. Well, class isn’t gonna brink them kids back.

  98. Eddie Ancona says:

    Once you put them in their place, they delete their posts, hilarious.

  99. Eddie Ancona says:

    Haha that’s why we take enemies in our hospital, and treat them for free?
    Good one.

  100. I dislike them a lot but can’t agree to this and believe me I love Israel

  101. Heera Dean says:

    Some sick lowlife scum thinking that is!!! Think all if yous lost your humanity!!!

  102. Saqib Rehman says:

    Good hearts !? Hate to see u angry

  103. Eddie Ancona says:

    Your obviously someone that is blind in the subject. Occupy? No we don’t occupy no land, this land we won in war , that they THE ARABS declared on us, we wanted to coexist, they wanted us dead, next time don’t be greedy and evil and maybe we would all be living peaceful lives together, but thats the path they chose, they have no one else to blame but themselves.

  104. Eddie Ancona says:

    Oh no let’s sit back and embrace the missiles hitting our backyards, oh and you know what, let us also sing while you people seek our destruction, is that a better motive?

  105. Apparently Saqib you didn’t read the part where the Palestinian and ALL Muslim occupation peoples are receiving FREE medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. READ! Oh, not to mention FREE electricity and water. If I don’t pay my bills, the utility companies cut me off. Pull your head out of your a**. During war one must resort to whatever tactics work. Muslims do that all the time by strapping bombs to their children and sending them out to die. So, yah, Israel has some pretty good hearted people. This is a war as has been declared by the Muslims in their Jihad.

  106. How is Israel behaving the same as the Nazis. I don’t see them committing total genocide of a race??? They merely want the right to exist on 9 small miles of land. The Arabs practically own an entire continent but they can’t let the Israelis own what is rightfully theirs and live in peace. Please share with all of us how they’re acting “the same way”???? A few peoples opinions are an expression of anger because of the way they’ve been treated and they have a right to be angry, but their government is acting responsibly.

  107. That’s so true but it’s the only bargaining chip Israel may have at their disposal. This is an act of war started by the Muslims. There is always collateral damage in any war sad to say. It may sound cold and harsh but read a history book and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

  108. Do you think it’s possible to be MORE hated? The media only portrays half the story…the half that makes Israel look bad and if they can’t tell the truth (which they can’t), telling half the truth leaves people to jump to their own conclusions. There is NEVER any media coverage about the goodness Israel does even though it happens on a daily basis. You have a very noble heart and I hope your kindness will win over the Muslims and the media. God be with you!

  109. Cut it off! Just do it!

  110. Haley Chace says:

    Sarah… I suppose you would also tout Mexerica!

  111. Lis Hacker says:

    Sohail has been served.

  112. Wonderful idea, they probably don’t pay for anyway.

  113. Great idea!!! And medical assistance too!!!!!

  114. If they lose what they take advantage of an get for free; they might want to change their ways and attitudes. Hope an pray that they wake up.

  115. Do they throw stones and kidnap children?

  116. Yes, and cut off their air.

  117. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Come on – Nonesense – The PA & Hamas are causing harm to their own children – Stop blaming Israel for them! Stop the blame game. Start blaming the arabs for electing Hamas and Fatah – They are the problem!

  118. Hopefully it passes and many children in need of medical attention die as a result. This will show them! Stupid innocent children… Hate begets hate and blinds rational decision making.

  119. Kenneth Schreier says:

    To Melkar Muallem: They are all alive. Your children are taught to murder Jews and therefore must be looked away. Blame yourself for the problems you are causing to your children!

  120. I agree totally, enough is enough.

  121. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem :To Melkar Muallem : You are destroying your own children. Teaching hate and training them to murder innocent people. You elected the governments you have so now get rid of them if you don't approve of kidnapping children and murdering innocent people.

  122. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem : You need to grow up. Stop using your children as human shields and sending them out to murder Jews!

  123. Kenneth Schreier says:

    There has never been a palestinian state and there shall never be a palestinian state in the land of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital.

  124. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem : You need to grow up. Stop using your children as human shields and sending them out to murder Jews!

  125. Exactly!! The PA’s leaders wife is receiving top notch care at an Israeli hospital. People in the US don’t realize all the good Israel does even for it’s enemies!

  126. Cut the water and power and demand the three boys returned. Stop treating the enemy. Stop being so kind and generous…

  127. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem : The arab nations supported Nazi Germany during the WW2. Read the history books. Stop making up your own history. STOP THE LIES!

  128. Mary Pinion says:

    Cut the water off. . Pray for them to

  129. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem : Come-On stop the foolishness. No one is killing you, you are killing yourselves with hate of the Jewish people. 1.5 million arabs are citizens of Israel and live much better than you.

  130. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Melkar Muallem : Come-On stop the foolishness. No one is killing you, you are killing yourselves with hate of the Jewish people. 1.5 million arabs are citizens of Israel and live much better than you.

  131. Jonathan Weber says:

    Melkar Muallem Talk about ethnic cleansing – Armenians (1 Million of them killed in Turkey by Muslims), Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria – all Muslim Countries. 875,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands. You have no clue what you are talking about. You just repeat the same lies generated by Hamas and the Palestinians. How many Christians did the Muslim Brotherhood kill in Egypt?

  132. Good idea. The world will condemn Israel. Screw the rest of the world. Get the children back.

  133. As long as its aimed only at the authorities, and dosent include civilians, because if it also involved civilians, that would look really bad on the international scene

  134. the palestinas hamas iran syria north korea Russians are the world problem putin

  135. israel take back judea samaria and gaza, i want them wiped out, they are not human beings they want you dead.

  136. a big club will sort that bitch out


  138. Judka Lisker says:

    As long as they didnt Pay up

  139. Beverly Bass says:

    I think his wife was released yesterday or the day before..I’m sure they could figure out it was necessary to have her leave…how ironic she was being served, as most of them are, in an Israeli hospital…..

  140. Silly girl…whatever are you thinking? "They Must Go!"

  141. Melkar Muallem If islamics conducted themselves like humans there might be some sympathy for them…they have instead shown themselves to be a curse upon all of mankind and a plague wherever found…for myself, I have concluded that they simply are not human or a part of humankind! In any case: "They Must Go!"

  142. Amazing that a country that is hated by its neighbours actually supplies them with water and electricity. I thought that Israel was a cruel and wicked neighbour to the Palestinians?

  143. Turn off the electricity due to lack of payment and because they are terrorist thugs.

  144. I’m not sure I can condone making babies and little kids suffer. The adults have little sympathy from me

  145. Might be a good idea to swap Abbas’ wife, who is being treated in an Israeli hospital, for the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped. The problem is, she might not be wanted back.

  146. Wah Le-Brun says:

    C’aurait été criminel de faire une chose pareille…..

  147. What is Israel Waiting to stop Electricity and water. This for sure will make the population give hell so as to deliver the three children. also it will be easier when all is dark to find them or the 3 help escape in the dark.

  148. Put fluoride in the water
    Helps cavities
    Something that they have on their brain

  149. Jonathan Weber says:

    Melkar Muallem Sending 10,000 rockets in Israel is OK with you? Using Children for human shields is OK with you? Before you start blathering about Israeli responses to terror, get your facts right!

  150. Sarah Susac says:

    Do what ever it takes to get these innocent children back and safe out of the hands of terrorists!

  151. Sobriety Jon says:

    Isreal was to be a prince of blessing to all d families of d earth.they can leave d water for them is d almighty who rewards service to humanity

  152. Elyse Dorm says:

    the almighty also commanded them to put premeditated murderers to death. Service to humanity is good but it should be done with wisdom.

  153. Sobriety Jon says:

    We dont conquer evil with evil but at d same time is best to be discreat to handle them becos their mindset is perpetualy aversed

  154. Bad idea to cut their water…Thus is too much…

  155. Sobriety Jon says:

    God made a promise to king david which will never be broken that the throne king david sat to rule will be kept forever and that he will never lack a man to sit on it.when christ was born from d lineage of david he had the right to sit on that throne when he will return soon he wil use that throne the house for d almighty that david built wil be erected again.d jews will be honoured and respected people on earth in d near future

  156. Nice and cut off basic supplies to the innocent kids n families too? That’s a human rights issue there – might look good on paper but leave it there for those kids sakes if for any thing else!

  157. don’t do that. you’re better people than that

  158. Soo Hatrid fits into G_ds plan where? Does it not say that vengeance belongs to him?

  159. Israel is under no obligation to fund or support a terrorist entity; it is a violation of international law to do so. This is also the legal basis for the naval blockade of Gaza, which even the UN recognizes as legitimate.

  160. The racism in this thread truly astounds and upsets me. Why would any decent, fair-minded Jewish person wish to inflict pain and suffering upon another human being, just because that person subscribes to a different religion?? Have the lessons not been learned from 70 years ago? Let’s not continue to propagate hatred and intolerance by persecuting Palestinians. It solves nothing. Not all Palestinians are terrorists. And not all Israelis are terrorists. We are all human beings. We need to learn compassion and understanding. We need to learn to live together… x

  161. Oren Meldung says:

    They should cut it off because htey haven’t paid… not because of the kidnappings. In Canada and US or for every Israeli if you don’t pay, you don’t get service.

  162. Alan Bruin says:

    people need water to live…you cannot hold all of Gaza responsible…many are innocent….do not become like them…do not become barbarians…maintain your humanity.


  164. Thats right. Stop being nice and let’s get down to business

  165. This has nothing to do w religion and never has been. This is a people who will stop and nothing – not even putting their kids in front if themselves if it would mean israel would look bad and make Jews die. Thats the difference. We value lives. All lives. They dont.

  166. Do the Western Democratic countries in Europe which are predominantly Christian that remember the HOLOCAUST all too well and now are recognising Hamas and PLO union and supporting them against Israel the only Democratic country in all of the Middle East want to see another Holocaust that killed 6000000 million Jews and many others.Hamas is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION according to your countries Laws.Hamas is hitler's deputies and are Nazi in Doctrine.Also Christians are being killed by the thousands in Islamic countries so Get Real and do something Morally Correct.Also you know and should recognise Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel Now.

  167. Whatever it takes to get those young men back.

  168. Tracy Park says:

    Just cut it off for the adults
    Leave enough for the kids

  169. your petition has been cancelled for lack of inerest

  170. well use our solor power to rconnect

  171. 100,000 demand what a joke

  172. Send the petition here!

  173. We value life, they value death. Tova, well put!

  174. The only best option to put preasure to them.

  175. i agree that all muslims in territories of Israel must be asked to vacate the lands and be deported to Saudi Arabia land of muslims

  176. Ian Joseph says:

    Why not cut off food and water while you’re at it?

  177. Attila Czako says:

    Push them with a doser into the Mediterrain Sea

  178. Ronny Mol says:

    We need millions of Israelis to sign the petition or it will fail. I signed. Will others? Enough is enough!

  179. Ronny Mol says:

    Melkar Muallem, you are trying to sway Jews and Jewish supporters who see how Islam is the religion of peace. I say leave for Aza NOW.

  180. No more electricity, no more water to this scums, also Netanyahu goverment should go out, Israel needs a warriors goverment

  181. Do whatever it takes to achieve results. Get the boys back home.

  182. Yes I agree (no electricity or water to the PA ) until the three bots are released.

  183. Sara Lee says:

    Keep on signing petition ppl …………… & share with your friends 🙂

  184. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    Keep on signing! Take a firm hold on the throat of PA. Israel has several options besides armed punishment.

  185. Harold Taback says:

    Yes, give Abbas 48 hours to return the 3 kids alive or cut off all electricity until they are safely back.
    It is also very overdue to do the same for Gaza. Every time a rocket falls on Israel, 24 hours cut off for every rocket.

  186. Judith Dowla says:

    Stuart, will it get the boys back safe and sound.

  187. Judith Dowla says:

    Melkar Muallem , right you are. Hitler in reverse is the kind of thinking I am seeing. What was learned from the Holocaust. I just wonder about human beings. I prefer Chabad and Kabbalah where you can come from any walk of life and get to really know G-D and people. Much better plan. Jews, Christians, Muslims, others all working together for the common good of all. That is where I am heading.

  188. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    My religion would call, it a sin..so no I spoke too quickly..just like all these people, who may not really sign it either..but I know id be wr8ng ro hurt anyone as a Christian..we aretaught love for your enemies

  189. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    And you are right, I have grown great admiration for the humanity of Israel..they are dedinately the most with the highest ethics…in such a pot of hatred..l..

  190. We want our prayers answered. God's rule is 'revenge is Mine'. As you do good to your enemy; definitely he will have to rethink his bad things he is doing to you. Let them get water, God will do the rest! Amen

  191. Yonatan Avraham says:

    I live in Israel, I currently pay 63 NIS per kilowatt of electricity; it roughly translates to $18.00 dollars per Kilowatt. In America the price ranges from $4.60 to 10.50 per kilowatt of electricity. If we did not pay for arab electricity we could conceivable save $10.00 per kilowatt of electricity. It is a crisis that Jews in Israel pay twice as much for electricity to provide for people who actively try to murder Jews. There is nothing but fear and stupidity stopping the free ride of electricity for arabs in Judea and Samaria.

  192. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Judith, the petition is at the end of this article,, you just missed it ")

  193. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Their hearts are of God. Your people are chosen and if they pray then God will give them the wisdom in these timesl Psychology says

  194. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Anger is hurt turned inside out. Its hurt on this page, not revenge..I felt it too as a mother. But the state of Israel is doing good towards those who try to destroy it. That will never happen. lve read the old testament, and yes they have fone astray. God sent them many prophets to repent and sometimes they did and then sometimes they were enslaved. But God sent Moses to deliver them., So, im just sayiny, in the end God always delivers them and they are human with love that gives them great pain and hurt.

  195. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Procided free water and electricity to their enemies..ive learned a lot on the site. And my admirarion for Israel has bloomed. One can see God at work among so much hatred, and HE will always show the right . But I also can see how much their faith is being tested.li dont know that I could live among such hate without becoming or wanting to become revengeful..I know they will always be the Godly people in the endl They are just soo hurt..who can blame them..I pray these kids are found safe

  196. Ronny Mol says:

    Ms. Dowla, the petition is at the end of this article.

  197. Ronny Mol says:

    Dear Ms. Mgedzi, if you look in the Jewish Bible, King David did not negotiate with his enemies, he went to war to win at all costs.

  198. Melkar Muallem The only reason Israel has killed your children, is because you cowards use your children as shields. I do not care how old they are, even a 4year old carrying a weapon he has been show no drilled how to kill, is an enemy of Israel.

  199. Shirley Santanello says:

    Melkar Muallem Think ur mind is messed up. We've been their ally . You re the haters who keep attacking them. You hate Israel more than u luv ur kids. Quit playing the victim,it's getting old. You squatters need to hand over the jewish boys or take the consequences.

  200. Rajiv Saha says:

    Our Govt. is trying to handle at full length.

  201. Rajiv Saha our???

  202. Rajiv Saha says:

    sorry. I mixed up this above matter with a hijacking of our people in Bagdad. Mihaela.

  203. Rajiv Saha says:

    Mihaela Nazare ..Sorry

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