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September 30, 2014 / 6 Tishri, 5775
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A Grand Total of 50 Muslims in Michigan Condemn ISIS

More than 200,000 Muslims live in Michigan. Fifty of them showed up for a protest against ISIS.
Imam speaks against ISIS to a  Michigan"crowd" of approximately 50 people.

Imam speaks against ISIS to a Michigan"crowd" of approximately 50 people.
Photo Credit: Screenshot

Muslim leaders in Dearborn, Michigan staged a City Hall protest against the Islamic State (ISIS) this week, but only 50 Muslims showed up. That works out to around .02 percent of the state’s estimated Muslim population.

ISIS members were labeled “crazy animals” by Imam Mohammed Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. “You’re a bunch of gangsters … you’re not Islam,” he said, adding that the terrorist group does not represent Islam.

Sunni and Shi’ite Muslim leaders participated in the rally sponsored by the Michigan Muslim Community Council.

“The beheading of James Foley … is a clear violation of the holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed,” said Imam Mustapha Elturk, co-chairman of the Imams Council of the Council.

In two previous anti-ISIS rallies in Dearborn this summer, an estimated several hundred people showed up, not all of them Muslims.

In this week’s event, Steve Spreitzer, president and CEO of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion attended.


About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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70 Responses to “A Grand Total of 50 Muslims in Michigan Condemn ISIS”

  1. Ash Kachui says:

    Thats exactly why terrorism persist in Islam. ONLY a handful of Muslim condemn it.

  2. Wanda Baize says:

    What they are doing is against all people.

  3. Mssion Jho says:

    ISIS only…how about the Hamas, no condemnation? Terrorist is a terrorist!

  4. Chris St Pierre says:

    That is all CAIRE needs to play the propaganda game against the uninformed American public.

  5. Leo Nathan says:

    wt happened to the rest of 199,950 Muslims means majority support ISIS

  6. do they speak from the heart, or just from their lips?

  7. Evil will prevail when good men do nothing

  8. 50 had the courage to risk the wrath of the extremists.

  9. To not to speak, is to speak!
    To not to stand, is to stand!

  10. Another reason to stay out of Michiganistan

  11. Shawn Simons….thought you’d find this interesting.

  12. Joanne Adams says:

    And we should be excited that 50 out of 200,000 condemn ISIS?? WAKE UP AMERICA!

  13. a bunch of frightened mice.

  14. Philip Jones says:

    Ask him ; dose he condemn the mutilation of children. Young girls having there private pars cut away so their sexual pleasure is stopped. Dose he condemn the marring of children. infants girls split by forcible entry.Is that Muslim laws ?

  15. Some Muslims have a job to go to, you know? Some Muslims also have other more important things to do with their time on a particular day. So 50 people went to a protest and now that means that the rest all support ISIS? How pathetic are you people? Talk about gullible. Are you people unable to think critically? Or are you naturally this thick? Just a bunch of hasbara heads. And if every member of the Muslim community in Michigan showed up, you would still have something negative to say. I know for a fact you people would say “protesting is not enough”. There is nothing positive or neutral you can ever say about Arabs or Muslims.

  16. My maid who is muslim ,has no interest in this matter, but still does not condemn ISIS

  17. If only a handful condemned it, do you think you or your cause would be alive right now? Don’t be silly, Ash.

  18. Oh? One protest determines your political and religious belief? Wow. That’s really sad. So if I have work today or if I have to take care of an elderly grandparent or sick child at home, and I don’t go to a certain protest, I support terrorism? Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m living my life according to my personal priorities.

  19. Joseph Saso says:

    Good luck America….

  20. Yea, and I don’t trust them.

  21. Nice threat women. Now you know why I don’t trust you or your ilk and am going to add to the weapons I already have.

  22. it is supporting the cause of islam by not speaking against it…..

  23. They are so scared they will be beheaded!!!

  24. What does that tell ya!!!!

  25. Jean Pruitt says:

    Maybe they’re afraid of the long reach of Isis, & HAmas, & all those other bastards that just want to kill, kill, kill…

  26. Delta Kilo says:

    50 out of 200k..? What a joke.!

  27. Fritz Young says:

    What is that? 50 out of 15,000?

  28. Wide is the path that leadeth to destruction

  29. Andee Hazout says:

    Michigan here I come

  30. Freedom and islam are incompatible. Freedom is the exact opposite of islam – which means submission.

  31. I just hope the ones that speak out aren’t persecuted.

  32. Better that than nothing

  33. Don’t believe it.

  34. Karen Bryant says:

    They are either afraid of them or they are them.

  35. Brigitee Gabrielle said it: the silent majority is irrelevant.

  36. Time to get a new maid who does condemn ISIS.

  37. Tony Mark says:

    Deep down they are Accomplice to ISIS terrorism. For as long as they are not affected, they do not feel Obligated to manifest,,, “they” are to me, the most lacking in Empathy of all religions.

  38. Quarda.. But its ok that 50,000 people, of which many more than 50, came out to protest against Israel for defending itself against Hamas.

  39. Eric Kirsch says:

    They probably weren’t even real Muslims …….must have been the coexisters that felt sorry for them that nobody showed up

  40. Nomo Doltz says:

    Yeah, not the most impressive bit of news. I guess we are all supposed to act like the threat is over.

  41. They won’t condemn ISIS because the reality is ISIS are devout Muslims carrying out the orders of the “sacred” writings of Mohammed. Moderate Muslims are backslidden and compromisers according to Mohammed and Allah.

  42. How many notsrim/natsrayya? condemn the terrorism of Christianity against Jews?

  43. Maybe they’re afraid of getting beheaded.

  44. Ash, maybe they are AFRAID. Hell those terrorist cut people’s heads off!

  45. David Grim says:

    Better than zero.

  46. Wow… what more info does anyone need..hmm i wonder if those 50 signed their own death certificate by attending the small protest

  47. Beth Kaufman says:

    Stand up Americans. All Americans. Only choice for this and all of the following generations. Believe what you see, hear, and know. Heads in the sand need to come out of the darkness and into the light!

  48. May more muslims stand up for righteous living..

  49. May more muslims stand up for righteous living..

  50. Ruth Teter says:

    200,000 in Michigan,how many in other states???????????.

  51. This is a huge danger…the Muslims, by their silence, condone and support the evil radical Muslims.

  52. This is a huge danger…the Muslims, by their silence, condone and support the evil radical Muslims.

  53. Ashton Pinto says:

    That’s not even a number ! The rest support the jihadi muslim brotherhood groups as per the quran teachings to kill all infidels ! They persecute Christians all they want is Islamic world domination

  54. Ashton Pinto says:

    That’s not even a number ! The rest support the jihadi muslim brotherhood groups as per the quran teachings to kill all infidels ! They persecute Christians all they want is Islamic world domination

Comments are closed.

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