The man who was bludgeoned to death, apparently by two Palestinian Authority terrorists, has been identified as a retired IDF colonel Sariya (שריה) Ofer.

Ofer was the founder of the IAF special forces unit “Shaldag”.


He is also the nephew of Sammy Ofer, the business magnate and philanthropist, who owned, among other things, the ZIM shipping company and the Israel Corporation.

According to Sariya’s wife, Monique, at around 1 AM, the couple heard noises outside their house. When her husband out to check, he was attacked by two terrorists.

His wife managed to flee the house, crawling through bushes and barbed wire fence until she reached the road, suffering cuts.

While in the house, she managed to call a friend who alerted the police.

According to the wife’s daughter, the terrorists were searching with flashlights for the wife, as she was escaping.



  1. I hope and pray that they find these 2 terrorists and torture them beyond belief, and then kill them, for their murderous act. Disgusting maggot Muslimes. Should do what they do down South in the USofA – shoot first, and then ask questions later – husband should never have gone out of the house without a weapon, and the wife should have had one too – it’s kill them or be killed – show no mercy when your lives are at stake, as is the State of Israel’s existence.

  2. burglar alarms, a wonderful idea; in fact, nowadays with terrorists out to kill at every opportunity, it is indispensable. A gun and a dog might help too. As a former military officer, it is surprising that he went out to investigate without being armed. Very sad and disturbing!

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