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March 3, 2015 / 12 Adar , 5775
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Arab Riots Near Ramallah

A mob of Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted near the Samaria-based PA capital of Ramallah, not far from the Jewish community of Beit El, north of Jerusalem, on Friday afternoon.

Several hundred rioters hurled rocks, firebombs (Molotov cocktails) and fireworks at IDF soldiers who at first used standard riot control methods in attempts to contain the mob.

When that failed, IDF soldiers allegedly opened fire, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Bethlehem-based Ma’an News agency. It is not clear how many of the rioters were wounded, if any.

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49 Responses to “Arab Riots Near Ramallah”

  1. Those arabs should be deported from Israel.

  2. Those arabs should be deported from Israel.

  3. Joe Lodrige says:

    Put them on camels and send them in desert.

  4. Joe Lodrige says:

    Put them on camels and send them in desert.

  5. İmmediately without waiting one minute they should be deported. Enough is enough

  6. And why didn’t the IDF use live rounds . The world already calls Israelis murderers …So What..Arabs who riot deserve to be shot!

  7. And why didn’t the IDF use live rounds . The world already calls Israelis murderers …So What..Arabs who riot deserve to be shot!

  8. PH Yogev says:

    they hate israel so much while using all the goodness it graciously bestows on them? get out, disgusting ingrates.

  9. PH Yogev says:

    they hate israel so much while using all the goodness it graciously bestows on them? get out, disgusting ingrates.



  12. They need to live by the rule of law

  13. יימח שמם . שלחו אותם לעזה

  14. And that’s news?

  15. Obi Sunny says:

    israel should ignor hamas fries & go for khaled’s head

  16. Remy Facun says:

    IDF KILL hamas the terrorist,long live ISRAEL.

  17. Why do you hate camels?

  18. Joe Lodrige says:

    On second thought keep the camels.

  19. Gene Strong says:

    Bulldoze all their family property and deport them

  20. Carolin Knox says:

    Israeli arabs should lose citizenship..the rest are..what did we call taliban…enemy combatants, and treated accordingly.

  21. Gary Gien says:

    So can the IDF shoot back at the terrorists

  22. Gary Gien says:

    So can the IDF shoot back at the terrorists

  23. Skid Marks says:

    Muslim Terrorist Beheading Christian Children

  24. Skid Marks says:

    Muslim Terrorist Beheading Christian Children

  25. Kim Sloan says:


  26. Kim Sloan says:

    Send these traitors of Israel to Jordan where they belong!

  27. Kim Sloan says:

    Deport these Muslims.

  28. Kim Sloan says:

    Hamas has fries? I thought they made hamburger out of their Gazan’s?

  29. Kim Sloan says:

    Israel should round them up and deport them all to Jordan immediately! These Arab’s should have their homes confiscated and bulldozed, and a message of compliance and warning to these communities of severe action will be taken if they attack Israeli’s! Enough is enough, get rid of these animals!

  30. Eva Perl says:

    shoot as hell, don’t spare

  31. What’s with the ‘Israel stole their land’ bull****. Get your facts straight and read your history books.

  32. Judith Dowla says:

    Soldiers are trained to handle this and expect it from certain factions.

  33. Judith Dowla says:

    Where to ? Which country will take them? Know of any?

  34. If all of these are not dealt with it is going a suddenly be out of hand someday soon. Crack down hard and their chance of survival may be enhanced.

  35. send them to syria.

  36. Jaci Jono says:


  37. What are they going to replace the rocks they took from their heads

  38. Praying for Israel and Jerusalem

  39. Sue Waller says:

    I stand with Israel.

  40. The face of evil,terrorist that the World is supporting !

  41. Put them in a truck and dump them into Gaza.

  42. throw them out israel

  43. Taken them Down. If they had rockets they would be using them.

  44. Lize Bartsch says:

    Everyone who harasses Israeli citizenship should be denied freedom to live in Israel, post them to their Muslim countries with a one way ticket. It is time to discipline these brats in the only language they understand!!

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