A mob of Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted near the Samaria-based PA capital of Ramallah, not far from the Jewish community of Beit El, north of Jerusalem, on Friday afternoon.

Several hundred rioters hurled rocks, firebombs (Molotov cocktails) and fireworks at IDF soldiers who at first used standard riot control methods in attempts to contain the mob.


When that failed, IDF soldiers allegedly opened fire, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Bethlehem-based Ma’an News agency. It is not clear how many of the rioters were wounded, if any.



  1. Israel should round them up and deport them all to Jordan immediately! These Arab’s should have their homes confiscated and bulldozed, and a message of compliance and warning to these communities of severe action will be taken if they attack Israeli’s! Enough is enough, get rid of these animals!

  2. Everyone who harasses Israeli citizenship should be denied freedom to live in Israel, post them to their Muslim countries with a one way ticket. It is time to discipline these brats in the only language they understand!!

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