King of Jordan Threatens Conflict if Israel Crosses Jerusalem ‘Red Lines’

Abdullah II also warned that PA Arabs may launch another terror war - Abdullah hasn't been following the news.

WATCH: IDF Soldier Opens Fire in Huwara After Getting Stoned

An IDF soldier returning home from his base in the Shomron on Friday was stoned as he drove through the village of Huwara.

Jewish Man Wounded in Arab Attack Near Beitar

The man entered Husan and was attacked by 20 Arabs.

Arab Abductors Attempted to Grab 2 Jews in Rehovot

The suspects stopped next to two young Jews who were walking along the Menachem Begin bypass road. . . and tried to force the pair into their vehicle.

Attempted Ramming Attack in Lod

"This business in Lod will only calm down when there is a harsh and immediate response to any violence."

Israel Determined to Keep Fighting, PA Official Urges: Hamas Must Be Toppled

Washington vetoed a UN Security Council condemnation proposal against Israel because it did not include a reference to the Hamas rockets.

12-year-old Arab Child in Critical Condition After Firebomb Thrown Into His Bedroom

Israel Police suspect that Arab rioters and arsonists threw the firebomb into the house.

Jewish Man in Akko Critically Injured by Arab Lynch Mob

It was almost impossible to rescue the victim from the mob.

Lod Under Curfew After ‘State of Emergency’ Declared

“We will not tolerate this; we need to restore calm. If this isn’t an emergency situation, I don’t know what is.”

US State Department Bans Embassy Personnel from Old City in Jerusalem

"Embassy personnel have been advised to avoid large crowds and public/official festivities through Jerusalem Day and Ramadan."

12 Muslims Rioters Arrested in Nightly Ramadan Riots in Jerusalem

Sha’ar Shechem has been the scene of nightly riots that included anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish individuals.

On Anniversary of Oslo Accords, Abbas’ Party Praises Intifada, Calls for Resistance

Of course, one can understand their frustration: it's like you grow up hating the kid next door only to end up seeing your older sister marrying him.

9-Month-Old Baby Injured in Highway 60 Terror Attack

Palestinian Authority terrorists tried to kill Israeli motorists as they passed Halhul.

Update: IDF Terror Victim Still Fighting for Life, Another Slowly Improving

Doctors aren't giving up, but they've placed the soldier in a medically-induced coma and he's on a respirator.

Israeli Forces Recover Weapons Used in Terror Attack at Givat Assaf Junction

One of the weapons belonged to an IDF soldier who was wounded in the attack.

Sharp Escalation in Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks in Judea & Samaria

Several stoning attacks targeted Israeli public buses; miraculously, none of the passengers were physically injured.

Mahmoud Abbas Offers Faint Condemnation of ‘Violence’ While Hamas Calls for ‘Day of Rage’...

Abbas has underscored -- loudly and often -- his deep and passionate commitment to continuing his "pay to slay policy."

Funerals to Be Held for Murdered IDF Soldiers

Both young men were promoted up a level, having made the ultimate sacrifice for the Jewish People.

Ashkelon Mayor Says of Sgt. Yosef, z’l: We Lost One of Our Best Sons

"Israel must calculate a new course in dealing with terror, because it is obvious that something is not working here."

Doctors Say IDF Soldier Survived Complex Head Surgery After Terror Attack

Two IDF soldiers were murdered in the drive-by terror shooting attack at the Givat Assaf junction.

IDF Soldiers Hurt in Terror Ramming Attack South of Jerusalem

All three soldiers were treated at the scene and then evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem.

IDF Discovers Live Grenades Intended for Jews on Monthly Pilgrimage to Joseph’s Tomb

Had the grenades detonated, the results would have been catastrophic in terms of human cost on the ground and from a diplo-political standpoint as well.

Border Guard Police Foil Female Arab Terrorist at Kfar Adumim

The terrorist was shot and wounded by Israeli Border Guard Police on the scene.

Stoning Attack on Israeli Bus in Judea

No one was physically injured in the attack, according to the report, but the windshield of the bus was damaged.

Arab Terror Continues in Samaria, No Physical Injuries Reported

Some 30 Arab teens and young adults also attacked IDF soldiers in the area of Jelazoun, hurling rocks and other items at the troops.

Palestinian Sentenced to 23 Years for Tel Aviv Stabbings

“The defendant embarked on a killing spree which he had planned for some time. He injured four Jews simply for being Jews.”

Bombing Foiled at Samaria Military Court

Two Palestinian Authority teen terrorists were caught trying to smuggle three homemade bombs into the court house.

Israeli Woman Killed in Ramming ‘Hit-and-Run’ Near Havat Gilad

The perpetrator turned himself in to Palestinian Authority authorities, claiming the incident was an accident.


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