Photo Credit: Israel Police
Terrorist's knife

Israeli Border Guard Police officers foiled an impending terror attack in Hebron on Thursday when they stopped a suspicious-looking Arab man at a roadblock set up at an intersection at one of the entrances to Hebron.

As the soldiers began the process of arresting the suspect, they spotted him tossing away the knife he had apparently secreted in one of his socks.


The soldiers were able to arrest the would-be terrorist without using their weapons, according to a spokesperson for Israel Police, who described the suspect as a man in his 30s. He is a resident of a village situated on the outskirts of Hebron.

“The suspect was transferred to security personnel for further questioning to determine his motives for carrying out the incident,” the spokesperson said.

There is a “pay to slay” policy actually legislated by the Palestinian Authority, where the law dictates that Arab citizens who are convicted and imprisoned in Israel for terrorist acts and attempts to kill Israelis are eligible to receive generous monthly salaries from the Ramallah government. If they die in the attempt, their spouses, parents or children automatically receive the payments. The “salaries” are higher than those earned by the average citizen working at a job in the Palestinian Authority.

This is why Israeli security personnel always question suspects following such incidents, whether or not they actively attempt to harm anyone in the attack.