The snow in Jerusalem Thursday no only did not stop Arabs from attacking Jewish motorists with rocks but also helped them to do sin by disguising the rocks as snowballs.

Pelting drivers with snowballs is a dangerous hobby all over the world because  if they are like ice, the projectiles can easily break a window or simply cause the driver to panic and cause an accident.


That is the objective of Arabs who throw rocks at Jewish drivers every day, but two Haredim were suppressed Thursday when “snowballs” crashed through their window in the Beit Hanina neighborhood in Jerusalem. As the snowballs melted away, the rocks were exposed.

No one was injured in the ambush, but their car sustained damage.



  1. It is time for the Jews to return fire with paint guns filled with poison and bullets in snowballs and paint balls. This way, they dye should like these arab squatters and their bodies defaced as a red badge of shame for eternity.

    arabs beware, we are coming to get you. take the first bus to jordan today as the time has come that your worthless paganist useless carcus will be used as fertilizer for our Jewish olive fields!

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