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April 19, 2015 / 30 Nisan, 5775
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Thank You Australia

Australia Expands Its Pro-Israel Shift

Australia joins Canada in extending real hands of friendship to Israel.

Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott and Netanyahu at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos this past January 2014.

Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott and Netanyahu at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos this past January 2014.
Photo Credit: Photo by Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash 90.

A year ago, Australia joined the handful of countries that voted against, or abstained from voting for a series of one-sided anti-Israel resolutions that were put forward in the UN. Since then, Australia, under Tony Abbot’s government, has repeatedly made it clear that it’s actually going to be taking a balanced position when it comes to Israel.

On Wednesday evening, the Australian government’s Attorney-General George Brandis unequivocally stated it would not use the word “occupied” in reference to eastern Jerusalem.

In May, Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, visiting in Jerusalem, questioned exactly which international law has declared Israeli settlements illegal. (Answer: None).

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is planning a week long trip to friendly Australia in June, which would make him the first Israeli prime minister to visit the land down under.

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76 Responses to “Australia Expands Its Pro-Israel Shift”

  1. Edye Habibi says:

    Let’s watch Australia and Canada be blessed and be happy for them

  2. David Morris says:

    Big Tony is a staunch catholic. Hope he understands GENESIS 12:03…..

  3. GodblessIsrael abs on the whole world.

  4. What good news? That’s awesome!

  5. Gene Strong says:

    Obama is a Muslim and no friend of israel. Liberal American Jews support Obama which makes them traitors to both America and israel.

  6. Gene Strong says:

    Obama is a Muslim and no friend of israel. Liberal American Jews support Obama which makes them traitors to both America and israel.

  7. I am a Australian and this prick tony the PM is like OBAMA !

  8. Gayle Judson says:

    Thank you Australia and Canada for being friends and supporters.

  9. Omar A. Omar says:

    USA and UK are responsible and must pay for their mistake, they inserted an illegal state in the ME which is Israel making the ME unstable and full of terror and violence and it will keep so as long as ISRAEL exist, Palestine must be freed and occupation ended as a first step to create peace environment in the ME . USA and UK are responsible for all Israeli crimes as much as Israel is since they always support Israeli Aggression’s.

  10. Amanda Close says:

    Well, one for the books. Not something I thought this g’ment would do,,, am impressed and a tad proud (for a change)

  11. Amanda Close says:

    why do you say that? o’bumma is against Israel and is doing his slyest to destroy them

  12. Amanda Close says:

    I hope he does ’cause Aust could do with some blessings from above. a first in the positive for tony

  13. Amanda Close says:

    you got that right

  14. Proud to have a Prime Minister who has the courage to stand with Israel; Well done Prime Minister Abbott!

  15. Rod Borghese says:

    Canada has already been blessed for years. Thanks to our wise PM Stephen Harper. Canada is 100 % with Israel.

  16. Rod Borghese says:

    Canada boycotts all Palestinian made products therefore there was nothing to ban.

  17. Paul Weiss says:

    Thank God for the brave leaders of these Nations!

  18. Paul Weiss says:

    Thank God for the brave leaders of these Nations!

  19. David Morris says:

    Puppets of allah need to read the fulfilled prophecies of the Bible that show Israel will return to THEIR land after a punishment period.

    It’s happened exactly as foretold. Nothing your bloodthirsty god can do about it. The countdown to Messiah is almost complete & allah with his army of hate filled puppets will be the first false god on His list.

    Enjoy your last few years of hate, rape, violence, murder, genocide, persecution & aggression.

    The children of Ishmuel will be judged for the hundreds of thousands of Jewish & Christian blood on their hands that the world suffers from every day of the week.

  20. its funny im Australian & never had a high opinion of Mr Abbott our prime minister.. but now I see him supporting Israel, when your closest ally is deserting you… thank you Mr Abbott you have my vote in the future…. God bless Israel.

  21. Beware the wolf in budgy smugglers! Abbott is illuminati…. HaShem never sleeps nor slumbers, peace be upon Israel…..

  22. Omar-the usual Muslim BS. The Arabs were killing Jews in Hebron and Jaffa in the 20’s, long before the State of Israel,was founded.Thanks to Hitler’s fondness of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muslim SS divisions were killing Jews and others in the Balkans during WW2. And this pedophile adorer and killer worshiper has the stones to lie about the Jews in Israel and the founding of a country that was the size of New Jersey in 1948. Every terrorist in the world over is a Muslim.Period.

  23. When will they be moving their embassy to Jerusalem?

  24. As an Australian I pray this hsppens. Without the mighty Israel Australia is in deep ****. The us does nothing for us and Obama is a Muslim anyway. God bless Israel and her people and Tony Abbott. .. your a deadset wanker thats made some stupid decisions in the past but this its your best choice ever mate. Smart move.

  25. Helen Moyle says:

    I wish our government really supported Israel.I am really praying for that. Then, our countries could really work together. If other countries did also, they would be blessed. All I know is the countries that genuinely support Israel will be blessed. I am excited to see Israel get any real support it does. With all the terrorism in the world, it’s good to see any countries that support Israel. We have to keep praying for Muslims’ salvation, because Jesus doesn’t want them lost and it will give them true happiness.

  26. Luke Monck says:

    Let me first say that I am in the US military and would happily enter into a mutual defense pact w Israel and wish out Government would sign a formal one or admit Israel into NATO. That’s how pro-Israel I am.


    …and not that anyone cares…but this article suggests that being “for Israel” is being for the current Israeli Government. Maybe the current Government does not have a lock on what is ultimately best for Israel. Taking a long view: failure to adopt a viable two state solution within the next couple of years will lead to one of two options: a non-Jewish state or an apartheid state. The article is also incorrect: the international law that Eastern Jerusalem breaks is Article 42 of the 1907 Hague Regulations (HR) that covers occupation by a foreign army. HR 42 is mute on the issue of who started the hostilities and states that and armed resistance need not be present.

  27. Millions of blessings to Australia .

  28. Naomi Keye says:

    Bless Israel! Bless the friends of Israel!!!

  29. Israel need all the land , special 1967 line for defense purpose.

  30. Luke Monck says:

    A. That’s not how international law works, B. Israel could fight a conventional war against all of its Arab neighbors and win it without Golan, the West Bank, or Jerusalem. The buffer zone is actually causing a symetrical threats, not preventing conventional ones.

  31. David Elliot says:

    God bless Canada and Australia.

  32. Feraco Ed says:

    Too bad the muslim in the White House never will

  33. Would be nice if the US would do the same.

  34. YIPEE and YAHOO! Much love to Israel from Gold Coast, Australia! <3

  35. Olivia Newton John for President!

  36. Ruth Estes says:


  37. Thank you Australia!

  38. Thank you Canada. Makes me proud to be Canadian. Mister Harper, you have my vote. Thank you Australia. Different end of the globe — same right ideas.

  39. Always could count on Australia and Canada !!!!

  40. This is a friendship approved of by Israel & a wide majority of Her People so allow me to say Australia Boi Beshalom = ( Come in Peace) it is very nice to know who your friends are & may we have a long peaceful healthy relationship with each other .

  41. Zak Klein says:

    Canada and Australia are only a few true allies Israel has unlike the pro Hamas fatah muslim brotherhood Hussien Obama, worst administration to come into power and is the most anti-Israel

  42. I thank you Australia and Canada also

  43. Ira Abramson says:

    I guess they are seeing the light of their Muslim problems.

  44. Ira Abramson says:

    Two great friends Australia and Canada

  45. Oh, when, when, when are The Netherlands going to join ? :-(

  46. God will bless them for standing with Israel!

  47. Nancy Mako says:

    Real friends back up their real friends with real actions.

  48. Fantastic News! Am Israel Chai!

  49. about time and Israelite nations joint together. both come from there fore father Jacob to King David…. God promise He will bring His people to there land, Jerusalem as there capital. The Jews and the ten lost tribe are brother. Musilem come from Ismael or arab to make it clear,sorry to say this but I have alot of great friends are musilem. This prophecy is just ahead of us, but there is tribulation the Bible talk about before this all come about. Christian love Samson Haangana.

  50. Susan Allard says:

    Good for ypu Australia. …I’m from USA….I support Isreal too.

  51. I not saying against Israel against us !

  52. Anyway hand shakes don’t mean nothing in government

  53. so far its the only good thing Tony Abbot has done since taking office!

  54. Becky Clark says:

    Awesome!!! God bless them all!!

  55. well this country is about to receive some blessings

  56. Thank Canada…I see the bigger is your heart…Israel look for peace and respect

  57. God will bless them .

  58. Thank you dear friends from Australia, I know that Israel, welcomes you with arms outstretched! They will prove to be wonderful friends as well!

  59. Thank you dear friends from Australia, I know that Israel, welcomes you with arms outstretched! They will prove to be wonderful friends as well!

  60. Good its a pity obama has become the scourge of this nation…usa

  61. Terry Dean says:

    this will bring blessings to Australia,, we have a long history of supporting Israel

  62. Meira Oved says:

    the only two countries left in the world, with a backbone! Power to them!

  63. Let Australia n Canada give them 3billion instead

  64. Ilbae Rhee says:

    Where is South Korea? I’m really sorry for the nation Korean are not on the side of Israel.

  65. good friendship with israel

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