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HC Strache

( Heinz-Christian Strache, a member of parliament and Chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), who is running for mayor of Vienna next month, blames the US and NATO for the refugee crisis that is now engulfing Europe, Reuters reported, dubbing Strache “Far-Right Leader.”

“The USA for decades has started fires in the Middle East and then has then the chutzpah to claim that responsibility for the flood of refugees unleashed lies with Europe. That’s geostrategic detribalization at its finest,” Strache wrote on his Facebook page.


“The USA and NATO have destroyed Iraq and Libya with their military intervention, bombs and missiles; provided financial, logistical and military support to the opposition against President Assad in Syria, and thus made possible the destruction, chaos, suffering and radical Islamism (IS) in the region,” Strache, who prefers being addressed as HC, wrote.

According to Reuters, Strache’s FPO party—which is leading both Social Democrats and the People’s Party coalition partners in current polls—”typically espouses anti-Muslim and isolationist approaches to dealing with foreign policy.” But Strache is renowned for his declaration, back in 2011: “I am not hostile to foreigners!” The consensus in the Austrian media is that the up and coming political leader, in a manner reminiscent of American presidential hopeful Donald Trump, often starts out with a headline grabbing, provocative statement, which he then walks back.

Echoing a statement made last Thursday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Strache told radio broadcaster ORF: “We don’t want an Islamisation of Europe. We don’t want our Christian-Western culture to perish,” he said.

In the 2010 Vienna elections for mayor, city council, and district councils, Strache’s party received 26% of the vote, increasing its number of seats in the city council to 27. The party’s support was strongest among young people under 30.



  1. He is right on the money, the refugee problem is the Muslim in the Oval office problem Christians R slaughtered and women raped, innocent R bombed and he didn't take no action against Syria as that will offend Iran,as Iran and turkey R his best friends now.

  2. I have no love for Obama nor his politics; but it is Europe who hopened the doors and laid out the welcome mat for Muslims and then did not tell them to assimilate or go back where they came from. Instead Europe bowed down on knees and palms with forheads to the dirt and concrete, acknowledging the superiority of Islam over the laws of their lands and of the religions of the established peoples. America can not be blamed for that. Accept your own responsibility for your own cowardice, and for your racism and bigotry of Jews, which was at the root of your acceptance of Muslims in such numbers.

  3. This situation is the 11th plague bestowed upon Austria, Germany and all those other countries who are now reaping the rewards for the injustices they bestowed upon their Jews – taking in the refugees will be their "hair shirt" for the wickedness they did in WW11 – once the refugees start to bay their damands, the Austrians will become sick with regret that they ever opened their doors and the Syrians will become like a sticky bogey on Austria's fingers, which they just cannot shake off….

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