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A shooting has just occurred in the Mercaz Clal building, in the center of Jerusalem. Two people in a third floor law office were just shot and killed. A man in his 60s and a woman in her 20s.

Police are saying it appears to be a personal/criminal attack.


Mercaz Clal on Yafo street houses a police department, a branch of Mas Hachnasa (Tax Authority), and Hotzaah L’Poel (government debt collection agency), as well as numerous private businesses.

It was one of the first tall buildings built in Jerusalem. It also allegedly had a curse placed on it by a well-known Rabbi, after the new building blocked the sunlight to his yeshiva.

Update: The two people killed were Natan Jorno, 56, and his daughter Yamit Jorno, 26. They were killed by a disgruntled security guard over a personal dispute.



  1. I've seen three articles with three different descriptions of the victims: a man in his 40s, 50s, or 60s, and a woman in her 20s; one says that she was his employee, two say that they're father and daughter–does anyone know? I know a father-and-daughter-run law office in Clal.

  2. The curse seems to have worked. The Clal Building has been a complete and utter financial failure since its inception: Most of the premises are, and always have been, vacant, making it seem almost like a ghost building. There is a well-known urban legend that the body of a mafia crime boss is buried somewhere inside the concrete of the walls and floors, and I have more than once heard it described as "haunted" by people who worked there, and by old-time Jerusalem residents. Anyone who's been there can confirm that the entire place has a very dark, creepy feel to it, and most people who enter it for some reason or other are quite anxious to get out. Today's fatal shooting there is sure to only compound the building's weird and ghoulish image.

  3. Yehudit Hannah Cohn I remember there was some building in the city center where Cohenim were not allowed because there were reportedly some mafia victims buried in the cement foundations. But I think it was built sometime after Clal.

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