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Banner outside Golsmith College Student Union bar.

Students at one of the University of London colleges rejected a motion to commemorate the Holocaust, because to do so would be “eurocentric” and “colonialist,” Breitbart reported.

Goldsmith College is one of the constituent colleges of the national University of London. Its Student Union is known for its activism, especially with respect to education cuts, and regarding the issue of “Palestine.”


On Tuesday, Oct.. 14, a Goldsmith student proposed a motion to “commemorate the victims of genocide, totalitarianism and racial hatred.” Such a commemoration was essential to “sustaining and defending democratic culture and civil society, especially in the face of a resurgence or neo-fascism, racial hatred and neo-Stalinism across Europe.”

Perhaps what was most irksome to the students who rejected it, is that the motion began by mentioning the “unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust.”

The Student Union voted against the motion, 60 – 1, the lone vote in favor being cast by the student who proposed the motion. Some of the students who voted against the measure claimed it was not anti-Semitic or anti-any other victims of genocide, just that other genocides (i.e. of non-whites) should have been included.

Comments regarding the genocide commemoration motion were largely focused on the (white) race of the student author of the motion and that the Student Union is anti-Zionist, so could not commemorate the Holocaust.

In September the Student Union rejected a motion to condemn ISIS because the motion was Islamophobic.

That motion was in support of defending the rights of the Christian and Yazidi-Kurd minorities, condemning ISIS and supporting the Kurds fighting against it, and encouraging the boycott of anyone funding or supplying ISIS with goods, training, travel or soldiers.

An officer of the Black Students said, “We recognise that condemnation of ISIS appears to have become a justification for war and blatant Islamophobia.

“This rhetoric exacerbates the issue at hand and in essence is a further attack on those we aim to defend.”



  1. They need to rethink things. Europe will be an Islamic contintent if nothing is done to quell their insurgence… When questioning the peaceful intent of the Muslim faith, consider this.

    Islam is not a religion. It is a political system created by a mad man. It values the cattle more than its women. It was organized so Muhammad could raise an army, enrich Muhammad himself, and rationalize Muhammad’s sexual perversions. Islam is not peace, it is evil…

  2. Press TV: And as an activist yourself Mr. Shadjareh, how do you feel about the fact that this time around for example Netanyahu said he is not even considering a ceasefire and he took the United Nations Security Council three days to come up with a very mild statement calling for some sort of a ceasefire.
    How do you feel about that, doesn’t it not seem like things are getting much worse when it comes to how Palestine is treated at the United Nations and worldwide?
    Shadjareh: I do not think one could expect anything more from someone like Netanyahu who is a war criminal. He should not be respected as a politician. He is a war criminal and international community should prosecute him. He actually is urging and wooing the international community to support his bloodthirsty aggression.

    What is really shocking is that the international community still despite the fact that they have seen over and over Israel with impunity goes in and actually kills and murders ordinary innocent people including children and disabled centers and so forth, still trying to give Israel some respectability of trying to defend itself.

  3. These are Britain’s finest? No wonder theeir country is such a mess. To ally oneself with evil, no matter how it is justified, is to be evil, too. Another generation without a moral compass. They could have approved the motion and then voted on other motions about other genocides. But, no, they really are simply Jew-haters. To hell with them and their nearly-Islamist nation. It saddens me to see Britain in this condition, but I won’t lose any sleep when these collaborators with the enemy have their heads sliced off by their friends, the terrorists.

  4. The Council is expected to follow its usual practice and extend the mandate for another six months, and call upon Israel and Syria to implement resolution 338. This resolution was adopted in 1973 and called on the parties to start negotiations on a just and durable peace and to implement resolution 242 of 1967 on withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied territories. A report of the Secretary-General on UNDOF is also due in December.
    A presidential statement is also expected, as has been the practice since 1976, drawing attention to wider issues in the region and noting that the Middle East will remain tense until a comprehensive settlement is reached.

  5. Maybe they should all go on a field trip to Bergen Belsen or Aushwitz or the other many death camps – then deny it! Show them the pictures of our parents freeing the prisoners of the camps ( The Brits were there too!) and what they looked like – Tell them of the trucks used on the Polish and Russian border used to kill the prisoners take – not just JEWS! But Brits Americans Polish Czechs Spaniards Frenchmen (and women) TELL THEM OF THE 18 MILLION PEOPLE THAT DIED due to the Nazi extermination programs!!! 6 Million Jews died that is 1/3 of the people killed by the Nazis and their henchmen!!! – How can anyone deny the commemoration of such a blasphemous and horrific thing? NEVER FORGET~!!!

  6. Boy, that why the Holocaust of WWII will happen again….because it is already happenng in the middle east…but it is true…I believe it happen uncle fought in the world war…all three uncles….one died…so don’t tell me it did not happen…stupid students….

  7. I mean, the so-called “Holocaust” happened in the 1940s. How about something more recent? “How about 9/11?” “Oh, that was 13 years ago; get over it.” “How about giving out candy when three Jewish kids were kidnapped and killed.” “Well, that wasn’t everybody, and it was like last year.” “How about the crucifixion. That was 2,000 years ago, and it wasn’t everybody and everyone who had a hand in it is long dead.” Yea, well … But, Benghazi.

  8. they are dooming themselves by distancing themselves from who they are. It may offend Muslims…but to me it is more offensive to deny the truth…part of that truth was carried on British shoulders too….don’t forget that Britts

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