Rutgers University is investigating a student-run satirical newspaper for publishing an article that praises Hitler and attributing it to a Jewish student.

The Daily Medium, which receives university funding, published the false column “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” in its April 4 edition and attributed it to Aaron Marcus.


The university is investigating the incident as a bias incident under the university’s anti-bias policies, Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick said in a statement issued April 6.

Marcus has said in interviews that he did not write the article and called it “painful” since some of his relatives are Holocaust survivors.

Marcus has spoken out in the past about an anti-Semitic atmosphere at the university.

“Federal courts extend broad protection to student media. However, a recent article in the Medium, purporting to be written by student Aaron Marcus and using Mr. Marcus’ photograph, is extremely offensive and repugnant. No individual student should be subject to such a vicious, provocative, and hurtful piece, regardless of whether First Amendment protections apply to such expression. The Medium’s article was particularly despicable in light of Mr. Marcus’ Jewish faith,” McCormick’s statement to the university said.

“I couldn’t help but think that history has given the Third Reich and its leaders a bad rap,” the column read, in part. It also praised Hitler for bringing about the creation of Israel. Marcus has a regular column in the mainstream student publication The Daily Targum.

In 2004 The Daily Medium printed a front-page cartoon that belittled victims of the Holocaust.



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    We, Dr. Rosenberg’s students, are now completely appalled. We have found out from one of our fellow students, that indeed, there are those who have targeted him with Anti-Semitic remarks and who really want to silence him. Since this was just discovered and made public by another brave student, we do not understand why the school newspaper will not do the story (unless the administration has threatened them) and we demand an explanation why he was targeted for a meeting for using his Twitter and Youtube, when recently, the home news did an article quoting a Rutgers professor, that they are the new media.. We are, as a group, prepared to go to the media, or to demonstrate, as we find this beyond disrespectful, disgusting, and outrageous. It is terrible that so many of the Deans are of a Jewish decent but still, there is no compassion for anti-Semitic. While you may tell Dr. Rosenberg that he has no rights, and the union says the administrators control his appointment, we the students pay your salaries. Dr. Rosenberg is not just a professor to us, he is a mentor. You kept asking him to prove his allegations of anti-Semitic – well, now he has proof. We will not remain silent.
    He is not teaching this summer, and was not even given the courtesy of being notified. He has been teaching summer courses for numerous years and we know for a fact that many of our fellow students have been waiting anxiously to take his class, since every semester, his classes are filled to capacity. Every summer, students from other colleges take his course due to his reputation. We do not understand the explanation that was given, ?summer course registration was low,? because his would definitely have been filled.
    We understand that Dr. Rosenberg being a part time lecturer has been informed that he has no rights, but we as students do. We do not understand how our beloved instructor who has proven to be the best teacher that we have had in college can be harassed and bullied by members of this school. While his union may have said this is okay, we as students on moral ground refuse to accept this. You have accused him of showing his instructional YouTube video in class and have found some way to make that an issue. We understand that one student has complained on the first day of class, but how can one student represent the majority of students in one class? By turning a mole hole in a mountain you have stripped us of an educational opportunity that we would have only received by taking his class.

    Jamie Lesko
    Rutgers: School Of Engineering (2012)
    Civil Engineering
    Jamie Lesko Rutgers: School Of Engineering (2012) Civil Engineering Rutgers Concrete Canoe Captain President, Rutgers Outdoors Club

  2. —–Original Message—–
    From: Mena Beshay
    To: chaimdov
    Sent: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 11:54 am
    Subject: Re: Fwd: rutgers letter

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Mena Beshay, a junior at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. The
    purpose of this email is to inform and raise awareness of one of the most
    significant issues that threaten this university. It is very unfortunate that a
    university as diverse as Rutgers, does not do enough to protect its faculty,
    staff, and students from harassment and persecution based on religion. This is a
    very serious issue that I unfortunately witness too often. As part of the Coptic
    Orthodox Fellowship (COF) here at Rutgers I have personally been harassed in
    many instances by Muslim students. On my way out of COF meetings or events when
    walking out with my Priest we will be looked at, pointed at, laughed at, cursed
    at, and hear phrased like “Allah we Agbar” or “Salam Aleekom” which are two very
    common Islamic phrases. Instances like these unfortunately occur too often on
    Rutgers Campuses. I know for a fact, because i personally heard it that Rabbi
    Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg who wears a skullcap and is outspoken on behalf of the
    Jewish community is a target from many of the Muslim students on campus. I know
    this because being a student in his class i have heard this from students in a
    variety of ways. In fact, Dr. Rosenberg’s letter to Rutgers which he shared in
    class is very plausible. I have never heard of a student that would
    intentionally bring a teacher up for charges after one day of class for such a
    ridiculous accusation such as using his Twitter page and YouTube, which i see in
    almost every class here at Rutgers. The fact that the professor uses his book in
    addition to the required one should not be a reason to take him to task as at
    least half of the professors at Rutgers do the same. It undoubtedly raises the
    question of why Dr. Rosenberg is the one being singled out. Living and growing
    up in Egypt, instances like this are all too common for me, it is clear that
    someone intended on destroying him based on his religion and beliefs. he is one
    of the most popular teachers on campus and it is impossible to get into any of
    his classes from how much students respect and admire him. His public speaking
    class is one that i am eagrly waiting to attend because it is one of the few
    classes I actually enjoy and learn from. i am not Jewish , I am a Coptic
    Orthodox Christian and I can verify there is anti-semitism on campus, and that
    Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg.

    Concerned Student,
    Mena Beshay

  3. To Whom it May Concern,

    We are writing to you as the overall head of School of Communication because our attempted communications with others have yielded no favorable results other than a mere “Thank You”. We understand that Dr. Rosenberg being a part time lecturer has been informed that he has no rights, but we as students do. We do not understand how our beloved instructor who has proven to be the best teacher that we have had in college can be harassed and bullied by members of this school. While his union may have said this is okay, we as students on moral ground refuse to accept this. You have accused him of showing his instructional YouTube video in class and have found some way to make that an issue. We understand that one student has complained on the first day of class, but how can one student represent the majority of students in one class? By turning a mole hole in a mountain you have striped us of an education opportunity that we would have only received by taking his class.

    Dr. Rosenberg has posted several YouTube videos of himself speaking on the Internet and we have used these videos by copying his mannerisms to make us better teachers. Through his weekly appearances on radio and television, where he is asked to speak on various issues, we have come to realize that he is one of the best speakers that we have come to observe. Those who oppose Dr. Rosenberg’s position we have found to be illogical, is a clear-cut case of defending the indefensible. He is easy to understand and is filled with tremendous insight.

    There is a reason that his class is filled regardless of the semester. There are those that argue that he gives out too easy of grades, but did it ever occur to those that students succeed in his class is because his instructions are clear and concise and easy to be followed; even those who fear public speaking become comfortable and eloquent in his class. We would respectfully request the opportunity to meet with you or someone of your stature in a face-to-face manner to resolve the injustice that we believe may be imminent.


    Concerned Students

  4. Those following this site can read my previous messages. I have been a part time lecturer in the Department of Communication for over 20 years. My rate your professor is 4.9 out of 5.0. I have had very high evaluations throughout my career. In 36 years of teaching Public Speaking on the University level I never had issues with a department until this past year. I was accused by an unnamed student of using my twitter and utube in class to teach. Several days ago the Home News Tribune had an article stating that this form of media is being used in all facets of education across the country. Why was I singled out? I was bullied and harrassed by the department chair at this meeting. Students in all my classes (I teach 3 in the fall, 2 in spring, 1 in summer) all wrote the chairman and the deans that they found what I did educational. As other professors do, I used my own textbook on Speech in addition to the required one. At this meeting I was also accused of selling it directly to students instead of through the bookstore. I immediately correctly that mistake. It now costs students an additional $15 (which the Rutgers bookstore makes in profit). I feel my book is better and so do the students.
    I was yelled at, berated, harrassed and bullied. This was the first time this ever happened to me.
    I was then asked out of the blue if I took the anti harrassment test which everyone has to take. Because I made a joke , I was harrassed some more. I took this test and passed in the past.
    My summer course has been taken away from me without notice (I taught this for around 10 summers). I was not even given the moral courtesy of notification. I only found out through a student. All my classes are always filled to capacity and one needs special permission numbers to get in.
    Now no one in the department will let me know if I am teaching this fall. This is a large part of my livelihood.
    No one will reveal who this student was (if there was one). The only reason I can think of for a complaint would be that this student who dropped out after the first day of class was anti-Semitic. Why would a students present a written complaint against an instructor after one day of class? I am the only male teacher whom I know of who wears a skullcap every day in this department. I have been treated rudely as a clergyman. I have been the Rabbi of Congregation Beth El in Edison for 23 years.
    I feel that this all began because of my religion.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  5. A part-time lecturer accused the University of being unfair toward part-time
    employees in a YouTube video, which was eventually shared on Twitter by former
    University football team players, Ray Rice and Khaseem Greene.
    His business card reads “Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg,” professor at Yeshiva
    University and part-time lecturer in the Department of Communication at the
    University. Rosenberg recently learned he would not be teaching public speaking
    at the University this summer, a course he has taught for 23 years.
    He thinks he lost his job over trivial arguments because his relationships
    within the department are unsteady.
    Karen Novick, associate dean of the Department of Communication, said
    Rosenberg’s case is a “personnel issue” and did not indicate whether enrollment
    levels were the exact issue.
    “Within the department as a whole I believe enrollments were down a little,”
    Novick said.
    But Rosenberg’s dissatisfaction with the University is shared among part-time
    lecturers across departments.
    “We hear about $1.5 billion to be spent on the merger and the potential of
    another $10 million if the University decides to leave the Big East, so the
    funds are there,” said Eleanor LaPointe, a part-time lecturer in the Department
    of Sociology. “Are we educating students … or are we wheeling and dealing in
    athletic conferences?”
    Because of state budget cuts in 2010, the University suspended plans to
    negotiate raises for its staff, according to,
    whose research points out that since 2006 the school has spent almost $1.5
    million dollars on its athletic department.
    Aside from the lack of funding, part-time lecturers have no job protection,
    Rosenberg said. Part-time lecturers are not promised more than one semester of
    work at a time.
    “This affects every part-time lecturer on this campus,” Rosenberg said in his
    YouTube video. “We are nothing. We are trash. We are slave labor. We have no
    LaPointe wrote two letters to The Daily Targum in October and December 2011
    describing the problem further.
    “The growing ranks of [part-time lecturers] … make notoriously low wages, have
    little or no health care coverage, are often expected to engage in unpaid work …
    [and] may not know whether they will have a job next semester and are
    increasingly treated as replaceable ‘units,’” LaPointe said in her letter.
    Regardless of how many students are in a class, part-time lecturers are paid
    $1,500 per credit hour, or $4,500 for a three-credit course, LaPointe said.
    But their contracts have expired, and negotiations are under way for new ones,
    she said.
    Steve Peterson, a part-time lecturer in the Department of Math and chief
    negotiator for the union representing part-timer lecturers, said the University
    has denied his requests.
    Peterson said part-time lecturers want a longer contract terms, compensation for
    overseeing independent study and a 3 percent raise, based on their current
    yearly income from the University.
    But the University refused the first two requests and countered the third with a
    1 percent raise, based on how much they make in a semester.
    “Our contract is very simple, we’ve just been stonewalled for over year now,”
    Peterson said. “It’s been very frustrating for us.”
    The University is not discussing any issues surrounding the contractual
    negotiations, said Greg Trevor, senior director of University Media Relations.
    “The negotiations are ongoing and continue to be productive,” he said.
    LaPointe said the University treats part-time lecturers like “replaceable
    The request for part-time lecturers to receive their raises, proposed by the
    AFT-AAUP branch at the University, would cost the school a fraction of what it
    spends on the athletic department, LaPointe said.
    She said the issue is just as grave for students, many of who will enter the
    same or equally unreliable careers. Worse still is when part-time lecturers
    suffer because they oversee independent study.
    “It is hard to say no, but if you agree to it, you are donating your time …
    time that may be very precious, especially if you are teaching multiple courses
    on multiple satellite campuses, multiple jobs or even at multiple universities,”
    LaPointe said via email correspondence.
    Rosenberg said he can still make ends meet with his other jobs, but said it is
    unfortunate that other part-time lecturers might not be as lucky

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