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July 25, 2014 / 27 Tammuz, 5774
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Colorado Shooter Was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters

An undated handout photo released by the University of Colorado shows James Holmes, reportedly the shooter at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.

An undated handout photo released by the University of Colorado shows James Holmes, reportedly the shooter at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.

James Holmes, the Colorado graduate student who is suspected of killing 12 moviegoers and wounding 58 others on Friday during the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,”  worked as a camp counselor in Los Angeles County in 2008 that was run by Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters (JBBBS), the group’s CEO told NBC4 on Saturday.

James Holmes, 24, worked as cabin counselor at Camp Max Straus in the summer of 2008, according to Randy Schwab, the CEO of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Schwab’s statement read: “It is with shock and sorrow that we learned of the incident in Aurora. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of those involved in this horrible tragedy. On behalf of Camp Max Straus I want to offer our deepest sympathies and condolences.”

Schwab said that, as cabin counselor, Holmes was in charge of the care and guidance of about 10 children. His role was to ensure that the children had a “wonderful camp experience.”

According to Schwab, Holmes helped the children in his care “learn confidence, self esteem and how to work in small teams to effect positive outcomes.”

His statement continued: “These skills are learned through activities such as archery, horseback riding, swimming, art, sports and high ropes course.”

Camp Max Straus is a nonsectarian program for children ages 7-14, which is run by Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

Holmes is not Jewish.

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88 Responses to “Colorado Shooter Was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters”

  1. Did he become mentally ill? I can see no other reason why he’d have murdered people this way

  2. Beverly Dezenhall Hersh says:

    Oy vey

  3. Amber Younger says:

    It's bad enough that so many people were killed and injured…so many lives are ruined. But White Supremacy organizations are exploiting this and talking about it on their websites already.

  4. Adam Schmidt says:

    Eh, eh, don’t bring us into this drek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It happened four years ago. A lot has changed in this young man, not for the better. The camp is innocent.

  6. Liad Bar-el says:

    “Camp Max Straus is a nonsectarian program for children ages 7-14” and can’t anyone realize that because the Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters divested itself of anything Jewish that they would hire someone like James Holmes?

  7. Joe Moore says:

    It did not say nothing.

  8. Dale Dunn says:

    I knew it was the Jews!

  9. Larry Clone says:

    The serial anti-white liberalism isn't helping attitudes toward them… And 23andme says I have a little Ashkenazi ancestry. :-)

  10. Larry Clone says:

    Child predators tend to want to be around kids. Who knew?

  11. Comments like these embarrass and hurt non-Jews like me. Comments like these are an abuse of free speech. Unfortunately, greedy little satan spawns social parasites are present in every culture, society, religion and race – sad people who need help and understanding.

  12. oy vey, its very sad :(((.

  13. Miriam Esther Eyges says:

    Some of the comments below are from Jew-hating, ignorant anti-semites. People who makes such comments are always looking to blame anything horrible on Jewish people. Nobody even knows for sure that Holmes is actually Jewish. I hope that the moderator of this column will delete those comments.

  14. Melissa From-Chicago says:

    Did you read the last sentence Dale? It clearly states that "Holmes is not Jewish."

  15. Melissa From-Chicago says:

    Holmes is NOT Jewish according to the article. Too bad some anti-Semites don't read very well.

  16. Liad Bar-el says:

    With just about every major tragedy in our world, someone always has to find and to post a link to the Jews no matter how far back in history it may have been so as to denigrate the Jewish heritage in some way or manner. This article is no exception. As I said before, because the Camp Max Straus nonsectarian program for children ages 7-14, which is run by Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters (JBBBS) of Los Angeles divested itself from anything Jewish, there should be no wonder why they would hire the likes of people like James Holmes. Additionally, IMO, any Jewish organization that rejects its own Jewish heritage should suffer such public embarrassment as to what JBBBS is getting now.
    To those who are blaming the Jews in this talk back forum, IMO, it is not because of the Jews that this happened but rather because there are not enough Jews that should be acting like Jews who have set the moral standards in this world and not acting like the non-Jews with whom they live with that have bred these types of amoral standards for generations.

  17. It's very easy for the smartest the most devout to get taken in by certain personalities

  18. ^Obviously a joke^

  19. Kathy Haq says:

    Moral standards from Jews. Please look at the behaviour of your Settlers in Palestine and then talk about how moral their standards are.

  20. Michael K-n says:

    So, whilst an undergrad student, non-Jew American J. Holmes worked as a counselor for the US program funded by the US Jewish organization, which what, a couple years on, might make someone speculating of a “Jewish hand” in a recent cinema massacre, or?

    It seems my comment in a Daniel Pipe’s page http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/197206 on Jewish main-stream opportunities somewhere sounds more habitually.

  21. Golly, this is a silly article and just background fodder; however, Jared Lee Loughner, the mass murderer from Tucsan was liberal, Jewish, sick and vindictive. While the world pined for Gabby Gifford, who is Jewish, no one shed a mere tear for the other 17 who were shot, or especially the six who died. Dallas Green’s grand-daughter included. Oh, most the victims were Christian, Republican, and/or in the case of a fine man like John Roll, a tough conservative Federal Judge from the US Dist Court of Arizona. No one dare care. In fact, the media never mentioned anything about a well-respected, tough Federal Judge being murdered. No background, nothing. Only Ron Paul dare ask they question “why not”? Hmmmm, why is that? Could it be that Judge Roll was there to wish Gabby congrats AND discuss crowded court dockets caused by, and because of, illegal immigrants and their crimes. But the “press” gave him the silent treatment as one might a troll, or any unwanted animal; the best of whom was killed. Funny old world, isn’t it?

  22. Avi Israel says:

    Kathy Haq because you allow yourself to say "your settlers" when talking to us, even if we do not support the settlements, can we refer to terrorists as "your Al Qaeda and your Hamas" or will you be offended ?

  23. I dont see that Jews are denigated by mentioning that Holmes worked in the Jewish Big Brother camp, just of interest that a mass killer counseled kids, and how our beginnings never know our end, no matter what our ethnic id. Let us hope Jews continue to have nonsectarin programs there

  24. Lynn Sharon says:

    When an anti-Semite wants to vent her spleen she/he brings up Israel and settlers. Judea and Samaria are NOT OCCUPIED TERRITORY – NOR ARE JEWS LIVING IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA SETTLERS, In any case, the men, women and children who live in Judea and Samaria are decent, law-abiding and peaceful folks; there are exceptions to the rule, but by and large, their Arab neighbors have sworn to throw ALL JEWS INTO THE SEA, even those non-settlers in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, etc.

  25. They waited till the end of the article to declare he was not Jewish. It should have been in the headline. "Non-Jew works for Jewish summer camp". They knew what they were doing?

  26. Kathy Haq says:

    I assume you are referring to me as an anti Semite, how boring. People like you who use this comment every time Jews are criticised are just unable to argue properly and in actual fact shame the memories of those Jews who died in the holocaust at the hands of Hiltlers hench men.

  27. Doente mental grave?

  28. Avi Israel says:

    Kathy, why just reply to Lynn and not to me ?

  29. Gary Martin says:

    It might be relevant to note that his father works for Fair-Isaac. Nice Catholic boys, I'm sure.

  30. Stephen Leavitt says:

    He was apparently a member of Occupy San Diego, until it proved to not be radical enough for him!

  31. Rachel Tate says:

    DALE, just know this…those who curse a jew will be cursed! Read your Bible and learn something.

  32. When did he curse a Jew? And not everyone lives by the bible … hell the jews dont even believe Jesus was the son of God! Ha!

  33. Rachel Tate says:

    Of course we (Jews) don't believe in the J man but, is was just an FYI because non-jews alway's want to point the finger at Jews. He obviously didn't read the article before he started blaming Jews…Holmes IS NOT JEWISH!

  34. Kathy, You're a typical leftist ass.

  35. Kathy Haq says:

    Avi Israel. No I won't be offended to be linked as a supporter of Hamas but I disagree with them being called terrorists. Remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. As for Al Qaeeda, lets remember that they were once sponsored by America and only became 'terrorists' when they decided to turn against their 'sponsors'.

  36. Nicholas Hunter Folkes says:

    Kathy Haq The Jewish settlers haven't stolen any land as there is no Palestinian state. Maybe if the Jordanians and Egyptians stopped using the fake Palestinians as a cause and got on with establishing a nation things would improve. Is there any "moral standards" from Hamas, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda?

Comments are closed.

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