Photo Credit: Flash 90
A Syrian flag is seen from the border between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights in August 2014.

Two stray mortars landed near the Israeli border Tuesday evening in the Eastern Golan Heights. No injuries or damage reported.

Heavy fighting continues between the Assad loyalists and the Rebel forces around Quneitra.


The large Syrian flag that used to fly over Quneitra in the Eastern Golan Heights has been taken down by anti-Assad rebel forces.



  1. Mortar fire IS from ISIS, not Syrian Army; Syria has the same threat from the Terror High Command in Doha as Israel, the "moderate rebels" are and have always been the natural progression of the Obama Deception; After the beheading of an American Israeli Citizen, Obama's warning/threats were directed at Russia and Syria, it is evident there is an uncomfortable relationship between terrorism and the Obama Administration, their support, arming and funding of ISIS and the defensive stance for these groups should be evidence enough to directly tie Obama and Intifada Kerry to the present terrorist superiority, Israel will eventually have to face the fact that the U.S.A. IS no longer an ally, but a client state of Qatar and Turkey.

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