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IDF fires in the air at Arab suspects approaching security fence from northern Gaza (archives.)

IDF soldiers fired in the air after spotting a group of Gaza Arabs approaching the security fence from the northern part of the region.

The soldiers fired after the Arabs ignored several warnings that were shouted at them, telling them to leave the area.


After the warning shots, the group retreated. The identity of the Arabs is unknown.

About two hours earlier, a Code Red incoming rocket alert siren was triggered in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council district. Israeli officials subsequently announced the alert was a “false alarm.” Local sources insisted, however, that a rocket did land in an open field in the district.



  1. Israel protects her Borders. There is a Fence and they have an armed Border Patrol!
    Not so in the USA! American govt. fights within itself to protect or not protect our Borders. To let everyone in whoever they are! Obama should learn from PM Netanyahu! Protect, Protect, Protect!

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