Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency
Emergency vehicles near the Idna Junction, where a fatal terrorist attack took place right before Pesach.

A Palestinian Authority terrorist stood by the side of highway 35, west of Hebron and shot at passing cars with an AK-47, on Monday afternoon, Passover eve.

One of the passing cars was hit, and the driver, the father (46) was killed. The pregnant mother (28) and one of their sons (9) were injured in the attack.


The murdered man was identified as police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi, a father of 5, from Modi’in.

Mizrachi was the head of the police’s SIGINT unit, and before that was a Lt. Colonel in the IDF intelligence unit 8200.

The family were an their way to a Passover Seder in Kiryat Arba at the time.

The IDF is still searching for the terrorists, and believe this may have been the action of a group of terrorists and not a lone shooter.

PM Netanyahu has blamed the Palestinian Authority for the attack, saying it is a result of their incitement.

Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) said that every terrorist release emboldens the terrorists, and demands the government cancels all future releases, and makes the cancelling of any PA steps at the UN a precondition to continuing any peace talks.



  1. Steve kutra, no excuse for murder even for political reasons. Bibi has to stop releasing them from prison. This is a horrific act againsts all Jews and mankind. They should be punished severely, death to them all to show the other terrorists we really mean business.

  2. These people are nothing more than disgusting hateful savages, and should be treated as such. Only morons like Kerry/Obama could really believe that any of them is intterested oin peace with Israel.

    My suggestion is that every time there is another terror incident from the Arabs, Israel should announce another 1000 or so new housing permits–hit them where they really care and make their actions have consequences for them and their "leaders"!

  3. This heinous attack has two attackers the Arab muslims and the Judenrat of surrender of the secular agnostic, atheist,anti-Judaism anti Zionist Israeli governments. Both need to be removed from Israel!! Watch Thursday 12:00 Noon New York Time Judaism go to then to number 4 beneath it click on watch now! Every Wednesday go to 10:00Am and 6:00Pm scroll down to community media then right beneath it click brooklyn etc. then click on arrow in channel 2

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