MK Moshe Feiglin sustained injures in a bicycle accident Sunday morning.

Feiglin was out on his bike, riding on the Samaria lanes when he fell off in one of the dry riverbeds and sustained a strong blow to his shoulder. He managed to contact the local EMT and his town’s four-wheel drive security vehicle rescued him and handed him over to a waiting ambulance on the main road that took him to Beilinson Medical Center.


After preliminary examinations, the doctors at the hospital suspect a broken collarbone. Feiglin is receiving pain medication.

Feiglin later told the Srugim website he was generally well, thank God, thanked everyone who expressed concern for his health and said he hoped this would serve as an atonement for all our sins.



  1. Wondering how his breaking a collarbone should be serve as atonement for all my sins? A more modest individual would take it as some kind of atonement for his sins! Given that his son experienced a near fatal car accident not too long ago and is now partially disabled, that his wife suffers from an incurable illness which developed after he became political and now this, I think it is safe to assume Mr. Feiglin has more skeletons in his closet than he cares to share with the people. God has His ways of sending messages. Hopefully Feiglin will learn that hiding behind God while playing "dirty" politics does not pay.

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