Jerusalem Court Orders Har Homa Public Pool to Stay Open on Shabbat

"In the end, Shabbat is a day of rest for all of us," the judge said.

Gush Etzion to Host Israel’s 2022 Naginata Championships

"Naginata" is a Japanese martial art utilizing the ancient Samurai pole weapon by the same name.

Argentina Beats France to Win World Cup in Overtime Penalties 4-2

The game ran into overtime with both teams tied at three points apiece, and ended with Argentina winning the game through penalties.

Abraham Accords Virtual Peace Games to Be Held in Israel

The organizers plan to include up to ten countries in their initial event, which will cost around $1.5 million to run.

Unhappy Arabs Riot Over Morocco’s World Cup Loss to France

A 14-year-old fan of Morocco was killed while trying to rip the flag of France from a vehicle traveling in Montpellier. The driver allegedly panicked and hit the teen while trying to escape the mob.

Israel Crowns New Chess Champions

Ido Gorstein and Yulia Schweiger were crowned as Israel’s reigning chess champions on Tuesday following a nine-day tournament.

Fearing Assassination, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Leadership Flee Qatar for Duration of Mondial

Ismail Haniyeh and the rest of the gang are expected to return only after Qatar closes its doors again.

Nike Drops Kryie Irving Following Antisemitism Scandal

The decision comes one month after the sporting apparel giant suspended its agreement with the NBA player and announced the latest version of his sneakers, the Kyrie 8, would not be released.

Biden Approves $1 billion Arms Sale to Qatar Same Time US Beats Iran in...

Much like all of Iran’s other neighbors, Qatar is uneasy.

Ahmad Tibi: Israeli Reporters in Qatar Think All Arabs Are Like Israel Lover Yoseph...

For future references, you should know, Tibi says Arabs hate you...

Unbelievable: Saudi Arabia Defeats Argentina 2-1 in Qatar World Cup

In response to the victory, the king of Saudi Arabia has declared a public holiday will be celebrated on Wednesday.

Im Tirtzu: Take Away Security Prisoners’ TV Sets during World Cup

IPS officials suggested TV viewing is as necessary as eating for prisoners.

Iran’s Soccer Team Remains Silent during Pre-Game Anthem Defying Ayatollahs’ Regime

“How many children, teenagers and young people have you killed — is it not enough with the bloodshed?"

Military Intelligence Chief Haliva: Iran May Attack Qatar Soccer Games

Haliva suggested that "Iran is considering taking action against Qatar during the World Cup."

Human Rights Watch Report Slams Qatar’s World Cup for Abusing Workers, Women, LGBT

Qatar has been unable to shake the relentless complaints about its miserable treatment of the foreign workers who were hired to build the stadiums.

In First, Israeli Athlete Competes in Saudi Arabia

Shachar Sagiv’s inclusion in the NEOM leg of the Super League Triathlon was “a very significant breakthrough,” says the head of Israel’s Olympic Committee.

NFL’s Aaron Donald & NBA’s Jaylen Brown Cut Business Ties with Kanye West

The brands Balenciaga and Adidas have also dropped West, and JPMorgan Chase suspended its account with his fashion company, Yeezy.

Bud Zero on Tap at Upcoming World Cup in Qatar

The company sees restrictions on alcohol as an opportunity to promote its alcohol-free Budweiser Zero.

Germany Haggling over Reparations to Families of 11 Munich Massacre Athletes

"When we talk about reparations, this should be in proportion with other terrorist incidents that took place within Germany."

Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Pulls Out of Competition to Avoid Facing Israeli Athlete

Charbel Abou Daher pulled out of the competition in Abu Dhabi after a draw placed him against Israeli athlete Yonatan Mak in the Youth B 48-kilogram weight class category.

Iranian Judoka Flees to Germany After Being Threatened for Interacting with Israeli Athlete

A former member of Iran’s national judo team was threatened by the Iran Judo Federation for having a friendly meeting with Israeli judoka Sagi Muki.

Jordanian Athlete Refuses to Compete Against Israeli Peer

Maysir Al-Dahamsheh, a member of the Jordanian women’s junior taekwondo team, made the move after reaching the finals of the World Taekwondo Cadet Championships.

Jewish Billionaire Rescues Afghan Female Athletes Fleeing the Taliban

"As a Jew, I am guided by the ancient Jewish cultural imperative called Tikkun Olam."

MDA Saves Australian Athlete Who Collapsed at the Maccabiah Games

The MDA team assigned to the match recognized some unusual body language, as they put it.

Israel’s Youth Judo Champions from Gush Etzion

The pride of Gush Etzion: Residents Boaz Greenwald and Benaya Kuperman both win gold medals at the Israeli Youth Judo Championships. At the same time Neta Hadar won silver at the event.


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