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Open Society Foundations chairman and founder George Soros.

Originally posted at Jewish Business News.

Billionaire investor George Soros sold his stake in SodaStream, consisting of 550,000 shares. SodaStream, whose main factory is in the West Bank, is once again in the spotlight, but a spokesman for Soros refused to comment on the reason for the sale.


The timing of the move, giving the raging conflict between Israel an Gazans, led to speculation by Pro-Palestinian news agencies that Soros, either through pressure of conviction, was divesting from SodaStream for political reasons. The Abu Dhabi based publication, The National, reports:

“The decision comes as a group of big international investors, including the fund lined to Microsoft found, Bill Gates, join a burgeoning financial boycott of Israel amid a push by the boycott, divestment and sanction movement (BDS) and other groups seeking more rights for Palestinians.” SodaStream is a major employer of Palestinian Arabs, and provides them with wages equivalent to their Israeli counterparts as well as a mosque on the premises. That hasn’t stopped SodaStream from becoming the target of BDS venom, most notably, the departure of actress Scarlet Johansson from Pro BDS Oxfam over her controversial advertisements for SodaStream.

With talk that Starbucks may purchase SodaStream, there are threats among BDS of massive boycotts of the most prominent coffee company. Omar Barghouti, Palestinian activist and co-founder of the BDS movement told VICE:

“If Starbucks partners with SodaStream, it will face an unprecedented boycott campaign against it in the Arab world, the U.S., and in many other countries …” Barghouti might sound a bit ambitious here (especially since polls show the majority of Americans support the recent military defense by Israel in Gaza) that the typical American is going to give up the morning Frapuccino. However, massive boycotts of Starbucks in Europe because of BDS might make a dent, although the coffee company has been doing as well in China in recent years as it has in Europe. Of course, if BDS drives Starbucks away from Sodastream, it is likely to hurt West Bank Arabs who work for SodaStream at least as much as their Israeli employers.

Who knows if the Pro-Palestinian news sources are correct and if Starbucks will shy away from SodaStream, although BDS hasn’t stopped takeovers of Israeli tech startups. And keep in mind like chain smokers, coffee addicts are not just addicted to the drug, but to the brand. Still, it pays to be cautious about the possible fallout rather than complacent, while keeping in mind that neither George Soros nor a spokesman was willing to comment on the reason for the sale of the SodaStream stake.



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  2. Sodastream is the hottest and best “make your own soda” at home product, but how … Drinking too much soda will lead to obesity, diabetes and other health issues. … Health – We all know regular soda is bad for you which could lead to

  3. OK, Here goes: First I an not defending Soros and his divestiture of Soda Stream. Remember he is an investor and invested hoping to make money. One has to figure did he divest because he forecasts that Soda Stream is not going to remain as profitable and therefore sold his stock to take his profit out and use it to invest somewhere else. If that is the case he is doing right. If he divested because he believes in the boycotting of all things Israeli, that is a completely different issue, one of which would upset me! I am against anyone who boycotts anything Israeli or Jewish.

  4. Alan, by calling him Barack Hussein you most certainly implying he is a Muslim, you may argue that is his name, but only people who want to attack him as being a Muslim use that name! I know we differ on this next item, but he certainly is a supporter of Israel! He just signed off on his request to rearm the Iron Dome and he has not done a damned thing to stop Israel from attacking Gaza NOTHING. He has said several times that Israel has a right to defend themselves. I do not know what more you think he can or should do to help Israel? Even though I support Israel 100% I would not think American’s who support Israel would not allow Obama to send troops, what more do you think he can do?
    BTW, I am completely sane and well thought of by everyone, even those who do not always agree with me!

  5. Edward Lobel When I write to the President his reply is “Hi Alan”. I have every right to call him by his given name. Secondly, Congress passed the bills that increased the support for the Iron Dome. He had little choice but to sign it. Thirdly it is nice to know that you are considered sane.

  6. Soros is a Jew. Ask Russia (they have a special nasty name for him) and a few small countries that use to compose the USSR. Soros played around (just because he could) with their stock markets and broke them financially. As a teen he turned in his own people to the Nazi’s and help collect their belongings as they were transported to the killing camps. He said it made him feel powerful. Figure it out on your own as to why Soros sold his stock. Do a little research on the man.

  7. Hi Alan, He asked congress for the money to support the iron Dome and for resupplying the munitions that were used against Hamas. I was on a first name basis with Bill Clinton, he called me Ed and I called him Mr. President (LOL) Actually my wife knows him. When you write the president do you call him Barack Hussein>

  8. Jews represent less that 0.01% of the entire world population yet their achievements are the highest in the world. Their are only 14 Million Jews in which 7 Million live in Israel, their are over 7 Billion non Jews in the world. What has any Muslim Arab achieved lately?

  9. “Dedicated to spreading the truth about Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ (who incidentally didn’t call themselves that and didn’t have a national movement before 1967). It will also help to dispel the myth that Israel is the ‘root cause of terrorism’.”

  10. “The Israeli Arab Conflict is not about geography but about Jew hatred; Throughout the Islamic as well as Christendom’s history Jews have been persecuted, the persecution of Israel is just the same as the old Anti-Semitism.”

  11. Edward Lobel Usually, sometimes I write Mr. President. I would be interested in seeing the info that he requested the monies before votes were taken in Congress?

  12. El Borimie Bergam you are a low educated, ignorant idiot who simply does not want to understand or know the truth, because you are so full of hatred you cannot see the forrest from the trees!

  13. Sodastream could easily give up its facility in the West Bank and move into Israel and escape all this ridiculous attack on itself. Of course it would displace and lay off several hundred Arabs . This would be individually harmful to those affected and harmful to the Palestinian economy. Did anyone ask these Arab employees what they would like? I don`t think so.

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