Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Hamas fired three test rockets on Friday into the Mediterranean Sea.

Hamas regularly launches rockets as part of their rehabilitation of Gaza, along with building new terror tunnels.



  1. : A hostile army attacks you, or threatens to attack you, and demands a piece of territory. They say, “Give us this piece of land, and we’ll leave you alone.” The overriding issue is pikuach nefesh, saving lives, which supersedes the entire Torah. Do we go to war to prevent the enemy’s occupation of the territory, or do we relinquish the territory in return for a promise of future non-aggression? the Torah rules: Giving up territory will make you more vulnerable to attack. To give up territory in return for a promise of “peace” is not just a reckless gamble of your and your people’s lives — it’s a gamble that you’re sure to lose. Do not yield territory that makes you more vulnerable to attack, even if you must go to war to prevent that. It’s a matter of pikuach nefesh — preventing the loss of life. War is a dangerous thing, but one must go to war to save lives.

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