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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777
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Hundreds of Haredim Riot after Draft Dodger Arrested

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Haredi Draft Riot 1

Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Hundreds of Haredim in Meah Shearim rioted on Thursday, after a young Haredi man was arrested for refusing to show up for the draft.

The Haredim began throwing rocks at the police, burning garbage in the streets and blocking traffic.

Five rioters were detained by police after the riot.

All Israeli citizens are subject to arrest if they don’t show up when called for the draft.

Last week JewishPress.com reported on the 30,000 Haredim who received their permanent exemptions from the draft as a result of the new draft law.

Haredi Draft Riot 2

Haredi Draft Riot 3

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Arrest the trouble makers.

  2. Gene Strong says:

    Draft.dodgers are not good people

  3. Let them live off the charity of their own supporters instead of Israeli taxpayers.

  4. Loch Burns says:

    there should be no exemptions.

  5. Loch Burns says:

    No exceptions! Granting the 30,000 or 20000 exemptions whatever the number, was a mistake.

  6. Haredi are the shame of the Jewish people.

  7. There are not above the law…only god is…be firm…and assert your right…the land is given over to Israel…the day of The Lord is coming on Monday….YHWH=28 ISRAEL=28 YAHUAH=28 THE WAY=28 IHSOUS=28 WITNESS=28…………big changes are coming after the blood moon…15 th of April…in the…heaven=28…Israel=28…it’s time for…oneness=28…the…Union=28…of…Zion=28…for you are the…chosen=28…the…branch=28…because you came out of…Egypt=28…resist=28…the…darkness=28…for the…ordeal=28…is almost over…zero=28………………………………….
    The equation of 1 to 9 We have
    Mastered mathematical reasoning…that’s between 1, 2 and 3 and have travelled 3 ,5 and 7 and we
    Hold the key which is the ark that is to the Pythagorean theorem that’s between…..1 and 9…144.000 divide 233= 0.61802575….to over stand the golden spiral….The uni-verse is made by numbers…!

  8. anybody else see the demon face in the fire?

  9. Sandra Camhi says:

    How dare they
    They need to sooty their freedom and country
    Where else could they go fools

  10. Sandra Camhi says:

    Typo above

  11. Ken Man says:

    WoW that’s ‘un-godly’ of them or is it ?

  12. Dan Silagi says:

    All of them need to be deported to Iran; they can find a receptive home there, and if they're drafted into the Iranian military, well, they'd make great targets.

  13. Lisa House says:

    You will not be exempt from service and jail is the penalty for your mocking the law

  14. Everyone has freedom of dissent in Israel, yes? Until they disagree with the majority. When you become a soldier you lose your own ‘morality’ and ‘freedom’ and trade it for the state’s. The government of Israel is secular, and also compromised in many ways. Hareidi soldiers would be asked to serve with people who ignore their faith, possibly abuse other religious Jews, and to some extent be directed by non-Jews who exert their policies (like the US) via Israel. It’s not that they won’t fight, though they may choose no to, but the question seems to me fight for what (and whom, and how)? And one wonders what is the covert agenda for socializing the Hareidim? Perhaps to weaken their ways and resolve? Armies are devices (like schools) often used to manage assimilation and conformance to control. Arm them, put them under control of their rabbis only, let them be an organized independent force which can coordinate with Tzahal on their own terms. Sound absurd? Only as absurd as it might be to them to do likewise to other authorities.

  15. Joel Wurnig says:

    Not cool, Haredim.

  16. Alan Kardon says:

    Hope the 30000 Haredim who received their permanent exemptions also received their permanent notice of no more government aid. Of course if they have a disability we will find exception. Simple rule " Refuse to serve your country your country should refuse to serve you."

  17. Karen Bryant says:

    It’s too bad that they have to be enemies of each other since they already have so many other enemies surrounding them.

  18. Larry H. Gentry says:

    Israelis rioting? That's stupid enough to have been imported from the USA. As Mr. Burns says, "there should be no exemptions."

  19. Dorothy Myers says:

    I thought these people were supposedly nonviolent. If they can throw rocks, burn stuff, etc., why can't they serve in the military? They need to direct their rocks in the right direction — the direction of defense of Israel.

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