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Protest against Shabak torture of Jewish children, outside the Shabak chief's house in Jerusalem - Dec, 19, 2015

More than 1000 Israelis protested outside the home of Shabak (Shin Bet) chief Yoram Cohen in Ramot, Jerusalem. They are protesting against the ongoing administrative detentions and torture of the “Hilltop” minors, according to a TPS report.

The Shabak is Israel’s secretive internal security agency, the “Hilltop” youth are teenagers, many of them high school dropouts, who move to empty hilltops in Judea and Samaria and try to build new homes and communities there, and the “Jewish Unit” is a unit within the Shabak that is tasked with finding Jewish terrorists, whether they exist or not.


The detained youths were not allowed to meet with their families or lawyers for 3 weeks.

After some of the detained minors were finally allowed to meet with their lawyers last week, and the torture techniques being used on the teenagers became public knowledge, a groundswell against the Shabak’s “Jewish Unit” tactics has begun to develop.

The Shabak’s “Jewish Unit” suspects that some of the “hilltop youth” may have been involved in the Duma arson that killed 3 Arabs in the Duma village, and they have rounded up all the teenagers and thrown them into the Shabak cellars where their lawyers report they have been tortured in order to draw out a confession.

Yet despite three weeks of torture, apparently none of the minors have admitted to having any connection to the Duma attack, and the Defense Minister says there is apparently no evidence either. Last week, Defense Minister Yaalon said they believe the Hilltop children did it, but they only lack the evidence to prove it.

Besides the administrative detentions of the teenagers, the Shabak keeps bringing other family members in for “questioning”, sometimes keeping them for hours, only to let them go right before Shabbat.

While arresting yet another minor at his parent’s home last week, the Shabak allegedly told the parents that he wouldn’t be seeing his T’fillin (religious articles) for a long time.

Police have also arrested 4 people who were on the way to the Saturday night protest. According to the Honenu legal organization they were subsequently released.

After most of the protesters left, a few dozen people tried to approach Cohen’s house.

Due to the reports of torture, Rabbi Dov Lior has given special permission for their lawyers to speak with the youths on Shabbat by cellphone, and even travel to where they’re being held, if needed, according to an INN report.

Even leftwing NGOs are beginning to speak out against the actions of the Shabak.

The Shabak released a statement last week claiming that all their actions are within the law.



  1. Uzi Kattan You are a joke. Before making Aliya I was a Republican district leader and am a life long conservative. Being right or left has nothing to with this issue. Terrorism is terrorism no mater who is the perpetrator. Israel has an elected Knesset and Prime Minister and only they can call the shots and no bunch of extremist cowboys have anmy part whatsoever to play in the governance of the State.

  2. News like this make me want to immigrate to Israel ASAP. And I can imagine many other North American Jews get excited about aliyah when they read about the mistreatments of Jews in Israel by Jews.
    It's just soooo luring, attractive and enticing, I keep on wondering why Jews in the galut don't want to go home?


    Bernhard Rosenberg Having lost most of my family in the holocaust, I have
    dedicated myself to the survival of ISRAEL. We need Mr.
    TRUMP TO FORCEFULLY SUPPORT our beloved homeland.
    I call on our Christian brothers and sisters to join
    us…………remember join Rabbi for Trump sap……..

  4. If they were Arabs, they would receive Hallal food, prayer articles, college education and release in a prisoner exchange. In a "real" Jewish country, the incarceration of these young men would not occur, because the police lack evidence.

  5. Lets go back to the original artical about the fire bombing insident. The witnesses that said it was done by Jews were Arabs. Nobody would believe that it is improable that Arabs would lie to put blame on Jews.
    The crime was a fire in an Arab home. It was the same day that cars driven by Jews were attacked by fire-bombs on one of the Bipass-Roads, The Arabs were proably assembling the fire-bombs when one went off.

  6. All decent Israelis of all political stripes and religions have a moral obligation to end the torture of those who are detained without charge. The mandate of Israel's security agencies is to protect Jews while smashing Arab terror. Instead of that are doing the opposite. Deplorable. It is more like the Cheka or KGB.

  7. I have never believed the Arab claim of torture at the hands of the police in Israel. However this makes me wonder. If it is merely enhanced interrogation, calling it "torture" doesn't make it so. Someone should describe the specific acts that are being protested. Is it true that the source of the Shabak's belief in the guilt of these young people is Arab testimony? The use of taqiyya by Islamists is well known. It has been suggested that there is a feud between the family whose members were victimized and another Arab family.

  8. Evil Netanyahu. Kind to the cruel (millions of genocidal so-called Palestinians), cruel to the kind (innocent Jews with no evidence to hold them). Sick, evil, cowardly Netanyahu. Talks tough, carries a small stick, but only to harm Jews. Sick, evil, cowardly.

  9. I only learned about the protest to late to rush over and join the friends there, so hopefully next time will know in advance tot make sure that we can come.. Shmuel is in a wheelchair so we have to plan ahead, buses, trains etc but he does come with me to protests and we are both outraged about the shocking lack of justice against our children here .. fortunately we live in city centre Jerusalem so it is not hard to get around so we are very grateful for those who went this time to show their fury and anger and promise we will keep up to date with the protests as so many are so spontaneous and you dont always hear about them in time..
    does anyone have a phone number of those making protests so we can keep up to date or some way they can send us messages or sms???

    this is the time to stand with our children and show our rotten judges and corrupt leadership they cannot trample down our children so easily without having to face the wrath of the entire nation even if only a few come out to protest, let us grow the numbers and demand that this insanity stops before they kill our children in custody which will happen,.

    May Meir Ettenger soon be released from jail as well as t hat is yet another lie to destroy him and our nation who would listen to h im BECAUSE HE MAKES SENSE AND IS NOT ROTTEN CORRUPT LIKE OUR ROTTEN LEADERSHIP

    AND here we go Silvan Shalom accused of sex crimes someone told me today all the knesset are busy with sex and stealing and cheating and lying …including the women politicians folks.. we are fed up with them.

    time to close down the knesset and the Supreme Court of CHelm and Sodom to save this nation and protect our children. the innocent ones.

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