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Young teenagers point rifles at Syrian soldiers at ancient Roman amphitheater.

The Islamic State (ISIS) released another gruesome video Saturday, this time shoeing a group of young teenagers pointing rifles at the heads of 35 Syrian government soldiers before pulling the trigger in front of a crowd that apparently got a free ticket for the entertainment.

The executions took place in the ancient amphitheater in the city of Palmyra, where ISIS continues its campaign to destroy any remnants of non-Islamic culture.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported in May that the soldiers were executed, but ISIS apparently now thought the time was ripe to release the video and win more headlines to implant fear in the hearts of minds of civilized people and make Western leaders look impotent by their failure to get their act  together and wage a unified war against the ISIS instead of focusing on the “occupation” as the real source of the problem.



  1. Recently read an academic paper on ISIS. They try to recreate 7th century. Muslim practice and set up a caliphate as their first step to conquer the whole world. The sooner we kill them the better as they plan to kill Muslims, Christians and Jews to effect their lurid plan.

  2. They have been trained in hatred since infancy..They are already lost by this point and after this point will be lost until they die because even if rescued from such behaviour, their guilt in participating in it would eat them alive..

  3. “But thus said the Lord… for I will contend with them that contend with you….And I will feed them that oppress you with their own flesh and they shall be drunken with their own blood and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord your Savior and your Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.

  4. There will come the day when we will need to bomb ISIS from the face of the earth. We must bomb them like we bombed Germany and Japan in Ww 11. The sooner the better before they become even more dangerous to the Middle East, Israel and maybe the world. Israel may need to nuke them off of the face of the earth in order to save itself from these low life animals. The leader and those around him must be killed as soon as possible. This is war and must be looked at all out war.

  5. Hardly forced — They were happy to do it. So, return the favor.

    Fear? Who really "fears" them? Not Americans. We would slaughter them all, if given the chance. This is a warrior nation, and we are armed to the teeth. and most of us like it that way.

    If you had sat out listening for an hour tonight, July Fourth, you would know that we have as many fireworks as we do bullets. It was nonstop for over an hour. That is what it would sound like, if we decided to do it.

    We know no fear — We know only faith, love, kindness, honor, loathing, contempt, judgment, and vengeance. And ISIS is in the latter four categories. No matter what our delusional liberal media spinmeisters try to tell you. In every story in the news, they use the word "fear". It is laughable, really.

    And this kneeling and taking it, knowing you are about to die? What's wrong with spitting in their faces, and kneeing or heading them in the stones, and knocking their feet out from under them? Do you think that you will live forever, if you submit to such beasts?

    Are all sheep so fatalistic? No wonder they die so submissively. That would be the day, that we Americans would go down without a fight, to the last second. No wonder they are still in control of so much territory; it is like wolves against the sheep.

    What they need is a taste of the teeth of some American wolves in their throats. We are really good at killing. We have a long history of it. We love having an enemy to hate. We excel at war, when our hands are not tied by our vacillating Presidents.

    Just cut America loose, and watch what happens. Just ask the Nazis. Give us the supplies, and the green light, and no restrictions, and ISIS would be wiped from the face of the earth in less than three months.

  6. It is the attitude as old as humanity: the right of the sttongest, when you are weak the strong ones will attack and plunder and enslave you. This goes back at least till the agricultural revolution 12000 years ago. the start of civilizatiuon. the economy of the farmers was better than that of the hunters, and the hunters felt it their birthright to take everything from the farmers.

  7. Thank you. This is the kind of obvious mistake that is showing up in the news media more and more often. It can make one wonder what other errors in facts they are making. Is fact-checking going the way of grammar and spelling? Spell Check is meant to be a tool, not a crutch.

  8. You are so right. Let's also bring back napalm and start cooking up some crispy critters. Whenever I see a bunch of them in a group screaming about whatever, I have an image of a herd of camels with mad cow disease. Their IQs are probably on par with Bactrian camels and dromedaries, what with fourteen hundred years of inbreeding. ISIS; Idiotic Subhuman Insane Sh*t.

  9. I would have though this evokes revulsion rather than fear, and makes people see Islam for what it is. Muslims in non-muslim countries need to be aware of what their religion really teaches. If they do not, they will eventually pay the price.

    They need to burn their korans, metaphorically at least

  10. I hope that the muslim world sees this situation and those wishing to go to Syria to join their ISIS bretheren will know they will be party to mass murder and will be expected to honour death, destruction and everything negative in this world. All this for a half-baked belief and ideal. The young girls who left Britain and who have now declared themselves brides of the isis "soldiers" will wish, more often than not, that they have stayed in Britain. They have disrespected the British Government and most certainly their own families for this fanatisism.

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