Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar has approved permanent residency status in Israel for 221 children of foreign workers aged 8-23 and whose parents entered Israel with a legal visa or permit.

Most of the children were born in Israel and all have been integrated into the Israeli education system. Their parents’ countries of origin include Ghana, Turkey, the Philippines, Nigeria, the United States, Germany, Congo, Moldova, Russia and Colombia.


The children fulfilled conditions set by the Cabinet in 2010, such as having studied in the Israeli educational system during the 2009-2010 academic year and having resided in Israel for at least five continuous years,

Sa’ar said, “In my decision, I took into account the considerable dealing with the applications of those children who grew up here and are, in practice, Israelis. We also considered their not having been deported over the years since the cabinet decision and until the inter-ministerial committee completed its work. The decision stems from a balanced and humanitarian approach that took into account Israel’s values as a Jewish and democratic state.”


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