A bill to increase the minimum number for a political party to be represented in the Knesset has passed a ministerial committee and will be brought to the Knesset for a first vote. If it passes, it will be discussed in a Knesset committee for returning to the Knesset for further votes.

The bill is sponsored by Likud Beiteinu Knesset Member Dudi Rotem. It would double the current 2 percent minimum, and if it passes, it would be much more difficult for parties such as Kadima, which has only two Knesset Members in the current legislature, to be elected.


The proposal also could affect the three predominantly Arab parties, each of which has only three or four Knesset Members.



  1. It would also kill what little direct connection we have to the politicians. At least the small parties appreciate and need contact with their voters. The big parties only care about their party members before elections. And if Bibi gets rid of Likud primaries, like he wants to, even that minimal connection will go the way of the dodo.

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