Photo Credit: Mohammed al-Hums/Flash90
Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (L) with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal

While the El-Nasser Al-Din Brigades terrorist group claimed credit for yesterday’s rockets on the south, Israel has put the blame for the barrage of 16 rockets that hit Israel starting last night, squarely on Hamas’s lap.

IDF officials said it was the first time since 2012 that Hamas was directly involved in the rocket launches against Israel, instead of outsourcing the attacks.


Last week a Hamas official said Hamas has given a free hand to the smaller terror groups to begin shooting rockets at Israel.

But Hamas may be feeling the pressure to prove that they are still in the game, and not all talk. The smaller terrorist groups, possibly associated with ISIS are making names for themselves in Gaza.

Regardless of who fired, Israel holds Hamas responsible as the terrorist organization in charge of Gaza. Though since forming a unity government with the Palestinian Authority, that honor should probably now fall on PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.



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