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Marine Le Pen and Miss Piggy

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen said last Friday that she would stop schools from offering pork-free alternatives to Muslim students in the 11 towns where her party has won local elections. She said this was consistent with France’s “secular values,” or, as she put it, to “save secularism.”

I have a feeling secularism is as threatened in France as Christmas is in the U.S. Meaning, on both sides of the Atlantic these are made up issues designed to stir up political strife where none actually exists.


“We will not accept any religious demands in school menus,” Le Pen declared on French radio. “There is no reason for religion to enter the public sphere, that’s the law.”

It’s true that France has the largest Muslim minority in Europe – roughly 5 million. There are also an estimated half a million Jews there.

But I suspect that those Jewish families who would not serve pork to their children already send them to private Jewish schools. This is, then, not an antisemitic but an anti-Muslim move. For sure, today’s French people don’t feel overwhelmed by a Jewish invasion, while a walk through some parts of Paris would definitely bring to mind the year 699, when the Arab hordes came rushing out of the peninsula to fill up the vacuum left by the dead Roman Empire.

So the National Front is taking advantage of the French resentment of this Asiatic occupation army in their midst, with varying results. Le Pen did not get elected president with her anti-Muslim politics, but doubled its wins in municipal elections.

On occasion, the National Front seems to be having fun with their xenophobic politics: in the town of Hayanges, FN mayor Fabien Engelmann has proposed a Pork Fest, celebrating the many attributes of pigs. And, of course, he insists the festival is not meant to offend Muslims.




  1. I don’t think we Jews should have too much fun hearing this. Racism is racism, pure and simple. This racist attitude towards Muslims, masquerading as a defense of secularism (just curious: anyone buying this BS?) will soon reappear in a barely disguised form toward Jews. Pure undiluted hatred informs the new measure and the resulting overload school pork menu. Shame on you, Marine Le Pen, her despicable father’s daughter! And shame on everyone who votes for racists! Bravo les Francais! Liberte Egalite Fraternite my foot!

  2. It’s not racism to want french food on French schools, Kirschenbaum. Loving your own country and its culture isn’t racism. Most Muslims have been in france 1 or 2 generations. Their culture is foreign and they should be adapting to it, or leave, not the other way around

  3. other countries food don’t offend us and we don’t expect them to change their laws and way of life to suit us . so why do you and your people feel we owe you this by trying to change our laws . either like it here or leave. it’s that simple . so stop crying because you all don’t get your way . if you do cry take the rag off your head and use it for your crying towels .

  4. It is wrong to say that Jews don't care about pig products in public schools because they send their children to Jewish schools. Jews have never demanded or even requested the elimination of pig products from public schools or anywhere else in the public sphere. Jews simply avoid ordering and eating ham sandwiches while letting others do as they please. Muslim make these demands for ideological, not religious reasons. To impose islam on us infidels. Good on Le Pen AND Girt Wilders and good on those who vote for them.

  5. I totally agree, the violent (verbal and literary) Muslim demands are intolerable in civilized countries. The Muslim and the Jewish presence in Europe cannot be compared. Jews have never made threats in host countries. And for the “new” Jew-hatred in Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula to the northern of Scandinavia, it’s not the ingenious peoples of Europe fortifying that sentiment. You guess who.

  6. Levana Kirschenbaum, while it may not be right, the Muslims always discriminate against people of your background, against Christians, and even among themselves, contrary to what Tom Clancy and Grant Blackwood say otherwise. Furthermore, were you to become a Christian, or, at the very least, a Messianic Jew, then it will not really matter anyway at The End of Measured Time and on The Day of Judgment because we will no longer have to worry about what foods are clean or unclean and, what is more, in our glorified bodies, we will no longer have to worry what to eat or drink or even HAVE to eat and drink anything because our bodies simply will not NEED to eat (though we COULD still eat and drink things presumably with our new bodies), period. However, with that being said, I will eat unclean foods because the thought of eating certain kinds of insects does not appeal to me (according to the Levite/Mosaic Dietary Laws), I must also take my part in balancing out both the Food Chain and the Food Cycle, that I am not Jewish, and I am bound by the Law of Grace rather than the Law of Works, which was rendered largely inert by YAHASHUA HA’MASHIACH and His effort to die for the sins of ALL humanity and thus simultaneously fulfilling the roles of being the Chief Priest of the Temple, the Sacrificial Lamb, and becoming our Temple inside of all of our bodies. Finally, with that being said, I will do my best to fulfill the Book of Romans to eat only kosher foods around you as to not cause your faith to stumble or to cause you to be offended by my diet, and if you really want to worry about a kosher diet, here is a simple idea, why not brown bag your lunch or put it in a lunch box from your home and then take it with you when you have lunch at your school? Teachers and students have done this for years and you can do it as well in your own life. Wow, what a novel concept, am I right? Please learn something from my words of wisdom today. Thank you.

  7. Alan Kardon, Her statement will create complexities for her, as food is ones own choice…. She is just doing it, so that people may praise her, a political trick

  8. You are what you eat! – pigs eat their own excrement and the French and National Front will no doubt snort their way through life resentful of their non-pig fressing counterparts who live the cleaner way by consuming only kosher/halal meats and more orthodox foods.

  9. As a Muslim I'm amused by this. It honestly causes me no problems as I would much rather bring my own healthy, nutritious halal food. It's just funny to imagine that these infidels really think pork offends Muslims. Dudes, I've visited farms before, I do go to restaurants where pork is served – I just don't eat it. While you think you're being edgy & controversial, you actually make a fool out of yourselves & we Muslims cannot do anything but laugh.

  10. do you think the muslim community insists on halal food because it gives them the fat contract of suppling school lunches exclusivly? maybe the porked school lunches contract is now held up by a nice Jewish boy ?

  11. Alan Kardon , its like a request !
    vegetarian like veges and there should be available.
    Muslims like Halal food and should be available.
    Jews like …. and should be available for them.

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