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April 20, 2014 / 20 Nisan, 5774
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‘Pillar of Cloud’ Operation Launched to Punish Gazan Terror (Updated)

The IAF has begun an attack on terrorist target in Gaza.

The IAF has begun an attack on terrorist target in Gaza.
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperaon's Office

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Update, 5:34 PM, Israel Time: The IDF carried out an extensive attack damaging to the long-range launch capabilities (over 25 miles) of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The attack caused significant damage to underground launch systems and weapons and ammunition storehouses belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. The purpose of the attack is to disrupt the launch capabilities of terrorist organizations and damage terrorist network buildup.

At 4:10 PM Israel time, Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz approved an extensive attack against Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. As part of this campaign, the IDF attacked a car driven by the head of the military wing of Hamas in Gaza, Ahmed Jabari. Jabari led the Hamas terrorist organization in recent years and directly coordinated numerous deadly attacks against Israel.

The purpose of the campaign, dubbed ‘Pillar of Cloud,’ is to strike a blow at the command and control of Hamas and to undermine the organization’s terrorist infrastructure. For the time being the operation is intended as a surgical strike of the IDF, in collaboration with the ISA (Israel Security Agency or Shabak), with targets picked based on accurate intelligence and advanced fire capabilities.

The IDF will continue to attack targets that are serving as bases for terror against Israeli civilians. The Army will do the maximum to improve the security of Israel’s southern communities and improve the security situation around the Gaza Strip. Home Front Command and emergency authorities have taken all the require steps and Israeli citizens are being asked to follow Home Front Command instructions.

IDF spokesman Brigadier General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai said that IDF operations got underway following the “intolerable situation in the south of Israel, in order to harm the terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.” During the night IDF Chief of Staff Gantz approved a highly detailed plan – but as of now, all the options are open for inflicting serious damage on Hamas and other terrorist organizations.”

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63 Responses to “‘Pillar of Cloud’ Operation Launched to Punish Gazan Terror (Updated)”

  1. Richard Shuster says:

    I am glad that Israel is taking serious actions to protect Israel's citizens especially those in the south, a million innocent civilians can't be under the terrorist thumb of a bunch of thugs, its like "Mad Max" in Gaza and they only understand the language of tribal force. Perhas the more resonsible Arabs will takeover but their history is the reverse. They even killed their own; tossing them from rooftops when they displaced Fatah from power in Gaza.

  2. Miriam Navy says:

    No doubt this had to happen but let be swift & successful. Praying for the safety of all our soldiers & citizens.

  3. Robert Daren says:

    About time. Were the Israelis just supposed to "suck it up"? Gaza should not attack if they don't want a fight back.

  4. Colin Plen says:

    I am delighted to hear the Israel has retaliated.

  5. JoAnn Morris says:

    Stay strong Israel…G-d is with you.

  6. Abraham Santiago says:

    What will Israel do now that hundreds of rockets have caused damage and death to the people of Sderot and other communities? The taking out of a key Hamas leader is good, but not good enough. During Operation Cast Lead the underlining objective was not to defeat and completely destroy Israel’s enemies, which is why Israel is having trouble today with Hamas rockets killing civilians and destroying homes. The first error is the notion that is often said in Israeli circles: “We don’t want to rule over another people”. This position is completely unsound and a paradigm shift is needed. Ruling over a people or ethnic group is not instinctively evil. Most countries of the world rule over their ethnic, racial or religious minorities with very little opposition and in peace.
    The second erroneous belief is the concept of neutralizing the enemy. Many in Israel do not believe in destroying their enemies who seeks to destroy her. Hampering their capabilities to launch rockets is not enough. Destroying roads, buildings, lines of communications and military apparatus does not in itself win a battle. In order to win a war against terrorism on the home front you cannot neutralize the enemy you must eradicate the enemy. When an enemy seeks your life and that of your family and country you do not neutralize the enemy, you destroy them completely so they will never again re-group and try to kill you. Since Israel has failed to completely destroy her enemies in Operation Cast Lead we are now faced with another war and an invasion of Gaza. This barrage of rockets could have been avoided if Israel completely destroyed her enemies from the very beginning.
    Third, you recover what you lost by inhabiting the land. The government of Israel made a grave mistake in 2005 by pulling out of Gaza and that has made Hamas and Israel’s enemies are more brazen in the belief that all of the land from the river to the sea is theirs.
    Lastly, after Israel takes control of the land she must annex it. Here is where the problem lies; Israel is not willing to take back that which she lost simply because it would create turbulence at home and abroad- (international community). If Israel wants to live in peace without fear of missile attacks, coming into towns and killing innocent civilians, Israel must deal ruthlessly with her enemies, with the stated goal of complete victory over her dead enemies.
    “For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory." Deuteronomy 20:4.

    Abraham Santiago

  7. Rubin Katz says:

    As is written in the Bible, when the Israelites left Egypt they were guided by the Amud Anan,'pillar of cloud' during the day, and Amud Aish, 'pillar of fire' at night. Stand by for the next phase!

  8. Israel should act, not react. our prays are with you always. bless the IDF.

  9. Sarah Lascar says:

    Israel must defend her citizens, rocket attacks are unacceptable and must be stopped. Wishing everyone a success with each strike. Bahazlacha!

  10. Grace Acosta says:

    So, is Israel going to actually "declare war", or will this be yet another half finished job? Israel needs to either isolate and cut off Gaza completely, or reclaim it completely – we all know that negotiations are a joke.

  11. Sean Winkler says:

    I really despise how Israel, the perpetrators of such inhumanity against the Palestinians, feel they have the right to continually "punish" the people whom they are oppressing.

  12. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    NOW all of a sudden the media and the demoslamists will begin paying attention as they join a chorus of condemnation of the Jewish State for this "act of aggression" against the "peaceful residents" of Gaza. Given that NONE of the world's media – including the alleged 'right wing' FOX News – has provided any news of the hundreds of rockets fired at civilians of the Negev, this will come as a "shock" to a readership now used to being spoon fed pablum and propaganda by a media whose every word is edited and censored by the obama "press" office.

    NOTA BENE: NONE of the below printed anything in the past week about the terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Now they are ALL up in arms:
    CNN writes of the "murder" but no mention of any rocket fire.
    MSNBC: writes of "assassination" and buries reason at end of article in one sentence.
    FOX: Writes of "killing," buries reason at end of article, and declares Israeli response "controversial".
    Gaza based nazi owned haaretz: Condemns "assassination with the kapo schocken alleging "Israeli aggression will lead to war".
    BBC: shows a picture of the terrorist as "a warm family man" condemning the murder.
    Guardian: Calls neutralization a "murder sure to increase the violence in the South" and that Israel should "be condemned for its aggression.

  13. Sean Winkler says:

    You can not eradicate an enemy when that target is a thought. A thought has no physical existence. Good luck, my friend! http://www.ifamericaknew.com

  14. Bunch of terrorists. Shame on your humanity!

  15. They are partners in the crime. If it was not for American-Jewish support, Israel will never be able to carry out its activities!

  16. הרץ לואיס says:


  17. How about getting a Hebrew speaker to translate – it is "Pillar of Defense" not Cloud.

  18. Yori Yanover says:

    The problem is that we all ARE Hebrew speakers, and the IDF in its wisdom has picked two separate names for the operation, one in Hebrew, Amud Anan, meaning Pillar of Cloud, and one in English, meaning Plillar of Defense. Personally, I believe you need TWO pillars if you want to put De fence in between.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hope united nations steps in very soon to put israel in place. its not just israel invading other pples countries and kill and torture.did those guys ever ask to be allowed into palestine? no wonder they fight to get back what's theirs. its time for the world to step in and to stop israel and the ethnic cleansing.

  20. Ivan Cohen says:

    Unfortunately Hamas will not or cannot control it's "troops". It would be prudent for the Hamas leadership to remember that the "Gates of Hell" allow 2-way traffic.
    Whatever, the media distortion is already well under way. The expectation persists that Israel must not "overreact" to hundreds of missiles – even in many so-called friendly foreign offices. What else can one expect with the likes of Catherine Ashton as the spokesperson for the EU?

  21. QUESTION? Where did 6 million hard core Nazi soldiers go after WWII? Well, we thought S. America but really they went to the concentration camps and assumed the murdered peoples identities. So instantly Nazis turned into Jews and prized were the identities of Rabbis, Lawyers, Accountants, Priests and others they had just killed to hide their crimes. So with the help of Ratzi the Natzi http://www.facebook.com/notes/eliot-bernstein/pope-ratzi-the-natzi-pedophile-benedict-xvi/176537962376945 and US business Fascist nazis, they mainly went to 2 places. First they created the land of Zion and then were transported to Israel with other Jews who fled to a homeland not knowing the Nazis among them. Then many were aided and abetted into the US with help of Sullivan Cromwell and those Dulles boys, the Bush Boys (aka Scherff family and you thought Obama's birth certificate was bunk, google Bush Scherff family), JP, Proskauer and others imported the rest to the good ole USA. Yes, these same Fascist nazi fry loving pigs who tried to kill FDR in Business Plot, again plotted for the Fourth Reich, here in America and a plot to seize the US and Israel and start WW III, remember they make money on war, hate and death at your and your children's expense. Get the truth out, we are under seize and this is a war and DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY if necessary like many before you to insure your freedom and prosperity or else don't say I did not warn you. If you would like more info please visit http://www.iviewit.tv/20120727%20COURT%20STAMPED%20FINAL%20SIGNED%20Motion%20to%20Remand%20and%20Rehear%20Lawsuit%20after%20Investigations%20of%20the%20New%20York%20Attorney%20General%20415935.pdf.

  22. Why aren't more people listening to you? I've read so much in the old Testement of when Israel was headed to war with whoever was antagonizing her, that the God of heaven and earth commanded them to eradicate everything and everyone in that city…men, women, children, and even their livestock that they had…..seems pretty extreme I admit but who am I to argue against the Living God…

  23. Are you forgetting about the God of Israel…or have you not heard of the God of Israel? God will finish his work in Israel and whatever he uses to accomplish that end, you can be assured that it will be complete…

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