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November 21, 2014 / 28 Heshvan, 5775
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Police Beat Up Unarmed Israeli in Brooklyn Jewish Center (Video)

In an instant, the male officer flew into a rage and began to beat up the half naked Halevi.

Police beating up Ehud Halevi.

Police beating up Ehud Halevi.
Photo Credit: CrownHeights.info

Last Monday evening, October 8, police were called to take care of Ehud Halevi, a homeless man who was sleeping on the couch in the lounge of the Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults (ALIYA), a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youth on East New York Ave. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, reports the website CrownHeights.info.

One male and one female officers from the 71st precinct arrived and woke up Halevi, who appeared baffled by their arrival, and would not comply with their order to vacate the premises, insisting he had permission to be there.

The officers decided to arrest Halevi, who refused to be handcuffed and pushed the two cops off. In an instant, the male officer flew into a rage and began to beat up the half naked Halevi. The officer leaped on his defenseless victim, smacking him repeatedly.

Next the shirtless, already subdued Halevi was pepper-sprayed and hit with a truncheon by the female officer.

After about two minutes of out of control violence, the officers are joined by a squadron of cops who were finally able to handcuff the badly beaten man.

According to CrownHeights.info, a source inside ALIYA confirmed that Ehud Halevi indeed had permission to sleep on the premises, and had been a model resident for a month.

Now Halevi is being charged with assaulting a police officer, a felony charge that could put him in jail for five years, as well as four Misdemeanor charges and four violations, including trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment.

Halevi is now out on bail. ALIYA declined to comment on the disturbing affair.

About the Author: Tibbi Singer is a veteran contributor to publications such as Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth, and Jewish Business News.

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51 Responses to “Police Beat Up Unarmed Israeli in Brooklyn Jewish Center (Video)”

  1. Louis Gavin says:

    A direct outcome of the growing "Israel did 9/11" conspiracy theory being disseminated on the Internet.

  2. Yori Yanover says:

    Not sure what you mean.

  3. Ben Shmuel says:

    These cops should be fired and have criminal charges filed against them.

  4. Ken Bright says:

    What about the A.A and Latino community. Do u honestly feel the same about them? I don't think so. If so, you would have your community protest against the injustice. Your a Rabin this is not new to you. Just saying!

  5. Sid Laufer says:

    who phoned the police?

  6. Joel Keller says:

    Hard to believe there are so many overweight police in this precinct. They need to work out more and eat less!

  7. Eran Spiro says:

    Mad Cops! These 2 give a bad name to the NYPD!

  8. Betty Seidner says:

    what low life person would call the police..

  9. This story makes me sick to my stomach and outraged! Gestapo behavior by the NYPD….These cops should be jailed, and if the NYPD accepts this behavior, watch out!

  10. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    had he been a muslim, there would be riots, obama would be shouting he "looks like my son," every FBI agent in the tri-state would be ordered to investigate, and the so-called demoslamist supporters of 'social justice' would be bombing US missions in condemnation. But he is only a Jew, not worthy of any protection in the demoslamist scheme of things. More evidence that the time has come for Jews to make sure a well oiled Glock is a wardrobe necessity.

  11. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Ken Bright Your bigotry is fairly obvious, in this, other posts, and on your FB page. YOU are proof that you CAN be Black AND a racist!!

  12. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    This is reminiscent of the Dave Dinkins days when a sharpton could instigate the murder of a Yeshiva student whose only crime was being a Jew, and then getting away with it because of who he knows.

  13. Ken Bright says:

    Of course you would think this way. Its real what I'm saying.

  14. JoAnn Morris says:

    Completely unbelievable! He has permission to stay there…did the police check? No! So they procede to beat a man, for what reason? Shameful!

  15. JoAnn Morris says:

    I noticed this too….all officers were fat asses!!

  16. Mair Karp Rubin says:

    This is sickening. I am a Jew myself. I feel that whatever race or religion, the cops should not be able to beat up a person who was innocently sleeping where he was told he could sleep. Why do the cops seem to focus on the "easy to subdue" people?

  17. ALIYA should certainly provide his defense. They failed him by not notifying authorities that they had given permission for someone to sleep there, perhaps an unpaid "guard". Who knows what tramau this man has already endured.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You don't push cops, no matter what! He should have asked to call the person who gave him permission to sleep there instead of being argumentive. Now he might have some free room and board ahead.

  19. Sharpton would agree that this is excessive force.

  20. Ephraim Bander says:

    Police brutality.

  21. Edward Lobel says:

    Your an idiot. You need to somehow blame Obama for everything that happens.

    What the police did here was disgraceful. It would do you and Jews all over Brooklyn to help hire a great lawyer to fight the charges and to get the cops thrown off the police force with no benefits and perhaps some jail time!

  22. Edward Lobel says:

    Joel Keller, looks like that! However, everyone of them was wearing protective clothing (bullet proof vests, etc.) which adds bulk. But they all do look like they need to go on extreme diets!

  23. Edward Lobel says:

    They need to be thrown off the force with no pensions and perhaps some jail time!

  24. Edward Lobel says:

    Roberta Rich Gornish – well said!

  25. Edward Lobel says:

    Davidcnl, did he really push the police? I think it was more like he was trying to get away. In any event the beating he took was totally uncalled for and the original 2 police persons need to be seriously repremanded if not fired!

  26. Edward Lobel says:

    I agree, I am not a big Sharpton fan, but do watch him occassionally on MSNBC and he has changed over the years!

  27. Myriam Obadia says:

    Ken, reporting on police brutality against a Jew doesn't mean one approves of police brutality against Latinos. BTW, even though it's not the case here, there are Latino Jews in case you didn't realize it

  28. Ken Bright says:

    There are MANY police that give the Police Dept. a very bad name, starting with the Police Commissioner.

  29. Ruth Hirt says:

    Police knows that.

  30. Ruth Hirt says:

    How revolting! Synagogues I (may) consider private properties. Does police force had grounds and warrant of arrest? For whatever reason, the victim as unarmed should be sufficient to dismiss the charges and release Halevi.

  31. JoAnn Morris says:

    Ken… Race has nothing to do with this. It is about cops beating a man that had permission to stay there. Police brutality is the problem, not the color of his skin.

  32. Ken Bright says:

    JoAnn Morris Denial is OK!

  33. Ken Bright says:

    Myriam Obadia Denial is OK!

  34. JoAnn Morris says:

    I am not in denial or a racist…you appear to have the problem. This article is about cops abusing their power. You are trying to make this a racist issue. Grow up cowboy!!

  35. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    To Ken…attacking Jews is OK!! Simple fact. NOW, if they attacked Latinos or Blacks, time for riots

  36. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Dear Edward: The fact that you like obama have no capacity but to stage personal attacks rather than discuss the issues on their merits indicate YET AGAIN that the goal of your ilk is fascism and Jew hatred. If the victim was black or Latino, you would be screaming for riots

  37. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Edward Lobel Just checked you FB page. How much hallal kool aid did you consume for your brain to have fried over like that. When the 12th imam wannabe loses in November, will you join his street riots, or simply go to Guyana for the final gulp?

  38. Edward Lobel says:

    Hey you MORON, I am Jewish and a capitalist. You on the other hand are a soclialist and do not understand what a fascist is. I suggest you do a little hiomework and find out what you are saying. Willard Romney is a fascist, but then again you think he is wonderful.

    It is not I who staged personal attacks but you when you said if it was a muslim obama "it looks like my son" You are simply an ignorant fool if you think so.

    To further show how damned stupid you are, refused to understand that I did indeed say what the police did was disgraceful and the cops shoud be thrown of the police force, but you are so blinded by your hatred of President Obama that you cannot see the forrest from the trees.

    I suggest next time you say something you understand what you are saying.

  39. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Being "Jewish and a capitalist" does not obviate the obvious. People like you that swallow the hallal kool aid aand accept the DEMAND that Jews vote for obama because he perceives he is better than us shows just how much like the Berlin Jews of the 30s many of today's Jews are.

    My comments were accurate. When a young Black kid is killed in Fl, under questionable circumstance, it becomes "like Obama's son!" When a Black professor is JUSTIFIABLY arrested in Mass., an immediate outcry of condemnation from the imam wannabe. When a Jew is beaten by cops in NY, or a 14 year old girl faces an assassination attempt for no crime other than wanting an education, your imam wannabe, along with the MB's hillary is deafeningly silent – a silence you find quite acceptable. While obama creates the most divisive political election and national environment since 1864, you and your ilk sit back and grovel at the altar of the 12th imam wannabe who believes anyone that has the AUDACITY to disagree with him should be penalized as per the NDAA and HR347!!

    As for understanding, let's look at the imam: promotes the canard that his failure in Libya could not possibly have been responsible for a massacre he is complicit in; he is – through F&F – directly responsible for 400 CIVILIAN murders in Mexico; during his reign, the explosion of Jew hatred in the UIS has been palpable – much of it led by his mentors such as Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, Soros and Farakhan. I can continue on and on. But sadly, there are "Jews" who would allow obama and his ilk to hank Jews in Times Square, and you will find an excuse for his doing so.

    As for "morons," Edward – the "moron" is the one that is prepared to run blindly off the cliff when your 12th imam wannabe orders you to to placate the blood lust of the MB and Hezbollah. Sad for you. I'm sure you'll cheer up when obama is retired to that $40million estate he just bought in Hawaii and joins the global al Qaeda speaking tour with fellow Jew hater Carter, all under the tutelage of George "my time with the nazis was the best time of my life" soros."

  40. Edward Lobel says:

    You are an idiot trying to prove you are an idiot and you have succeeded!

    It is Jews like you who cause anti-semitism and you need to stop!

    Your ignorance is so far

    out front it is running neck and neck with your stupidity!

    You think Obama is a muslim, you are wrong!
    For some made up reason you think Obama is against Israel – You are wrong!

    You have nothing and because are so full of hate you will never have anything!

  41. sickening,to serve and protect?my ass.

  42. Grace Acosta says:

    If someone came into your room and violently woke you up in the middle of the night, how coherent would YOU be? I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty sound sleeper, and I'd be confused as heck.

  43. Edward Lobel says:

    I agree with you Grace. I am a light sleeper and always know where I am, but that doesn't mean if you wake me up, I will be able to talk and defend myself. The cops need to be thrown of the force and face criminal assult charges!

  44. bluestari says:

    First, the Jewish aspect needs to be removed from this equation.  No evidence exists to indicate the cops were acting in an anti-Semitic manner. 

    The police were called to this location by the center’s security guard who reported the young man was sleeping naked at the center.

    Presumably, the fourth person present in this video was the security guard who made the original call to police.

    The young man, who was also charged with possession of marijuana, resisted arrest.  According to court documents, the young man told the female cop he would hit her if she tried to arrest him.

    Yes, it appears cops did use excessive force to subdue the young man but there is nothing to indicate the excessive force was because the young man was Jewish.

  45. bluestari says:


    It was the security guard at the center who called the police. Based on that call, the police had a right to enter the property.

  46. bluestari says:

    The security guard who worked at the center. He reported that the young man was sleeping naked at the center.

Comments are closed.

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