Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu betrayed the Obama administration by announcing a new settlement expansion and the cutoff of tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority, JTA reported.

Emanuel, President Obama’s chief of staff in his first term, delivered the rebuke over the weekend at the Saban Forum in Washington.


Emanuel’s comments were made public by another participant, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, during an open forum and were confirmed by other participants.

According to an account by New Yorker journalist David Remnick, Emanuel had said that Netanyahu had “repeatedly betrayed” Obama, and that the latest Israeli moves – apparent retaliations for the successful Palestinian bid to achieve non-observer state status last week at the United Nations – were especially galling given U.S. support for Israel during its recent mini-war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

No other U.S. mayor had anything to say against Netanyahu this weekend.



  1. Rubbish. Obama is no friend of Israel. What gives the US the right to shout at Israel. Does Israel tell the USA how to run their pathetic country. If America ran their country properly n stopped sticking their noses in other ppl’s business, maybe there would be peace in the world! Pot calling the kettle black. Go Israel u r not a state of the USA. You stand a lone beacon of hope in a sea of terror.

  2. Netanyahu didn't betray Obama the only ones that think that are his Obama Operatives. Where was Emanuel when Obama was so rude to Netanyahu. More americans think more of Netanyahu than they do the way Obama treats people he doesn't agree with. Israel has to protect their citzens whether Obama or Emanual like it. Obama needs to be more for Israel than Palestime.

  3. That man is a law breaker himself and has bent the laws to get the position he has. Besides the fact that he has no place on the international stage, nor does he understand the complexities of the Israel question.

  4. considering 70 percent of American Jews voted for Obama…. and Obama and all those who support him are terrorists and Anti-American… that means 70% of American Jews are terrorists and are endorsing an illegitimate administration in much the same way the UN is endorsing Palestine…

    Romney has it quite backwards; for it was Obama who betrayed Israel!

  5. considering 70 percent of American Jews voted for Obama…. and Obama and all those who support him are terrorists and Anti-American… that means 70% of American Jews are terrorists and are endorsing an illegitimate administration in much the same way the UN is endorsing Palestine…

    Romney has it quite backwards; for it was Obama who betrayed Israel!

  6. Rahm Emanuel is not gay, and he does not hate his Jewishness.

    His history is replete with Israeli and Jewish behavior.

    But he is part of the mistaken belief that his criticism of Israel will repair the world.

    He does not understand that he, not Netanyahu, is doing the betraying.

    And it is President Obama that is betraying the long standing Bush letters and Clinton parameters that place all the major settlement blocs including Maleh Adumim in areas Israel will always keep.

    It reminds me of the saying "with friends like that who needs enemies".

  7. Obummer, or rather the Cairo Kid has betrayed the American people since he was first elected to office. I keep waiting for word on criminal or impeachment proceedings. This re-election is one of the most heartbreaking I've ever experienced. Especially when I remember compareing the UN Speeches of Netanyahu and the Cairo Kid. And Netanyahu was the only adult in the room. And this most recent farce with "Palestine" voted into the UN…..

  8. It's amazing just how wrong you are! You do not show up without an appointment, you do not bad mouth a benefator, you do not threaten a benefactor! It has been Netanyahu who has been extremely rude to President Obama. Obama has stated over and over again he will protect Israel. Does that mean President Obama should drop everything and kow tow to Netanyahu, NO!

    President Obama and the United States voted against the U. N. resolution, what more do you expect? Do you really think that the U.S. should have threatened it's friends that if you do not vote our way, we will destroy you, how about we will wipe you off the face of the earth?

    You know, you are entitled to your opinion, even in this case when your opinion is wrong!

  9. Obama is betraying the American people, even the ones too stupid to see it!

    I am the son of a Russian Jew who along with so many others were forced to flee the "tyranny", the murder, the imprisonment they all faced if they had remained!

    They came to America, 9 people in all with Nothing! No money, No English, No jobs, no place to live but, they were Free!

    My family lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom cold water flat! They had to walk six flights up and six flights down several times every day! Imagine, one bathroom for 4 girls and 3 boys!

    You cannot because each of them worked as much as they could seven days a week. There was No job beneath them and each learned a trade, got an education(when they had the time) and ultimately got a small piece of the American Dream!
    There were many millions like them with nothing guaranteed, no help outside of an indomitable desire to be safe, free with a present and potential future!

    The Dream is now a Nightmare for most and Obama is the ideologue, the megalomaniac who has stolen what little others had left!

    America has been devolving for almost 50 years! I would argue that the murders of John and Bobby Kennedy were covered up by Government and the Warren Commission which led to Obama's "hero" L.B.J. to begin funding entitlements that we could not afford! All of those programs and hundreds of trillions of taxpayer money are "gone", stolen and bankrupt!

    Now, Obama Care is the "new "Ponzi Scheme that will enslave and bankrupt the current generation as the costs go exponentially higher, the quality of care goes foul and the premiums, the tax put on the people will only increase as Obama swears premiums will decline!

    L.B.J. amongst a plethora of crimes sent 65,000 Americans to die in Vietnam and Cambodia without Congressional approval! It was a crime and the unaccountability of those who betrayed their country, their Constitution and their oath began!

    We live in Tyranny now and America is not free. We are dependent on others(our enemies) for resources and debt service on the $16 trillion of debt our Government has accumulated! We are the mercy of others which "Is Not Free"'.

    Israel can count on many millions of Americans but "beware" the promises of a "compulsive liar" who represents only his Narcissist self and those who who would take all from those who worked, dreamed, risked and fought for a life and a country that is almost gone!

  10. Edward Lobel – No sir, you are wrong! Netanyahu was held off repeatedly by Obama, first with the request of not proceeding with any construction in East Jerusalem for the first 10 months and later on, been requested to extend that for another year. All these promisses led to nowhere, no rewards and no gains. There were all empty promisses! It was Obama who took advantage of the good will of Netanyahu, bluffing him repeatedly and keeping him away from any action. Now, with the vote at UN, Israel has a lot less time before UN will vote for the final recognition of Palestine as a full state. The said expansions should be completed before any full recognition of Palestine. The constructions will make a whole difference in the access to holy sites and their strategic importance is crucial!

  11. "Emanuel, President Obama’s chief of staff in his first term, delivered the rebuke over the weekend at the Saban Forum in Washington." The anti-Semitic Ford Foundation funds the Brookings Institution (Saban Forum is its branch); so, there will be no speech given there in support of Israel.

    BTW, Edward Lobel, are you still living in Holt, Michigan which is the first state in America that's converted to Sharia Law, Islamic Jihad rule? It use to be a noble state when I was living there but has gone down into the lowest pits of humanity when it became the highest number of Muslims in the Western geographical sphere.

  12. You'd have thought that once Rahm Emanuel got his own patch (Chicago) he'd keep his nose out of Israeli politics, especially before an election. Its obvious that Rahm is ashamed of his Israeli past. A couple of years ago, on arriving in Israel, reporters tried to address him in his native tongue and he replied that he doesn't speak Hebrew; unlike Obama, who likes to boast about his Moslem heritage. If Rahm was as proud of his heritage, he would know that Jerusalem always was Israel's eternal capital, and doesn't need Obama's or anyone else's permission to build.

  13. when did Israel has to get permission from a foreign leader to build in their country. it appears the mayor of Chicago is blinded to this fact and needs to take care of chicago and keep his nose out of international issue which do not effect him. people are tired of the game plays within the obama administration and the american people clearly see the evil agenda bring promoted from the WH.

  14. Solve critical strategic issues and accelerate growth across borders.
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    As a Chicago resident I have a suggestion for Rahm: Focus on issues in our city, and when you are done and still find time to become too familiar and take on personal issues in international politics, go ahead. I would recommend Rahm develops a strategy to: 1) Crime in Chicago is out of control. Fight the exponential growing crime rates in the city that will affect us later on and reduce tourism and business; 2) Reduce taxes or come up with a plan to make the city more competitive to residents, as people are leaving. 3) Do something about corporate taxes and unions as our unemployment is surging and companies are leaving.

    So let's prioritize the action plan, and after these issues are attended to, let's then discuss growth opportunities and making Chicago a great city, not only good, and then, if you still have the energy and drive, go ahead and do international politics as I understand it is part of your political blueprint for 2016 and beyond.

    A gentle reminder: Your first job right now is the City of Chicago!

  15. Do the Jews of Israel claim Rahm Emanuel at all? As far as I can see, this man has done more to destroy the status of Israel than any other (former) member of Obama's Administration. He professes "religion" as he takes his 13 year old son the the wall for important birthday – then "trashes" Israel every chance he gets. I am a Christian who totally loves and backs Israel. However I am confused. The American Jews do not seem to be the same religion as the Israeli Jews (whom I admire). It was their vote that "continued the reign" of Obama – not a friend to Israel.

  16. Edward Lobel why doesnt the benefactor remain anonymous if they love Israel, why throw it in their faces. We Owe Israel, Israel gave us the Redeemer Christ Jesus, who also called Obama and the American people to repentance, and to love your neighbour as oneself, Israel is still G-d's chosen nation which Obama seems to have forgotten.

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