The Israeli-based SodaStream company will be back at the Super Bowl in February after its controversial commercial at the last game.

The company, which has a factory in area of Maaleh Adumim east of Jerusalem, said it will launch its 2014 global advertising campaign with a $4 million worth of exposure on Super Sunday.


“The Super Bowl is a proven venue for SodaStream to deliver our beverage revolution message to over 100 million viewers, empowering consumers to enjoy a smarter, ‘better-for-you’ alternative to packaged soda,” said SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum. “The soda industry is dated and ripe for disruption. Our strong growth demonstrates that SodaStream is blazing the trail to a future where it will be mainstream for people to easily make fresh, delicious soda at home, no longer needing to lug bottles and cans of soda that can be unhealthy, often go flat, and generate billions of tons of garbage.”

The company had to tone its ad last year because carbonated beverage companies were upset by the commercial’s message that buying plastic bottles of soda is bad for the environment. The protests may have backfired because the controversy gave SodaStream lots of free publicity.

“SodaStream has opened a world of beverage freedom, choice and control, and consumers can now “Last year, our Super Bowl investment strengthened our retail relationships and raised our brand profile, yielding higher consumer awareness and resulting in excellent sales growth,” said SodaStream USA president Gerard Meyer.



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