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April 20, 2014 / 20 Nisan, 5774
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Stephen Hawking Proves Even Genuises Can be Gullible Dupes

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Well, time to add another genius who let us down to the list.

Perhaps the world’s best known scientist, Stephen Hawking, has pulled out of a commitment to give a lead lecture at a major international science conference which willl be held in Israel next month.  The event is also a celebration of the 90th birthday of Israel’s president, Shimon Peres.

Hawking, 71, is the world-famous author and theoretical physicist and professor of mathematics at England’s Cambridge University.  Last month Hawking accepted an invitation to headline the fifth annual president’s conference, “Facing Tomorrow.”

However, in a statement published by the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, allegedly with Hawking’s approval,  Hawking’s change of mind was described as “his independent decision to respect the boycott, based upon his knowledge of Palestine, and on the unanimous advice of his own academic contacts there.”

According to the British newspaper the Guardian, last week Hawking sent a letter to Peres, informing him that he had changed his mind and would not be appearing at the conference.

Hawking has ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and has been confined to a wheelchair for decades.

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About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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26 Responses to “Stephen Hawking Proves Even Genuises Can be Gullible Dupes”

  1. Simply heartbreaking…..trying very hard to not change my opinion…..

  2. Something else seems to be “afoot” – remember that money talks, and bull**** walks – no pun intended, and as Stephen Hawking is completely immobile, who knows who paid him funneled terrorist monies to “change his mind” – he may be a genius – book smart, etc. but vis-a-vis reality – he’s beyond a stupid putz – a prickless wonder of the universe.

  3. Hannah Sealine Bacharach says:

    I'd say he should go to hell, but he is already there.

  4. Stephen Leavitt says:

    I wonder if he will also respect the boycott of 'Brainstorm', the Israeli company working on a cure for ALS. They're currently starting trials at the Mayo clinic.

    Maybe Hawkings just prefers the innovations and gifts the Palestinians have brought to the world… big bangs.

  5. Reza Houston says:

    Wow. What kind of a person would make fun of a guy for having ALS? If I had to guess, I'd say you are a terrible person.

  6. Stuart Kaufman says:

    Yes, Reza, he is in Hell, and deserves to stay there.

  7. Reza Houston says:

    Stuart, he's doing what he thinks is right. It's amazing to me that you and Hannah would make comments like that about a man who made a choice based on his own beliefs. From what I can see in your profile pic, you probably consider yourself a supporter of individual rights. How about you respect Hawking's right to choose not to attend a conference in a country that engages in apartheid.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a great thing for Hawking to do. Too many hypocrites excuse Israel for war crimes that appear institutional to their government at this point. Palestinians don't make 'big bangs' compared to Israel or the US. Right now Israel is attacking Syria and Lebanon. The people of Israel can't possibly be so cruel as the actions of their governments. They should stand up and arrest their leaders before they begin a nuclear war.

    morgan blank

  9. Of course he agrees with the boycot…you would too if someone was stepping on your oxygen tube.

  10. Stephen Tannenbaum says:

    See, that's the problem. His beliefs are wrong! Israel does not engage in "apartheid" and to say that it does is to insult both Israel and every victim of true apartheid.

  11. Unfortunately, I have heard some of the dumbest anti-Israel crap uttered by some of the smartest people. I am not surprised, but I am disappointed. I have been thinking of writing a book (some day), which juxtaposes the genius-like quality of some serious scholars with their absolutely ignorant, yet impassioned, false assertions and beliefs. I think I know what afflicts them, but I must gather more evidence to support my claim.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you don't understand that Israel engages in open brutal apartheid you don't understand the reality of the Middle-East right now. What about Palestinians and Falashas makes them unworthy of human rights? The people of Israel are stained with blood, and until they realise that the Israeli government will continue to kill and conquer with impunity.

  13. Oh, PS- Reza appears to be one of those people I'm referencing. That's as ad hominem as I care to be right now, but it is infuriating to witness such misguided and misplaced aggression in a search to find a villain, so that a victim may emerge and a cause taken up for. Truly sad.

  14. Reza Houston says:

    David, I was referring to the way that Hawking was demonized for acting on his beliefs when his actions were not harming anyone. Saying that someone is the anti-christ or making fun of their handicaps because their beliefs is pathetic.

    As for whether his support of the Palestinians is just, the Palestinians are treated like second-class citizens in Israel. Of course there is institutionalized segregation in Israel, regardless of what you call it. The Israelis and the U.S. are also blocking the Palestinians from forming their own country. What the Israeli government is doing goes far beyond just protecting the country's (Jewish) people.

  15. Rick Street says:

    I think the correct term for Stephen is useful idiot.

  16. Rick Street says:

    Reza Houston
    Hawkins is just an useful idiot

  17. Reza Houston says:

    Do you mean Hawking? Also, way to rip off Lenin. That's original.

  18. Samuel Abbo says:


  19. Reza, you poor mislead "Palestinian" (wherever the invented term derives I care not) sympathizer. It seems you look at the situation to the exclusion of what a Jew was in the Arab states before being compelled (by institutionalized beatings and Killings- not just a second-class chilli status) to depart. Riddle me this: what is the only state in the world where an Arab can sue their own government and win? Answer: Israel (and even a non-citizen from the West Bank (you know, that slab of territory that Jordan unlawfully annexed in 1950, which would not allow a Jew to pray at the most holy site Judaism has. Conveniently you forgot about the seige laid there by Jordan, the Nazi confidant Haj Amin al Husseini, and the terror attacks emanating from there by the Arabs- to include those carried out by Yasser Arafat). You further choose to ignore, or conveniently forget, that Israeli Arabs are granted full equality before the law (the sine qua non of ademocracy). It may be that some feel they are a fifth column, but they are nonetheless the most free Arabs in the Middle East.

  20. * dhimmi (not chilli): damn autocorrect.

  21. Henri Korn says:


  22. Stephen Tannenbaum says:

    Boy are you reading the wrong websites! Arabs living in Israel have the vote, health care, education and the freedom to live and work anywhere they want in the country. No Black person in Apartheid South Africa ever had any of those rights. Of course, if you're talking about the so-called "Palestinians", things are a little different. These people have declared war on Israel, are not Israeli citizens and have a habit of using terror tactics to kill Israeli civilians. To protect her people, Israel maintains security checkpoints and has built a security barrier and yes, occasionally has to use violence against the violent. The "Palestinians" are the authors of their own misfortunes.

  23. Stephen Tannenbaum says:

    " The Israelis and the U.S. are also blocking the Palestinians from forming their own country"

    How on earth do you reach that conclusion? The US President and his Secretary of State have been pushing for peace talks and are now more active than they've ever been. The Israeli Prime Minister has been begging the "Palestinian" Prime Minister to negotiate without any preconditions – and has even quietly instituted another freeze on construction in Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem.

    In contrast, what are the "Palestinians" doing? They're demanding more and more, setting more preconditions without which they refuse to even begin talking about talking.

    Who, exactly, is blocking them from forming a country?

  24. Marsha Roth says:

    I applaud David Firester for his well informed words.

  25. Thank you Marsha.

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