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700-Year-Old Luzzatto High Holiday Mahzor Sells for $8.3 Million

The Jewish cultural organization that let go of this treasure said they were forced into it because of their steep debts.

NY City Council Cancels Thomas Jefferson, Fellow Slave Owner George Washington May Be Next

Change YU's address to Frederick Douglass Heights because New York City is getting canceled.

Colin Powell Succumbs to Covid-19 at 84, Believed Israel Could Take Criticism from Its...

Powell argued that “to be a strong friend of Israel, I have always felt we must also be a strong friend of Israel’s neighbors.”

Diver Discovers 900-Year-Old Crusaders Sword off Haifa Beach

“The discovery of ancient finds by swimmers and leisure divers is a growing phenomenon in recent years, with the increasing popularity of these sports.”

Former Israeli Communications Minister: I Was Anwar Sadat’s Druze Translator

“Presidents Obama and Clinton's mistake was that they thought there could be democracy in Egypt,” Kara explained.

Texas School Administrator Says New Law Compels Teaching Holocaust ‘Alternative’ Views

“Teachers are literally afraid that we’re going to be punished for having books in our classes."

Connecticut Lawmaker Won’t Apologize for Comparing Governor to Hitler Over Vaccination Mandate

Is it time to institute some standard of vetting elected officials to prevent idiots from becoming active lawmakers?

Ultimate Chutzpa: Holocaust Denial Graffiti Discovered in Auschwitz

The spray-painted messages included slogans denying the Holocaust in English and German.

President Herzog in Ukraine to Mark 80th Anniversary of Babi Yar Massacre

“Most importantly, we shall remember and never forget the terrible massacre at Babi Yar."

Rabbi Moshe Tendler Dead at 95, Influenced Revolutionary Rulings of Father in Law’s ‘Igros...

Rabbi Tendler was the posek for the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists and served as its president.

National Library of Israel Releases Rare Photographs of Sukkot During 1973 War

Many forget that the holiday, which begins a few days after Yom Kippur, also fell during the height of the fighting.

Israeli Expert: Fizuli International Airport Marks the Recovery of Azerbaijan’s War Torn Region

Fizuli, on Iran's border, was one of the cities that were destroyed during the First Karabakh War.

Pope Laments Anti-Semitism in Meeting with Slovakia’s Jews

“In a frenzy of hatred, during the Second World War more than a hundred thousand Slovak Jews were killed."

Man of the Year 5781: The Indefatigable MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Last spring, MK Ben-Gvir was not a commentator on the news – he was the news.

Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe Sample their First Gefilte Fish

Some loved the dish, while others politely declared it to be “an acquired taste.”

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue after the Shooting, Synagogue Director Insists He Never...

The Republican Jewish Coalition suggested Biden “flat out lied about visiting” the Tree of Life synagogue.

Ben Shapiro: US Armed Taliban to the Teeth ‘Because Joe Biden Is an Incompetent...

Biden's previous claims of unanimity among his military advisors unravel and a new chart showing the vast weaponry left to the Taliban goes viral.

Developers Threaten Future of UK’s Oldest Continually Used Synagogue

“The City of London Corporation has no comprehensive framework in place to identify heritage features of outstanding importance within or near the cluster.

The Tribes of Ephraim, Gad and Reuven Defeat 3rd Invading Empire

Are we prepared to start a dialogue with the Taliban as a prelude to a new Abrahamic pact?

Ed Asner Who Created the Legendary Lou Grant Dead at 91

In April 2017, Asner announced that he no longer supports the BDS movement.

‘Arab Zionism’ Buys Up Israel’s Historic Settlements, Erasing Jewish Presence in Galilee

Gulf states such as Hamas's patron, Qatar, may be seeking to redeem Israeli land with their enormous cash reserves.

Astronaut Eytan Stibbe Takes Ancient Bar Kokhva Coin to Outer Space

Interestingly, the rebels used existing Roman coins and re-struck them with their own themes and messages.

Did You Know? Ramat Hasharon Was Hub of Agriculture and Industry 1,500 Years Ago

As Ramat Ha-Sharon approaches its centenary year, evidence is emerging that its history is far more ancient than was previously assumed.

Historian Claims US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton had Jewish Upbringing

Professor Andrew Porwancher said he believes Hamilton’s mother, Rachel Faucette, who was born a Christian in the British Caribbean, converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish merchant named Johan Levine.

Israel’s Stats Bureau Publishes First Historical Atlas, Predicts Number of Israelis in 2060

In 1972, fewer than 6% of Israelis held an academic degree. In 2018, on average, 15% do.

Pfizer Chief: Bibi Was on Top of Everything, Knew Everything

Bourla is the son of Holocaust survivors. “I was never vocal about these things,” he told the FT.

Body of Jordanian Soldier Discovered in Jerusalem

The body was found near Ammunition Hill as work was being done for the Jerusalem Light Rail.

New Azerbaijani Trade Office in Tel Aviv May Lead to Full-Fledged Embassy

Israel sold Azerbaijan SandCat-Stormer armored vehicles with 12.7 mm NSV machine guns, anti-tank guided missiles SPIKE-ER, NLOS, LAHAT, 120 mm SPEAR mortars, and numerous UAVs.

Russian-Tatar Albany Democrat Running for Congress Praises Chassidic Yeshivas

"What I saw in South Williamsburg is a community where people do trust one another."


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