Treasury Sec. Yellen Lays Wreath at Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, Praises Sec. Morgenthau’s WW2 Pro-Jewish...

“We must use the tools at our disposal to fight oppression, and that lesson must be applied today.”

Mexican Couple’s Wedding Commemorates Adolf and Eva’s Bunker Ceremony

The controversial celebration in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala has gone viral in Mexico but has yet to be criticized by any Mexican institution.

‘The Netanyahus’ Wins 2022 Pulitzer

"I promise that the book is both readable and, in spots, I absolutely screamed with laughter."

Russian Ambassador Covered with Red Paint by Polish Protesters on V-Day

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Polish government "immediately arrange a wreath-laying ceremony, ensuring complete security against any provocations."

Ancient Samaritan Clay Candle Found near Stone Bath at Mount Gerizim Site

According to II Kings 17, The king of Assyria brought people from faraway lands and settled them in the towns of Samaria in place of the exiled Israelites.

Report (Updated): Jewish Convert to Christianity to Lead March of the Living

Evans is the son of a Jewish mother whose parents had emigrated from the Soviet Union, and an abusive, antisemitic alcoholic Christian father.

Yivo’s ‘Am Yisrael High’ Exhibition Claims Biblical, Talmudic Cannabis References

In interviews, Glassman repeats the claims of many Israeli stoners that the “kneh bossem” mentioned in several places in the Bible is a reference to cannabis.

Executed Irgun Fighter’s Tefillin Found After 75 Years

The phylacteries of Dov Gruner, who was hanged by the British in 1947, were identified in the archives of the Begin Center and are on display there during Passover.

Ukrainian Refugees, United Arab Emirates, to Join March of the Living in Poland

The delegation of refugees from Ukraine was organized by the Polish missionary group Shalom Ministry Association.

Hispanic-Jewish Foundation Erects Monument at Spain’s 1492 Edict of Expulsion’s Port of Departure

The Port of Cartegena was the last place in the Iberian Peninsula seen by Jews who departed Spain by sea in 1492 in the Expulsion.

Watch: The Jerusalem Elite 2600 Years Ago Preferred Wine with Touches of Vanilla

The researchers were were surprised to find remnants of the exotic spice vanilla from 2600 years ago.

Newly Discovered Jewish Genizah in Cairo Grabbed by Egyptian Government

The Cairo Jews contacted the US embassy, but so far nothing is known about the fate of the precious documents and artifacts.

KKL-JNF Celebrates International Forestry Day at Dubai Expo

On the occasion of International Forestry Day, the Jewish National Fund revealed these rare historic images.

Zelensky Attacks Israel, Distorts Holocaust Record, Annoys Yet Another Friendly Country

Overnight Monday, Zelensky reversed himself on Telegram, saying he "Appreciates Prime Minister Bennett's efforts."

Terrible Timing: Judge Cancels Registration of Jerusalem Russian Church Gifted to Putin

And so this hot potato has landed in the lap of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, in the middle of a war between Russia and Ukraine.

Zelensky Appeals to World Jewry after Bombing Close to Babi Yar: ‘Nazism Is Born...

The Nazis and their enthusiastic Ukrainian collaborators participated in massacre of some 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar.

Justice Gavriel Bach, Eichmann Prosecutor, Dead at 94

Bach served as the state’s attorney, and worked on gathering evidence under lead prosecutor Gideon Hausner.

Bennett Surprises Liberman, Joins Finance Ministry Discussion – a Feat Never Attempted by any...

"In the end, what lowers prices and facilitates service is always the same thing – competition, competition, competition."

500-Year-Old Letter Offers Rare Look into the Life of Legendary Kabbalist

The sixteenth-century missive, found in the binding of another old volume, seeks to enlist Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi’s support in raising money for the Jews of the Holy Land.

Israel’s National Library Acquires 90 Pages of One of Earliest Printed Hebrew Books

The pages come from the 1492 edition of Arba'ah Turim, one of the most important works of Halakha.

Modern Forensics May Have Revealed Who Betrayed Anne Frank and her Family

Betraying fellow Dutch to the Nazis was a criminal offense in the Netherlands, and yet somebody turned in the Franks to the Nazis.

Relatives of Lithuanians Killed in 1991 Soviet Crackdown Sue Gorbachev over War Crimes

So far, the Putin administration has refused Lithuania's request to question Gorbachev regarding his role in the events of January 13, 1991.

Tolerance Bus Is Coming to NY with Extra Acceptance On Board

The bus will allow easy access to students, educators, police, faith groups, and professionals to critical training on anti-Semitism, racism, bullying, stereotyping, hate, and intolerance.

President Herzog Mourns the Passing of his Mother Aura at 97

She established and led for 40 years the Council for a Beautiful Israel, the country's first environmental organization.

BDS Enraged by Arab Museum’s ‘Collaboration with Israel’ in Exhibition on Jews in Muslim...

52 intellectuals claim that the IMA is "betraying its intellectual mission" by "normalizing" and "standardizing" cooperation with Israel.

Israel Condemns Kiev Torchlight Celebration of Ukrainian Nazi Collaborator

"Jews are to be isolated, removed from governmental positions in order to prevent sabotage."

Japanese Museum Marks Rescue of Jewish Refugees Who Landed at Tsuruga Port

In 1947, the Japanese foreign office asked Sugihara to resign because of "that incident" in Lithuania.


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