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January 30, 2015 / 10 Shevat, 5775
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Thomas Friedman in Israel: Only Livni and Kerry Are Believers

Thomas Friedman is visiting in Israel this week.

Thomas Friedman is visiting in Israel this week.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli negotiator and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni are the only two people who still believe in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said in Tel Aviv Monday night.

“The Israelis are the Palestinians are ambivalent towards their future and towards the chances for peace,” he told a conference with the highfalutin title of “Cross Border Environmental Issues and Water Resources in the Context of the Peace Process.”

On Thursday, Freidman will speak with journalists on the topic “There Goes the Neighborhood.” Seriously, that is what the blurb say, followed by, “How the Arab Awakening, Climate Change and Technology are changing the World around Israel.”

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6 Responses to “Thomas Friedman in Israel: Only Livni and Kerry Are Believers”

  1. Friedman is a first class ******

  2. Joel Keller says:

    Mark Rosenbaum: You've misspelled it. The actual word is *******.

  3. Walter Richards says:

    Friedman had better bring his passport. The country he really lives in.
    The republican monarchy of LA LA Land

  4. Thomas Friedman is a self-hating Jew he built his career on his hateful critiques of Jews and Israel. Hey, Thomas, where will you run when the Muslims takeover the USA? Every time I read of these self-hating Jews I get sick to my stomach.

    If you hate us so much just convert to Islam and move to Ramallah, good riddance.
    Holocaust survivor

  5. Marc Daniels says:

    homas Friedman comes from a generation in which Jews were defined as being Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox. I still hear Bob Dylan's words ringing in my ears that the "Times, they are a changing". And so should the New York Times. The ethics of our fathers must now be illuminated as spiritual chapters. If he is such a great reporter, why is he not digging to understand the Spiritual Mission of Israel, and the spiritual root of Ishmael? Why is he not reporting on the thousand of community gardens that are spring up in Gaza as food lifelines to the populous there? You can never build a wall high enough nor deep enough to protect the tree of Israel. The tree can only be protected by systemically protecting her roots (spiritually that is). Do the Zionists have ever right to settle the land? 100% But with the settlement, comes a responsibility to delve deep within the PARDES (orchard) of the torah, and spiritualize themselves, illuminating the pathway back to the Garden. These are the Jewish roots, the roots from whence we came and through which we shall return. Eight billion intentions lie in waiting. At the end of the day, it really does not matter how one prays to weed out hate and unclog them or how people term their G-d. We are charged by HaShem to protect these roots for all of humanity. One day, we would have built up the necessary resistance for tasting that once forbidden seductive fruit connection with the Creator. On that day, He will be one and His name will be one.

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