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Brussels Jewish Museum

A couple from Tel Aviv in their 50s, were among those killed at the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday.

As they weren’t carrying identification on them at the time, it took time to identify them.


The third victim was a female museum volunteer.

The fourth victim, was not killed and still hospitalized and seriously wounded, is a 23 year old museum employee.

The Belgium police no longer have any suspects in custody. The person they initially arrested is now considered a witness.

Police believe the shooter was driven to the museum by an accomplice in an Audi car.



  1. Such an incident underscores the critical meaning of today's Euroelections, I clouding for the voters of Greece. They confront a revived extreme right wing insurgency, even neo-Nazis, that threatens to undo the vision of a more united Europe, and its battered Euro currency. May decency and sanity prevail, including in the heretofore moderate Belgium; surely, it does not want to enter the contest for the most anti-Semitic European nation, currently with Greece and Hungary in this dubious distinction! Shame on all whose ignorance makes possible a return of national socialism a mere 70 years after it was trounced by the Allies!

  2. Belgium being very anti-Semetic and anti-Israel does have a suspect although they know who it is and where being hidden so now let Obama suggest to Belgium to pay Israel and the family $20million dollars for the death of Israeli's in Belgium just like eu member of Belium Turkey asked for $20million for the Mamra issue which Turkey arranged for.

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