Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/FLASH90/GPO
2007 - President Bush shaking hands with DM Ehud Barak, at Ehud Olmert's house. The US was spying on both Ehuds at the time.
Ehud Barak’s apartment in the exclusive Akirov Towers. It’s an expensive neighborhood to rent in for a simple Marine guard.

The US spy scandal goes from bad to worse according to a Yediot Achronot report that says the US rented an apartment across the street from then Defense Minister Barak, apparently to spy on him.

The apartment housed a single US Marine, whom Israeli Intelligence noted in 2007 had brought in an unusually large amount of electronic equipment into his apartment. The US claims the marine was simply an embassy guard.


In light of all the spying the US has been doing on Israel, Israeli officials have been calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard.



  1. The US will never free Pollard.
    He knows too much and if he is freed, ihe will tell the world who and what the US has been doing to Israel and their other friends

    The US "justice" department shows how unjust they are.
    Keep an innocent man behind bars, as the only way to shut him up.

    I hope that Netanyahu will make a condition to sit wath Abbas and talk peace, that the US releases Pollard.
    And no more releasing of murders who have Jewish blood on their hands.

    How Netanyahu could have fallen for Obama's demand that Israel agrees to release murderers, is beyond me. he should have known that ASbbas will never make peace with Israel. He wants Israel destroyed, as does Obama.

  2. I own, nothing like calling the kettle black here are Government both sides are guilty remember this obama just meet with your leader and they lied to everyone that money isreal state was for them went to pay and supplies for syrian rebels, so before you spout off get all the facts on the table, and keep making the Palinstine people suffer, ypour no better then Hitler taking what does not belong to you making people suffer end of story

  3. One last thing is is not people of the world doing this its corp greed the united nations and the money power players doing this and yah we are from happy about our government, they lie cheat steal and murder inoccent people because they can, the war in Iraq was BS we lost our family members over lies the middle east lost their families we can not get them back, but we sure as hell won't let it happen again we have had enough of BS

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