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August 28, 2015 / 13 Elul, 5775
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Video: Arabs March in Jerusalem: “We Don’t Want Jews Here”

Arabs marching through Jerusalem, yelling about their hatred of Jews.

Arabs marching through Jerusalem, yelling about their hatred of Jews.
Photo Credit: 0404.co.il

Dozens of Arabs marched through the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday night waving Hamas flags and chanting, “We don’t want Jews here” as well as their more common curse, “Allah hu Akhbar”.

Eventually, the border police dispersed the marchers.

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210 Responses to “Video: Arabs March in Jerusalem: “We Don’t Want Jews Here””



  3. Why not take their filthy butts and kick them out?

  4. Why not take their filthy butts and kick them out?

  5. send them to jordan.

  6. Ken Figa says:

    Time to clean house…sad!

  7. these pig arabs should be shot,

  8. How much were they all paid?

  9. Arabians! the problem of the earth.

  10. all those sand rats in one place. break out the ak 47’s. shoot the lot.

  11. Well , I hate them more..

  12. Well , I hate them more..

  13. Then they need to leave THE LAND OF THE JEWS. Sorry, their nomadic evil asses need to wise up. Why is it we Jews are willing to share OUR land and live peacefully alongside them but THEY aren’t??
    They worship OUR G-d. Take what they want from OUR holy books. Believe what they want to believe of OUR prophets. And yet… WE have it wrong???
    Maybe the 7 Day War didn’t teach them enough.

  14. Then they need to leave THE LAND OF THE JEWS. Sorry, their nomadic evil asses need to wise up. Why is it we Jews are willing to share OUR land and live peacefully alongside them but THEY aren’t??
    They worship OUR G-d. Take what they want from OUR holy books. Believe what they want to believe of OUR prophets. And yet… WE have it wrong???
    Maybe the 7 Day War didn’t teach them enough.

  15. And they will cry when some Jews in return yell they don’t want Arabs in Jerusalem. ..boo hoo!

  16. Imagine if the Israelis marched saying they hated the Arabs. It would make the front page of the NYT

  17. blowing hot air. they need to stay in their own country, Jerusalem is Israels!!

  18. If u don’t want Jews in Jerusalem, do yourselves a favour and leave Jersualem as the Israeli are definately not going to ever leave ………..,.,,,;;

  19. Lize Bartsch says:

    Muslims are the devil in our midst. Everyone who harbors them will live to regret it. They are haters of all non Muslims and cannot live without oppression and violence

  20. if they are not israeli citizens with the rights given to all israeli citizens, send them packing

  21. Ban them all and forever.

  22. Paul Gelsman says:

    Send them to hell.

  23. Joyce Myers says:

    How come no other Arab country is willing to take these people??

  24. Release a pack of pigs and dogs into their group, that send them running

  25. they are welcome in hell/

  26. The west do not need minorities they need us.

  27. So much hatred. Why do Arabs feel such hatred for anyone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as they do ? Why are they so muderous and violent ?

  28. And, thanks to permissive laws pertaining to freedom of speech, they are allowed to have such marches without being detained or gunned down, like they would be in nearly any arab country for the same activity. You can’t just demonstrate in arab cities, and call for the removal of the majority population. Well, you can, but it doesn’t work out well.

  29. Send them away far far away maybe to afganastan or pakastan

  30. God wants Jews in Jerusalem

  31. Is Jerusalem even mentioned in the Quran?

  32. They may have thunder here but; there is One Mightier and Most Powerful then them. They will find out one day.

  33. David Darko says:

    Demolish all the palestinian homes in Yerushalaim (Jerusalem)

  34. Ben II says:

    Kick those Islamic terrorists to Syria. Assad won’t kiss their ass like the lefty losers in the Knesset do and have done for decades.

  35. Ina Ina says:

    no problems. One way ticket to Jordan.

  36. Send them back to Jordan

  37. Ina Ina says:

    Israel should come up with a policy to all haters just to leave kingdom.

  38. Cat Zoe says:

    Thats great view….

  39. Gwenda Oates says:

    Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. If our idiots in Washington would quit kissing up to the Muslims we could stop this garbage.

  40. They don’t want Jews in the LAND OF THE JEWS?. Kick all those arabs out (capital letters omitted on purpose) and back to their camels and caves where they came from.

  41. F–k them and the camels they came in on!

  42. They should put all those arabs (capitals omitted purposely), back in the Jordanian desert and give them plenty of nails and gun powder so they could blow themselves up once and for all.

  43. syria is the best they can throw rocks new war technology/

  44. You know sometimes those that comment on here as well are as racist as those Muslims. Grow up and figure life out. (I am pro Israel FYI)

  45. The arabs should leave Jerusalem it belongs to the Jews.God own;s the whole world and he GAVE Israel to the Jew;s so back off.

  46. Karen Bryant says:

    It’s a Jewish homeland. Since they hate Jews they should be escorted out of the country.

  47. What can be done about their behavior?

  48. Irene Lozano says:

    Too bad, that’s their land

  49. Paul Gainer says:

    they’re pathetic and disgusting people….

  50. guess what…. we don’t want you filthy arabs there…

  51. Deport the pigs they don’t know how lucky they are to live in Jerusalem I know we would love to live there I don’t know what their problem is




  55. this is who they are, emeny of our God of the Isreali!

  56. Muslims are filled with hate and destruction. Our stupid ass liberal population and dip Barry don’t have the balls to do what’s right. American fascism at best.

  57. It’s eventually going to explode into a deadly confrontation….and don’t ask the UN for help. Muslims can’t be kind or tolerant…it doesn’t suit them. They belong in another century.

  58. Roman Druker says:

    What a rich epicenter

  59. As a Jewish man I feel that it is part of my Faith that tells me that I should go through Life never to be an attacker but always to be a Defender ! ” Nation Shall Not Lift Up Sword Against Nation Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore” , ISAIAH:2:4 AMEN Boi Beshalom ( Come In Peace )

  60. Ed Carrera says:

    And we don’t want Cult Islam in this world

  61. You attack the People of Israel because you suffer from the illness of Hatred for the Jewish People ! The People of the Jewish State of Israel allow you to come into Jerusalem & pose no threat to you ! Israel is a multi-cultural State & welcomes visitors to Boi Beshalom ( Come in Peace)

  62. You attack the People of Israel because you suffer from the illness of Hatred for the Jewish People ! The People of the Jewish State of Israel allow you to come into Jerusalem & pose no threat to you ! Israel is a multi-cultural State & welcomes visitors to Boi Beshalom ( Come in Peace)

  63. Greek Orthodox Christians for Israel our brothers!

  64. But, of course, it’s all about moral equivalence

  65. Leda Tilton says:

    Wow! What a breaking story! Who knew?

  66. I will bless those who bless thee….

  67. Ionel Onut says:

    Why do you people allow those animals in Jerusalem?

  68. Jane Folkard says:

    Oh? Don’t worry Israel. You have God with you! Those poor Muslims are Satans own children. But Jews are Gods Chosen. Don’t fret.

  69. The comments made to this post are no better than what is actually taking place..if you preach hatred then hatred will bloom and remain strong..I choose to not have hate and evil thoughts in my heart..it will not only poison this world but it will poison me from the very bottom of my soul..

  70. they are equivalent to the untouchables in Indea

  71. Saphira Toor says:

    God bless Israel !!

  72. All bark while Israel does the biting

  73. Well they don’t want u there and G-d loves the Jewish people

  74. Well they don’t want u there and G-d loves the Jewish people

  75. Well they don’t want u there and G-d loves the Jewish people

  76. What a pleasure! Pathetic creatures

  77. God loves everyone and no one is chosen over another, that superiority complex is why people hate you so quit it

  78. Ima call the wambulance.

  79. David Elliot says:

    If they dont like jews in the capital of ISRAEL (JERUSALEM) then they better go to Saudi Arabia, there are no jews in Saudi Arabia…

  80. John Wayne says:


  81. Love nature , who needs religion ?

  82. Cary Macias says:

    Cuando acabarán con tanto rencor!! Debe ser incomodo vivir con esos sentimientos negativos!!

  83. HEY! Isreal was there 1st! :)

  84. hahahHa and then they went back to wash dishes in Israel.

  85. Go you people to Dubai…

  86. May Yahweh protect them.

  87. First jerusalem then they march on the crusaders. … the world shoukd wake up and smell the coffee not Turkish Coffee !

  88. No room here for David Martinez he hates as much as an arab

  89. Who we to decide on all fate of everyone else.no one can make isreal bow down to the beast of Lucifer followers. Make no mistake God’s wrath is like no other.and since strategy appears frequently in darkness of his pride and deceit his soul is bitter of a barren tree of useless fruit.

  90. That’s really too bad.

  91. Becky Clark says:

    Israel is Forever!!! Jerusalem is it’s capital & God’s holy beloved city!!!

  92. Then get the hell out of there

  93. all you Ignorant Arabs, Israel forever the Golden God’s City!!!! So Proud to be Jew Forever and ever!!!!!

  94. Can’t always get what you want….

  95. Can’t always get what you want….

  96. send them to Syria or Gaza where thy belong

  97. send them to Syria or Gaza where thy belong

  98. The police should have prevented that march.

  99. Bev Rosoff says:

    Why weren’t they arrested or shot?

  100. Too bad, we are staying. It is our land, the Arabs belong back in the desert leading their nomadic existence. They are animals.

  101. May the peace of Jesus reign.

  102. let them go to syria! leave jordon alone!!

  103. vayanse a Jordania ahi no hay

  104. ישראל והעם היהודי קיימים לנצח.

  105. Jerusalem will always be for the Jewish people so screw you muslim scum

  106. So if this idiots don’t want Jews …. Send them one way ticket to Syria.. Or Libya
    I am sure they will not see Jews ….and they can enjoy free expression ,
    Enjoy the beautifull scenes of a destroyed country…

  107. CRAZY>>> THEY RUIN IY FOR THE ONES That do not!!

  108. Reesa Rosen says:

    it’s so horrible

  109. Jews began with abraham. GOD gave israel to them the Arabs can yell till the cows come home…it’s not going to change anything. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  110. Jews began with abraham. GOD gave israel to them the Arabs can yell till the cows come home…it’s not going to change anything. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  111. Jews began with abraham. GOD gave israel to them the Arabs can yell till the cows come home…it’s not going to change anything. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  112. Peace Partners Right

  113. Peace Partners Right

  114. Human rights in Israel are being bastardized just like ours are here in the US.

  115. Human rights in Israel are being bastardized just like ours are here in the US.

  116. Mark Holt says:

    There are Israel Jews and fake Jews the fake ones have never even been to Israel and trust me they are racist

  117. Turn the water cannons on them!!

  118. Lani Lowell says:

    This is the reason they are acting like idiots. The PA paid them to disrupt because they don’t want to accept that Jerusalem is the Jewish capital ,and that we refuse to be their dhimmies. next stop Jail , or the stop after that, Jordan for them

  119. Lani Lowell says:

    This is the reason they are acting like idiots. The PA paid them to disrupt because they don’t want to accept that Jerusalem is the Jewish capital ,and that we refuse to be their dhimmies. next stop Jail , or the stop after that, Jordan for them

  120. Lani Lowell says:

    This is the reason they are acting like idiots. The PA paid them to disrupt because they don’t want to accept that Jerusalem is the Jewish capital ,and that we refuse to be their dhimmies. next stop Jail , or the stop after that, Jordan for them

  121. Lani Lowell says:

    Hanan Ashwari is behind this. She complained when NBC announced DIG was being filmed in Jerusalem , and that it would brand the city as Jewish!!! Im sure she paid them , and now the world knows Jerusalem is overrun with angry Arabs. Stupid woman

  122. Ray Strouzer says:


  123. Chris Newman says:

    Well they will surely burn in Hell

  124. I shall keep on praying for the peace of JERUSALEM

  125. good send them to Syria.they’ll have no Jews.and by the way how much the got paid to march? they don’t have the brains to decide for themselves

  126. Hannah ashrawi she is worse than any terror group.

  127. This makes me very sad

  128. have you all noticed? because there is no Jews in the photo not one Moslem Arab and other Jew hater VI’s Nazis and just simple minds idiots.

  129. G-d protect Jerusalem!

  130. If jews had done this, the media would be all over it. We don’t want these pork eating sub-humans either defiling our holy city

  131. Let all Muslim dog’s go to hell

  132. Lloyd Thomas says:

    We want unified relations in this part of history

  133. Send them back to Jordan, it’s their ancestral home.

  134. I agree with you Milanna. The reason that the arabs are allowed to remain in Israel is because Judaism is all for tolerance and social justice. I do not hate them, I pity them for not appreciating what they have, what a beautiful country they live in and the freedoms they enjoy. Hate only breeds hate.

  135. what would that achieve? kill them because they hate us? they have the right to hate whoever they want.

  136. Stacey Jones says:

    That is not very nice!!

  137. what would shooting them accomplish?

  138. Really? You are the one who decides who is a fake Jew? You are not Jewish because if you were, you would know that once you are born a Jew, or convert to Judaism, then you are a Jew. We dont’ judge others by where they live or where they have travelled, how observant they are etc. You have no idea what you are talking about. Jewish people, whether they have been to Israel or not, are just like anyone else. Some may be racist and some may not be, just like any other group of people. It seems to me like you are the one with the problem.

  139. yes, may your fake messiah protect the Jewish people… hahaha thanks for that.

  140. Your post is insulting to us as Jews. Your “saviour” has nothing to do with the Jewish people and this is not the right place for a comment like that. If you are even wondering why, read this: http://www.jewsforjudaism.ca/resources-info/the-jewish-messiah

  141. Mary-Lou Wiseblatt Yahweh is G-d’s name. Not Messiah! I’ll pray for you too.

  142. Also, try picking up a Hebrew Bible. Might help with your opinion of a fake Messiah. Your apologetics link that you posted is completely irrelevant.

  143. Gavin Knight says:

    Israel will win in the end because God will save them.but Allah is the devil he can’t beat the one true God

  144. Sally Penso says:

    So go somewhere where they they don’t have Jews – notice how they didn’t say zionists!

  145. Attila Czako says:

    one way ticket to the Dead See..

  146. Attila Czako says:

    MLW We have to kill all arabs in the area and than would be peace, no other way, or push them into the water, like pigs, when you wait for peace from arabs, moslims, it is a dream

  147. too bad let them leave

  148. too bad let them leave

  149. Then let them go to Saudia Arabia or Jordan or Syria or Iraq maybe.

  150. Most of the Arabs in Jerusalem are descended from the Moslem conquerors of 640 AD. I say send them back to (Saudi) Arabia where they came from. Many of the Arabs in other areas are descended from Jews who converted under severe Moslem oppression. Lets give them opportunities to come back to their ancient heritage.

  151. Edward Lobel says:

    NO! If we do not want to accept people who like us, why should we take people who do not like us. Perhaps they should go to a nice place like Siberia or maybe Devils Island. I am sure they would be very happy in those places as there are no Jews in either location. (Well there may be some in Siberia, but it is so big they will never meet!)

  152. Edward Hale says:

    Here is an idea make the Arabs wear an identifying shoulder badge & show identity papers , then all of the sudden move in the middle of the night arrest all the families load them on trucks & trains & send them to Auschwitz, for a indefinite detention. And invite them to their new barracks for a shower, then when you are pushing all the Arabs into the shower look back to the holocaust & realize the way of the Jewish people has always been forgetting th love of God to be given much by god but Jews again fail to understand what it is to be chosen to be gods people . even Solomon in all his wisdom could not be kind & allow another man to live with his wife.
    That was sarcasm ,
    Perhaps the answer is to trust in the power of love & prayerful miracles of God's love to take everyone from an impossible situation to a situation of peace beyond comprehension & strategy of violence

  153. In the US, we have Hispanics, illegal aliens, who march in our streets yelling about how evil the white race is. They fail to see the irony that they are allowed to march and yell such things. Personally, I do not see the good in allowing this… it has only encouraged them to further law breaking and civil disobedience.

  154. Whatever else is done with the islamics, all of them: "They Must Go!"

  155. Another example of adamant Islamic anti-Semitism.

  156. Alan Winters says:

    arrest all of them. they are future terrorists. try to re-educate them, or expel them

  157. AGREED. INTOLERANCE SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. Hate speech is not acceptable, whether in Paris, Jerusalem, America or South Africa.

  158. Nevertheless IT SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. To have laws against hate speech is healthy. We have such laws in SA. A good thing.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Throw the Muslims out of Jerusalem. Throw them out of Israel. They stink up every area they are in.

  160. Aryeh Sax says:

    It they are not Israeli citizens and engage in civil disobedience deport them. They love Hamas so much let them live with them.

  161. Michael Elofson says:

    First, the Arabs invades and occupies a place, then they take over the existing holy places or put up their own mosques on top of them, and then they scream that it’s their holy place and they have all the rights to it.
    And worst of all: This useless bunch wouldn’t have a chance to get away with it today without the help and support from the liberal-left which has already forgotten the holocaust and what anti-Semitism is.

  162. Or maybe, just maybe…how to put it really nicely and Polically Correct… maybe they can go to Hell?

  163. The Land belong to G-D. was given to the jewisg

  164. Judith Dowla says:

    Twisted Sister, 'We can't take it anymore…." Should be their theme song to a marching band.

  165. They need to go. How dare they utter the words. It belongs to the Jews! God said it so be it.

  166. Edward Hale says:

    Reminds one of saying from one group of people in Poland saying about a nother group of people in poland last century . How may the tone of a comment reflect the context of the word of God
    Do you profess to worship a God of peace when you slur your accent & quiver your lips in disgust
    this is not worshiping your God as a chosen people an example of peace toleance & the Love of God atoning & aligning all to your favor by virtue of the authurity of Loving peace.

  167. Edward Hale says:

    "What is it in me that is causing this event to take place, this person to behave this way, this sickness to manifest?
    I thank you
    I love you I am sorry

  168. Edward Hale says:

    M Yitzhak Samuel
    i appreciate that your heart allows for a bridge of feeling understanding & respecting others , you are a gift to your community May the peace of understanding that shines from your smile prove the word of God
    Therefore My people shall know My name; therefore in that day I am the one who is speaking, 'Here I am.'" How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!" Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices, They shout joyfully together; For they will see with their own eyes When the LORD restores Zion.

  169. Esther Nissanov says:


  170. Judith Dowla says:

    Right Esther, enough is enough. When people do not follow the rules of the land they face the consequences of their actions. Do you recall in the Tanakh all about when foreigners dwell in the land on how they are to behave. The same rules for them as for the rest of us. We also must follow the laws of the land and if we as Jews or Christians or others break a law or laws, we must measure up what is dealt to us. Weighed, Measured, Divided (Daniel?)

  171. Judith Dowla says:

    Naomi, either they don't care or don't know. Time for them to learn a little bit about history. Can no longer plead ignorance for ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance can be a real detriment to those on the receiving end let alone on the giving end. Not sure what the Koran is all about either. As far as I know Allah does not equal ADONAI and they do not know that either. They believe that Allah and ADONAI are one and the same. An education is a must for a start. We all need to be carefully taught and those who are not carefully taught suffer tremendously. Who will teach the Muslims the truth? Must we wait until the Moshaich comes for that to come to be. Perhaps, perhaps.

  172. Judith Dowla says:

    Michael, we must ask ourselves, why do people act that way like a wild bunch of hooligans resorting to name calling and violence to drive their points home. In my country that would not work, not that kind of behavior. It would be sorted out in no time flat. Round them up and process them separating the goats from the sheep and make the laws apply to them according to their crime(s) Behaving like banshees will not work for long. People tire of it and then often will take the law into their own hands which could be detrimental to all. Time to toughen up Israel because compromising is blowing with the wind and after awhile the wind changes directions and the storms come with thunder and lightening and earthquakes and fires and brimstone. Nip it in the bud now and find away. Israeli leaders of the people, listen to your rabbis and take this who scenario in prayer to ADONAI and find out from the Master of The Universe what must be done. Do it now! Do it today! Your answer will come and then obey the LORD! Selah. So be it.

  173. Judith Dowla says:

    Aryeh, I am not certain what must take place before a person can be deported as a visitor, a citizen or as a permanent resident. Where could they be sent and would the Hamas accept them. I know in my country there is so much law wrapped around deportation these days that it can take years to unwind it. So much is bound by law, law of our land and law of others land. You could check into that if you want to. Good luck!

  174. Judith Dowla says:

    Openid, who would be the one(s) to throw them physically out. So much legality bound up in removed people who are offensive, one to do with their mental health and another as to placement of these people. Our country was willing to take in Palestinian refugees and it got cancelled based on the issues of the peace conference between Israel and Palestine. We do take refugees from other countries too. Someone needs to step up to the plate and do this. I suppose one needs to be working in the ;political arena to work this problem out. Some countries I know about would shoot to kill them and anyone else who would disagree with them. I am really realizing that human beings just cannot do this on their own. We need G-D here with us. Only G-D can create the formula to make this happen.

  175. Judith Dowla says:

    Alan, arrest them is a good idea. Where would they go after being arrested? Arresting a foreigner or a citizen or visitor goes through the process of the judiciary system. It is a long process once a person or persons are arrested. They need to be tried and have a lawyer present and so on and so on and so on. You know what I am speaking about. You people need to taught more diligently with your government representatives to the people to get this activated. More focus on this dilemna. Give it a try. Unless you try where can you do or what can you learn?

  176. Judith Dowla says:

    Carl, what is new, the same old CD or tape playing over and over again with no changes. Surely it will burn out or play out and then next? There ought to be laws that work!!

  177. Judith Dowla says:

    Keith, remember that song that goes like this, "Children go where I send thee….how shall I send thee, I'm going to send you two by two……" Who will take these people? Who wants these kind of people? And which nation or country is willing to take them? That is the nut in the shell. We need to find a receiver. They need to make a physical and spiritual exodus out of this land. When people do not want to follow the rules and have no respect then they will go the hard way, one way or another, they will go by force. Time for their exodus, past time for their exodus, perhaps even to Nunavut where the land and temperature are hard to deal with. A few real hard times ought to mellow them out.

  178. Judith Dowla says:

    Jackie, the matter at hand is that people have been told what their rights are and some take it too far. Where has respect gone? Where has gratitude gone? Makes me see them as a spoiled and ungrateful group of people. There is a time when things need to change within the system of a country and within a people. We cannot sit on the back bench and watch it happen yet we are not bounty hunters who are hired to take care of business any which way we can. We are supposed to be civilized, a step up from being a barbarian. Some days it surely is hard to act civilized when you feel like returning to a barbarian state. G-D will stop us in our tracks if we try that so we won't. We have two kinds of law formats to follow, laws of the nation and what ADONAI has in mind for us. If the law of the nation is not on tract then we must find away to approach the system and discuss it with the representative to the people and go from there. We are not authorized to take the law into our own hands due to our system in place. We can call on ADONAI as to our next step and go from there.

  179. Judith Dowla says:

    Edward Hale when it comes down to the heart of the matter, Edward, you are a peacemaker and it always will come back to that for you. That is an important gift you have been given via the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) So be it.

  180. Judith Dowla says:

    Jude, good thinking!

  181. Judith Dowla says:

    Andrzej, why not go for it and check with the US Citizenship and Immigration website to see how open they are to receive and how one goes about getting the Arabs there. Would this be mainly the Arabs who have a criminal record? They would need to clear their record or be forgiven for their crimes. No, they would not get into the US so easily A nation that would take criminals. Remember the movie The Great Escape? based on history where prisoners who had committed various offences were set free to help in the war efforts of W.W.2. I may go so far as to say an Arab terrorist is doomed anywhere he or she tries to go. Maybe certain countries willing to take them and those countries would consider such a terrorist dispensable. The countries where a human life is a dollar a minute. You understand what I am saying for sure.

  182. Judith Dowla says:

    Run, easier said than done.

  183. Judith Dowla says:

    Michael Felgin , where is hell by the way? I have heard of Hell's Canyon somewhere in British Columbia and Hell's Gate. The other hell is outside the Dung Gate. Stepping into a live volcano would be a type of hell. What you want is for them just to get lost and hope to hell someone will do this sooner than later.

  184. Judith Dowla says:

    Yes Ray, they do and we all have ADONAI as our Creator who co creates with men and women to bring forth children into this world. Where do we go from here? Noach, Ham, Shem & Yefed and all the way to the here and now. Want to write a book about this or a song.

  185. Judith Dowla says:

    Avrohom Leichtling , we need to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. How would you begin this song?

  186. Judith Dowla says:

    Alan, oh Alan, my good commentator friend, have you ever considered applying for a position in Amnesty International. You would do very well and make sense because you hit it with your best shot and fire away. You are very good at what you do as you provide the wake up call. And I do not know yet if you know how to sound a shofar or a silver trumpet. Go Alan Go. From one of your cheerleaders.

  187. Judith Dowla says:

    Leslie, however we are willing to share with those who are peacemakers. Those who make war too often and gripe too much will regret coming here for there will be no peace for them in the land.

  188. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward, the Jews of Europe did not march through the streets of Germany, Poland or any country that I know off screaming through the Christians out. Your statement is in a way a insult when comparing the two.

  189. Then it's time for the Arabs to move to a Muslim country. immediately.

  190. Aryeh Sax says:

    Judith Dowla , they claim allegiance with Hamas, who is at war with Israel, therefore, they could be classified as undesirable enemy aliens, this I would think is grounds for deportation to Gaza, or now the West Bank. For Israeli citizens claiming allegiance to Hamas treason. I am sure this would happen in any country. Claiming allegiance to the enemy during war should have consequences, if not a law make one. there are Muslims, Druz, and Christians who claim allegiance to Israel and are or have been distinguished members of society and even fought in the IDF. especially the Druz), this is not a religious thing but the end a political thing.

  191. Judith Dowla says:

    Aryeh, this is a serious matter and should be handled properly by the country according to its law system. Misconduct, sabotage, mischief, destruction of property, assault and battery, death. The law breaker needs to be taken into custody, read his or her rights and detained in order to protect society no matter is they are a foreigner,, a citizen or a permanent resident. No special protection for diplomats either. The same law applies to all. Hopefully, that is how it has been written. And we say Amen to that.

  192. Dan Willens says:

    Not if Bibi and Shimon don't agree too it!

  193. Ray, that would make Jews and Arabs 57th cousins – no relation, as far as I am concerned. On a slightly more serious note. When Messiah will come, the Arabs will be the first of the nachrim to join the Jews in recognizing him

  194. Ray Watson says:

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the USA

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