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December 10, 2016 / 10 Kislev, 5777
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Weiner’s Wife Huma Now on the Hot Seat

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The good news for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is that the heat he has been taking for sexting is shifting to someone else. The worse than bad news is that the subject is his wife, Huma Abedein.

Her problem is not sexting. Her story is far less sordid than his husband’s but possibly is even graver. She is suspected of misusing her connections as aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and using inside political information for private purposes.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley wanted to know about Mrs. Weiner’s  access to information while working for the Teneo Holdings strategic advisory group based in New York.

“The State Department and Ms. Abedein haven’t provided a single document that I requested,” Sen. Grassley told the New York Daily News. “Putting up a stone wall raises a lot more questions about how the program is being used than it answers. I intend to pursue more complete answers to my questions.”

The senator’s office released for publication a letter she sent, stating, “I certainly never ‘gathered information from government sources for the purpose of informing investment decisions of Teneo’s clients,’ as the Senate letter suggests,”

Abedein was the deputy chief of staff at the State Department under Clinton, but after the birth of the Weiners’ son, when she was long out of the State Dept., she was granted status as a “special government employee,” a designation that allowed to work from home as a part-time consultant to State while acting as a consultant for Teneo.

By the way Hillary’s husband ex-President Clinton is a aboard member of Teneo. Huma pulled in a cool half a million dollars from the two jobs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Senator Grassley, for pursuing this. Huma's bio leaves no doubt that she's compromised U.S. security for her Islamist terrorist pals. Huma should be deported and Hillary should be behind bars. And Weiner should have to take a paternity test.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I'm way more concerned that Weiner married a Muslim with terrorist connections than about his "sexting," although that is also very troubling and a chillul Hashem.

  3. what connections to terrorism?

  4. what terrorist pals?

  5. Ltc Howard says:

    Michael D Blum she,her parents,etc

  6. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    Is there a reason the Jewish Express hides Huma's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

  7. Caryn Lipson says:

    Michael D Blum She's Muslim and her family is part of the Muslim brotherhood

  8. Caryn Lipson says:

    Michael D Blum She's Muslim and her family is part of the Muslim brotherhood

  9. Caryn Lipson says:

    Michael D Blum She's Muslim and her family is part of the Muslim brotherhood

  10. Michael D Blum She has deep ties with the Muslim brotherhood. She is also a Saudi. Ask yourself, unless Wiener converted to Islam, why she is allowed to marry a Jew and to live like a Westerner. There is something in the koran about that. A Muslim can fool an infidel, even a Jew to help the cause of Islam.

  11. she is connected w/ the muslim brotherhood…yes, let's dig deeper.

  12. she is connected w/ the muslim brotherhood…yes, let's dig deeper.

  13. Vim Njicki says:

    Exciting times we live in folks. As Walid Shoebat says " A muslim woman can never marry a Jew unless it serves a purpose.

  14. Mylon Webb says:

    Michael D Blum Al Qaida ring a bell

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