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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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White House Picks Israel Foe for National Security Council

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The White House is hiring Robert Malley, whose past writings on the Middle East have stirred controversy, as a senior member of the National Security Council.

NSC officials confirmed Malley’s appointment on Tuesday to The New York Times. His area will be the Middle East.

Malley disassociated himself from the Obama campaign in 2008 because of controversy over his meetings with Hamas officials and over his writings, which assigned some blame to Israelis for the failure of peace talks.

Malley, who had been working as the International Crisis Group’s program director for the Middle East and North Africa, was an adviser to President Bill Clinton at the failed Camp David peace talks in 2000.

The Times quoted Obama administration officials as saying that they did not anticipate controversy.

“I can’t think of anybody outside government who has a stronger set of relationships with the Israelis, as well as with people throughout the region,” Tony Blinken, a deputy national security adviser, told the newspaper.

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24 Responses to “White House Picks Israel Foe for National Security Council”

  1. Alan Kardon says:

    Did you expect Barack Hussein to pick someone who is pro Israel?

  2. Edward Lobel says:

    As a matter of fact I would. Your problem is that you hate President Obama so anything he does is not to your liking.

  3. Certainly, the choices of the current US administration (Kerry, and now this controversial fellow ) do not reflect well in the White House

  4. Alan Kardon says:

    Edward Lobel Correct. You think his selection is pro Israel with his background?

  5. Edward Lobel says:

    Alan Kardon NO I do not, but I know John Kerry and I know him to be very pro Israel but you would never know it from what this paper says about him.

    I do know that people rise to the occasion, and just because someone is against something, that doesn't mean they will push that agenda. Example, when LBJ was a senator, he was very anti civil rights. When he became president he became a big supporter of civil rights. When asked what changed his mind he replied that as a Senator I represented the people of Texas and that is what they wanted. As the President I represent all the people and that is what all the people want.

    I am pretty sure this guy will do what is right and continue to defend Israel. If not he will be gone!

    You do know that President Obama has appointed more Jews to high ranking positions in our government than all previous presidents put together. He has appointed 2 Jewish Supreme Court Justices, While he was not the first president to have a Hannukah candle lighting in the White House (Bill Clinton has that honor,) he is the first President to actually celebrate the holiday with a party for adults and children!

  6. Edward Lobel says:

    This paper hates Obama and Kerry because they are under the misguided opinion that because they are pushing for peace instead of "nuking" Iran back to the dawn of time that they do not care about Israel and to them that is their reason to be.

  7. Alan Kardon says:

    Edward Lobel I only know of Kagan being Jewish. Who is the other? He did not make his appointments by religious beliefs but by liberal thinking.

  8. Alan Kardon says:

    Edward Lobel When Iran has the bomb what will you say. They have openly stated the destruction of Israel. So far nothing has been done to stop their nuclear program. All we have done is take the pressure off.

  9. Ltc Howard says:

    Edward Lobel …Mally is on record (intercepts) as assuring Hamas that if they kept their missile attacks on Israel below a certain threshold they could get away with it. They listened but Mally was caught. At that time my organization objected to Aaron David Miller. This incident and all correspondence with Miller are in the public record. Find it!!!!

  10. Ltc Howard says:

    Edward Lobel Talk to Rashid Kahalidi and his understandings with Obama.

  11. Edward Lobel says:

    Alan Kardon do you really think that Obama is going to let that happen? Even if they get one we have thousands and trust me on this, if they would dare use one, he will nuke them back to the dawn of time.

    Alan, we are both Jewish and want a Israel that lives in peace and so do all democrats to imply otherwise is foolish.

  12. Edward Lobel says:

    Sorry Alan I made a mistake. You are correct that he appointed only one and she is considered a liberal. You do know that Liberals protect freedoms while conservatives take freedoms away!

  13. Alan Kardon says:

    That is your second mistake. Conservatives and Independents think that there are to many regulations. Liberals need the Government to run there lives. Sort of like the Rebbe mentality.

  14. Alan Kardon says:

    If they have just one and it is successfully used against Israel does not matter how many bombs the US has.

  15. Edward Lobel says:

    Sorry Alan, it is you who are incorrect! Liberals are the ones who protect freedoms. The sole purpose of a group like the ACLU is to protect and defend the Bill of Rights. People think the ACLU is an ultra liberal organization which defends a lot of people that are considered "wackos" Problem is, in order for all Americans to have the rights we want, it has to be given to all no matter how crazy the "wackos" are.

    As for there being too many rues and regulations, I do know that conservatives blame a lot on that issue. I have actually been involved is some of these issues. One quick example is that when the rule came down that buttons on children's clothes has to be a certain size to avoid a chocking situation, I along with everybody else in the industry went crazy, this was going to cost a fortune, change manufacturing, change costs and ultimately effect sales because prices would sky rocket. In reality, buttons are priced by lots of a thousand and the cost between the buttons that were being used and the new sixe buttons were less that $2.00/per thousand! I went on to see if we attached the buttons using additional thread to make the attachment more secure how much that would cost, and it turned out to be about 1/2 cent. So reconstructing garments to meet this new regulations cost less than one cent. There was no up charge in selling price (although manufacturers could easily demand an extra 25 cents saying it was because of increased costs and the retailor could add 50 cents saying the item was no in compliance and the end customer would continue to buy the same quantity and no one was effected by this, EXCEPT perhaps saving the life of a child who would not be able to pull off a button and perhaps choke to death. I would NEVER trust a food company to police itself on food safety and neither should you. Look at all the recalls that happen almost daily of food items. If there were no rules and regulation just think of how much more thee would be.

    NO ONE ever says I am not going to do that because I cannot meet the rule or regulation I have to follow. We all should be thankful there are these rules and regs that need to be follow.

    This does not mean that there are not some rules and regs that are old and outdated. There may in deed be a few out dated or no longer needed, but I am glad there are lots of them all meant to protect me and you.

    You really should ask yourself why are the repubs so hell bent on getting rid of these rules and regs that are meant to protect us.

  16. Edward Lobel says:

    Not going to happen!

  17. Alan Kardon says:

    If the Government was doing its job we would not have recalls. We would not have contaminated food. We would not have lost our garment industry to foreign powers. I do not need a Government to tell me what to feed my children or regulate the amount of salt in my diet.

  18. Edward Lobel says:

    Alan, where are you getting your information from?
    First, we do have contaminated food, just look at all the recalls because of disease in our food. The gov't may or may not be responsible, but they cannot and do not inspect every single cantaloupe or strawberry or every cow that gets put into our food supply, it's just not possible. On the other hand, if the manufacturers and farmers did things the way they are supposed to do, much if not all the problems would disappear!

    As far as the garment industry, the government had nothing to do with this, people like you and me are responsible. When prices rose enough to effect retail prices, manufacturers and retailers first moved south where wages were much lower and the manufacturers and retails could hold their prices and in fact make more money because they paid that much less and did not lower prices. Move forward and when prices rose enough that people stopped buying garment the manufacturers moved to the far west, where even with dramatic travel expense to get their, import duties and freight, plus sending an employee over to the factory to monitor and check the production all add dramatic cost, but it was still cheaper than making goods here! If we as Americans said, prices are up but so is my income, so I will continue to buy America. American auto makers did not go to the far east to manufacture cars then ship them back to the US, Americans simply bought the funny looking small cars that were made in Japan because they were so damned cheap and did not break down.

    What government agency tells you what to feed your children. Do you feed your children all kinds of stuff that perhaps you really should not. Haven't we learned that eating Twinkies (boy when I was a kid, did I love Twinkies,) will make us fat and being fat is very unhealthy. So what if Michelle Obama tells us it is not good to eat Twinkies, she never said you could not. The idea that the Government is telling you what you can eat as opposed to what perhaps you should eat is not wrong nor is it bad.

    I have yet to see anyone in the government even attempt to regulate the amount of salt, or pepper or carbohydrates or anything else. What they have done is what any doctor will tell you, that is too much is no good and you really should cut down.

    Alan, I'm now 66 and a few weeks before I was 48, I suffered a heart attack which led to a quadruple bypass. Perhaps had some government official told me not to eat so many Twinkies, I might be in better health and still make it to 100!

  19. Alan is right. The enemy needs only 1 Nuke, so it is important that US administration stop "playing with fiere". The Iranian are winning the "negotiations".

  20. Edward Lobel says:

    Ariel, You want the US to defend you and at the same time you insult them because they are trying to make peace. If Iran ever get "the bomb" even one of them, do you think they will really use it? I would imagine if they did they would probably blow themselves up! If they tried to use it against anyone who is an ally of the United State, they US would bomb them back to the beginning of time! You really have nothing to fear and all you fear mongering is doing nothing to help the peace process.

  21. Edward, I think that Israel cannot depend on foreign help for their existence. I have been there fightinhg in 73. I do not nsult the Americans…perhaps I was too strong with my words. What I mean is that they do not understand really the ME culture and current administration may be naive. If Iran get the bomb, yes I think they will use it, even if that would be theit destruction…they believe in the Mahid and in the Ala new world.

  22. Edward Lobel says:

    If you are so sure that Iran has or will shortly have a bomb and will use it on Israel, then why doesn't Israel do a George bush and have a preemptive strike and nuke Iran. Why are you and everyone else on the Jewish Press so damned angry at the US for trying to obtain a peace before you want us to blow Iran up? I mean, simply read all the posts that are saying horrible disgusting things about President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry and tell me why they say these things.

  23. better we join efforts to neutralize the Apartheid week…anti-Semite…our enemies!!!

  24. Edward Lobel says:

    Ariel, on this I agree 100%. When you read my posts as relates to Obama, Kerry, etc. DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND do I believe that Obama or Kerry will let Iran attack. I just think we are all on the same side and it really bothers me when people want us to help them and then bash us. Anyway, while my politics are Liberal I am a strong believer in Israel and all my lansmen no matter how crazy their posts get.

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