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August 30, 2016 / 26 Av, 5776
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Israel Develops New Bullet with 2,000-Foot Range

Israel Military Industries says its new 5.56mm bullet will be in demand by Special Forces around the world.

Israel Military Industries says its new 5.56mm bullet will be in demand by Special Forces around the world.
Photo Credit: IMI

Israel Military Industries has unveiled a new 5.56mm bullet, dubbed the “Razor Core” cartridge, which has a range of up to 2,000 feet and is tailor made for Special Forces snipers.

The company’s Small Caliber Ammunition Division said the new cartridge is designed for use with a wide range of standard 1:7 barrel twist rifles and has a trajectory match similar to standard ammunition without requiring zeroing of the weapon.

It can be used both on the long-barrel M-16 rifle and the short-barrel M4, Israel Defense reported.

“Special Forces have been waiting a long time for this kind of cartridge”, said IMI Vice President and Managing Director of the Small Caliber Ammunition Division, Israel Shmilovitz.

He added that the new development will be in demand by special forces worldwide. “The Razor Core provides outstanding performance, while remaining at a very competitive price,” he said. “The cartridge is now in production. The combat proven 5.56mm Razor Core is designed for use by military and law-enforcement forces, yet its accuracy and affordability make it suitable for commercial/sport shooting as well.”

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32 Responses to “Israel Develops New Bullet with 2,000-Foot Range”

  1. I got that its called 50 caliber

  2. Allen Miller says:

    5.56mm is not 50 cal!

  3. Something new to play terror tag with…and much lighter than the old Barret .50.

  4. Morgan James Davies says:

    2000 feet? Any standard cartridge can do that.

  5. Nathan Katz says:

    That is not really so unusual.

  6. Ken Wells says:

    Me thinks your numbers are in error ?

  7. Aran Ariel says:

    so they added a little more gun powder to the bullet… I have been taken aghast at the extent of such innovation

  8. Any standard cartridge can travel 2000mtrs, but anything past 1000mtrs, especially with a 5.56 is impressive, hitting the target is another issue.

  9. You can shoot the eye of a squirrel with that Question is how the velocity is affected by wind currents.

  10. Nick Burlile says:

    Mick FourFingers Moriarty They said 2,000 FEET though, not meters.

  11. Nick Burlile says:

    Mick FourFingers Moriarty They said 2,000 FEET though, not meters.

  12. He Brew Hammer says:

    5.56 @ 2000 ft…. Hate too tell you guys, but for well over 2 decades people have been shooting fulll Bore out too 3300 feet with 5.56 using the 62 grain SS109 projectile… And im doubting thats the projectile in the photo, looks to be about a 6-7 Ogive… not exactly flat shooting when your reaching out..

  13. Zack Podell says:

    This makes me wonder, "are they mistaken in their reporting" or "are they trying to say that flat trajectory of this bullet is upwards of 600 meters"?

  14. Deane Durham says:

    I shot a 5" packed taneroite (sp) target at 336 yards last September. My ammo box said PMC. Do you think somebody slipped me some of these experimental 300 yard miracle bullets while I wasn't looking?

  15. The press release from IMI says 600 meters. not feet. staying supersonic and effective at that range for a 5.56 round is pretty impressive.

  16. Allen Lunn says:

    2000=== 666 yards,, where is the punch line?? during basic and ait back in '71 I regularly hit man sized targets at over 500 meters with plain military hardball with no problem

  17. Terry Beals says:

    I'm not sure we are following all the article says. "without zeroing the weapon" suggests anywhere from muzzle to 2000 feet. Yes, straight projectory before it begins to fall. Now that is how I read it and I say that is impressive.

  18. Aiden Hale says:

    All objects fall with an acceleration of 9.8m/s^2 on Earth.No bullet travels straight and then starts to fall. The reason bullets seem to fly straight to our eyes is because the bullet travels a large distance horizontally as opposed to vertically in a small timespan. I think its just increased bullet velocity that allows the bullet to travel farther before it falls the same distance a normal round would (i.e. the new round travels 2,000 feet and falls x amount of inches versus an old round traveling 1,000 feet and falling x amount of inches.) But thats just my take on the article.

  19. Shmuel Frankel says:

    Israelis are way too freakin smart

  20. Zak Holman says:

    If this is legit that would be amazing.

  21. Dave Hughes says:

    You mean "trajectory" Terry.

  22. Dave Hughes says:

    Yep…500 meters should be achievable for any basic rifleman. I am trying to figure if maybe something is lost in translation.

  23. Dave Hughes says:

    Actually, unless something is being lost in the translation it isn't very impressive. Just sayin'?

  24. Dave Hughes says:

    Thumbs up on that response.

  25. Dave Hughes says:

    Nick Burlile ya, I read it as "feet" also…much to do about nothing methinks?

  26. Dave Hughes says:

    Maurice G. Picow I am more worried by how velocity is affected by gravity – "wind" affects my drift…if you get mine? 😉

  27. Allen Lunn says:

    sounds pretty much to me like a simple remake and rename of our military SS109 steel core penetrator round

  28. He Brew Hammer says:

    Actually 5.56 shooting the SS109 projectile stays supersonic out past 1000 meters… Any Full Bore shooter will tell you this.. Its just lacking energy… Now if you take one of my 800 grain VLDs and run it out of a 50… at 1000 meters, its still doing 2000 fps and retains 7000 ftlbs of energy… LOL….

  29. Terry Beals says:

    Dave Hughes Yes, thanks.

  30. M4 point and area with ball 500 and 600m respectively. ..so we are all missing somethan here If this is news.

  31. John Clarke says:

    "effective stopping power at extended range of up to 600 meters."

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