Photo Credit: Screenshot
Israel's new shekel notes

Two new bills in the denominations of 20 and 100 shekel were put in circulation on Thursday morning. The two new notes, bearing the images of poets Rachel, in red, and Leah Goldberg, in orange, join the two other new bills adorned by poets: Shaul Treshenichovsky (50 shekel, in green) and Natan Alterman (200 shekel, in blue).


Contrary to previous assessments, the Bank of Israel does not intend to issue an additional note at a value of 500 shekel, because the shekel is now the second strongest coin in the world and in a market without inflation there’s no need for more than a 200 shekel note.

Meanwhile, Bank of Israel Governor Karnit Flug went shopping in the shuk with the new bills, which she (almost) literally printed herself.


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